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North America Nebula - Spacecat 51 First Light

North America Nebula - Spacecat 51 First Light

The North America Nebula from the front yard using a dual-bandpass filter. This is the first light on my new William Optics Spacecat 51, and is also (for some reason) the first time I have tried dithering and drizzling. Drizzling showed major improvements from the original undersampled image, but the dithering did result is a walking noise pattern. Next time I will try a different dither pattern and see if this helps. Overall impression of the Spacecat 51: pretty impressed; however, the top right and bottom right corners of my subs showed slight coma and definitely didn't live up to the hype of a perfectly flat image. This isn't a huge deal, as I hope to use this scope on future crop sensor cameras, where this will definitely not be a problem.

Date taken: 5/22/20
Camera: Canon 6D (stock)
Telescope: William Optics Spacecat 51
Flattener: None
Filter: Optolong L-eNhance Dual-Bandpass Filter
Total exposure time: 3 hours 40 minutes (4 minute subs x 55)
Calibration frames: 10 darks, 20 bias, 15 flats
f number: f/4.9
ISO: 1600
Mount: Orion Atlas EQ-G
Guiding: PHD 2 through 60 mm Orion Guide Scope
Light Pollution: Bortle 6
Edited on: Adobe Photoshop

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