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Split roof observatory (in construction)

Split roof observatory (in construction)

Have weathershield and 30# felt on north segment of slide-out roof and two courses of Onduvilla shingles are applied. Taken 5/29/20. Hopefully will finish shingles within next few days (weather seems to be cooperating). Still need to get weathershield, felt and drip-edge on south roof segment. The south is ‘challenge’ with logistics due to adjacent fence line to south wall and 6-ft drop from retaining wall to street level. Don’t have ladder to reach street level (18+ ft extension). Will try outside access via my shorter 8-ft ladder from East and West side or inside on 8-ft ladder with roof open. I prefer not adding my 260-lb by ‘crawling out’ with upper torso on roof and stress supporting sliders (500-lb per set). So may end up needing to buy longer ladder from hardware store for this project.

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