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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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06 Jan 2019

Updated: 12 Jan 2019

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For Sale Like-New Celestron,Kendrick, Canon garage sale!

Category: Misc. Items By: MDearingJaxFL Location: Jax, FL

Like-New Celestron,Kendrick, Canon garage sale! Celestron nexstar hand controller extension cable; $15 plus shipping...

29 Apr 2017

Updated: 01 May 2017

Views: 558


For Sale Starstructure Telescopes / Spring Cleaning

Category: Mount Accessories and Drives By: StarStructure Telescopes Location: Florida

Hi All, Was cleaning out the shop and found a few items that might work for someone. I have 2 Gen1 Servocat goto dri...

21 Mar 2019

Updated: 23 Mar 2019

Views: 479


For Sale Two Morpheus EPS--LNIB

Category: Eyepieces By: Phil Frederick Location: Seattle

I've got two Morpheus EPS, a 12.5mm and a 17.5mm. They're both LNIB and have been in their boxes most of the time--ne...

22 Jun 2017

Updated: 23 Jun 2017

Views: 803


For Sale Astro Garage Sale

Category: Misc. Items By: randcpoll Location: upstate NY

Here is a listing of stuff I just don't use. All prices include Paypal fees and shipping in CONUSPhoto #1 - T-rings @...

30 Sep 2017

Views: 800


For Sale ATM Binoviewer with eyepieces and case

Category: Binoviewers By: Sean Cunneen Location: Flossmor Il

This is a set of Nikon stereo microscope Binoviewers. I machined the eyepiece barrels and nose barrel myself. The mir...

21 Mar 2018

Views: 223


For Sale Sky wire and Losmandy serial cable

Category: Mount Accessories and Drives By: matthew malloy Location: Camp Verde Arizona

Sky wire and/or Losmandy serial cable GCC Gem-2 for sale. My family purchased these for me for Christmas/Birthday (sa...

12 Mar 2017

Updated: 12 May 2017

Views: 1055


For Sale 20" f4 parts----SOLD

Category: Reflectors By: kron96 Location: Norman, OK

I have the following parts for a 20" f4 Dobsonian: 1. 18 point primary mirror cell, similar to an Obsession model- $2...

17 May 2018

Views: 341


For Sale Meade #911B and #911 Filters

Category: Filters By: guidotheitalian Location: Northfield, MN

Offered for sale are a Meade Broadband Nebular Filter and a Meade O-III Nebular Filter. The filters thread onto the r...

11 Sep 2018

Views: 602


For Sale Bresser 80MM F900MM Refracting Telescope

Category: Refractors By: scopehed Location: Meadview Az.

Bresser 80 Refracting Telescope D= 80mm F= 900mm Meade DS 1 1/4" Super Plossl 26mm eyepiece 6X30 finder w/tall bracke...

24 Dec 2017

Views: 507


For Sale Focus Wheel

Category: Misc. Items By: Dana Wright Location: Landenberg Pa

Focus Wheel, helps reduce the sensitivity of your focuser on your SCT. Just slide on, tighten the set screw, and you...

27 Jan 2018

Updated: 31 Jan 2018

Views: 334


For Sale Vixen 6X30 & Tasco finders &c.

Category: Finderscopes/Guidescopes By: mike welsh Location: NE Illinois

On offer:Older Vixen /Celestron 6X30 finder & bracket. Flat bracket base fits older Vixen, Celestron, & Meade...

28 Sep 2017

Updated: 28 Sep 2017

Views: 504


For Sale Did someone mention Comet Catcher Rings ?

Category: Mount Accessories and Drives By: levidog2 Location: Washington State

Funny I was just looking on the classifieds and saw someone looking for some rings for their Celestron Comet Catcher....

01 May 2018

Views: 337


For Sale S&T collection and others

Category: Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. By: bob midiri Location: Harleysville Pa

We have here a large Sky and Telescope collection from a very avid amateur astronomer who do to health reason can no...

25 Sep 2017

Updated: 25 Sep 2017

Views: 915


For Sale Very fine EPs. ***SOLD SOLD SOLD***

Category: Eyepieces By: barkley Location: Wilbraham MA

Time to thin things due to duplication in power and lack of use. All are in very good/excellent condition. Baader Hy...

24 Feb 2018

Updated: 12 Mar 2018

Views: 222


For Sale Criterion RV-6 Styrofoam Accessory Box

Category: Misc. Items By: 1939Dodge Location: Central Pa.

This came with my old RV-6, I think it's original, maybe someone can use it for display or collection. shipping to lo...

19 Feb 2018

Views: 294


For Sale Large collection of original series Star Trek books - Free

Category: Misc. Items By: Tripwire Location: WA state

I have a big box ( printer paper size box) of books that i collected in my youth, there are series books, picture boo...

01 May 2018

Updated: 02 Feb 2020

Views: 568


For Sale 10" ID Yazoo Mills Tube for Reflector Build (Atlanta, GA)

Category: ATM Parts and Such By: Tim C Location: Marietta, GA

**Moderator - please bump if possible** **FREE TO A GOOD HOME** This is a Yazoo Mills Heavy-Duty Kraft mailing tube...

01 Dec 2018

Views: 235


For Sale SLO MO controls for GEM's

Category: Mounts/Tripods By: donsurles Location: Delaware

For Sale...slo mo controls for the Vixen style Polaris, super Polaris, great Polaris and Chinese versions... the sha...

18 Jul 2018

Views: 220


For Sale C8 case (trunk)

Category: Misc. Items By: GregBed Location: Audubon, NJ

This is the original case from my '80s era Celestron C8. Except for a ding on the frame by the lock, it's in pretty g...

08 Apr 2018

Updated: 10 Apr 2018

Views: 370


For Sale Sky & Telescope - Early 70s through 2015

Category: Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. By: RedLionNJ Location: Zip 08088, Southern NJ

Hi - I have available (at no cost) Sky & Telescope, nearly complete, from the very early 70s through to the mid 9...

29 Apr 2019

Updated: 01 May 2019

Views: 569


For Sale 2inch Paracor/ 6.7mm/16mm-Meade 3000Series/ Laser & more

Category: Eyepieces By: ARA AVEDISSIAN Location: Northern Arizona

I have listed a few items I am letting go.Eyepieces/Accessories. Includes shipping on all items.JMI - Model NGF- Dx3...

27 Mar 2018

Views: 574


For Sale 8 inch F/6 Meade Mirror

Category: ATM Parts and Such By: Heavensboy Location: NE

For Sale: Meade 8 inch F/6 mirror. Mid to late 1980s. There is a small silicone spill on the mirror at the 6 o'clo...

29 Mar 2017

Views: 467


For Sale Unitron 128 and 114 Sold within the past few months

Category: Wanted By: Dave Radosevich Location: Reno Nv

I have found the Unitron Manuals for mounts I sold here a couple months ago. I have had 100's of ads and corresponden...

20 Aug 2018

Views: 251


For Sale Vixen dovetail bar, 1.25-2" EP adapter, and 2" ext tube

Category: Misc. Items By: starpal Location: Missouri

Vixen Dovetail Bar is 13 3/16" long, with qty-2, 1/4-28 thread holes and qty-1, 1/4" clearance holes on each end all...

14 Apr 2017

Views: 458


For Sale Photo's printed on Alliminum

Category: Misc. Items By: A VAN ZEGVELD Location: worldwide

Do you know someone who wants to have something nice hanging on the wall. Look at our Astro Photo's from amateur astr...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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