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Colors od the gas tail


Stefan Ziegenbalg

Colors od the gas tail

In this image a point in in the gas tail had been used for white balance. The reddish component in the gas tail can not come from sodium because a light pollution filter that blocks wavelengths between 540nm and 645nm had been used.

Color factors relative to the variant with normal weight balance (using the stars) are 3.9 for red and 2.2 for green. Colors have not been mixed (no saturation enhancement because red channel became to noisy).

Alignment: To comet
Total exposure time: 60min
FOV: 4.3° x 3.1°
Date: Jul 14, 2020, before sunrise
Location: Pulsnitz (Germany)
URL: http://www.simg.de/c...owise-2020.html

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