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SHJ 223 in Corona Borealis

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SHJ 223 in Corona Borealis

Here’s a wonderful multiple star in Corona Borealis that I highly recommend observing. I was at the summit of Haleakala this past Tuesday night, 07/22- 23/2020 and the first object I slewed to was this beautiful system, SHJ 223, WDS 16167+2909, SAO 84281. What a sight to see and as exciting as it was, I made a sketch right away.
There has been some chatter on Cloudy Nights about this system, which can be found in the AstroLeague Multiple Star Observing Program here. Stelle Doppie, thank you Gianluca Sordiglioni for your tireless and consistent dauntless persistence, has the Lit. here.
We had a small star party with five people, all members of the Haleakala Amateur Astronomers, at the summit to observe the comet, 2020 f3 Neowise. Rob Ratkowski, our fearless leader, got a fantastic image as did others who were present.
I observed it with my C925 with a wide field view Williams Optics Swan 40mm and enjoyed its spender.
Then I started making my way through my list of objects to observe starting with this beautiful five star system. The wind was 12 mph, 5.4m/s, Humidity 42%, (a pretty fierce Jet Stream of >15 m/s hampering excellent seeing), and a temperature of 46° F, 7.7° C.
I tried a few EPs and settled on my Explore Scientific 9mm at 261X, 0.4° FOV for the Low Power Ocular view. I plotted three field stars, all labeled in the sketch. I made the sketch and moved on to a higher power with a Televue Delos 6mm at 392X, 0.18° FOV.
It turns out that the D component is classified as M5 D, a red dwarf or red supergiant. I have colored it in the sketch.
All the other stars seem to be white. The B and E components are quite dim at >12 Mag. And I have placed an “X” where I guesstimate them to be.
If you get the opportunity to observe this system, let me know what you see. I love multiple star systems and find them extremely challenging to observe.
S. McG.

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