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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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10 Nov 2020

Views: 62



Category: Focusers By: skunkwirks Location: Michigan

Looking for a motor for STARLIGHT INST. focuser. THANKS

05 Jun 2019

Views: 207


Wanted 140mm Tube Rings for an Orion Starblast 4.5 reflector.

Category: Wanted By: kurtenstein Location: Qu├ębec

Hi! I'm looking for some 140mm ID Rings for an Orion Starblast 4.5 reflector. I live in Montreal, Canada. Thanks!

02 Oct 2017

Views: 394


Wanted Leitz Trinovid

Category: Binoculars By: foukal Location: Nahant MA

Wanted pair of used Leitz Trinovid 8 x 20 binoculars in good condition.

21 Oct 2019

Views: 185


Wanted televue delos 8mm

Category: Wanted By: vvv Location: Chicago

I am looking for delos 8mm, thanks for looking my ad!

17 Feb 2018

Views: 289


Wanted High Quality Polar Axis Finder Scope

Category: Finderscopes/Guidescopes By: Lee.Wolfson Location: US

I am looking for a polar axis scope for my CGEM that has worked well previously for someone. I will be starting to do...

11 Aug 2020

Updated: 12 Aug 2020

Views: 94


Wanted Wanted: Good/Great Televue 9mm Ortho rect. .965

Category: Eyepieces By: vcnightscope2017 Location: California

Hello all, Im looking for good/great Televue 9mm ortho recticle .965 eyepiece. I guarantee it will be well cared for...

15 Mar 2019

Views: 340


Wanted AP 10 inch Mak

Category: Cats & Casses By: uncledick Location: North Georgia

If any of you are lucky enough to be high on the notification list for a 10 inch AP Mak, and would like to sell it af...

14 May 2017

Views: 499


Wanted Wanted: Neutral Density Filter for use with classic Herschel Wedge

Category: Solar Filters By: twhite Location: Broken Arrow, OK

I am modifying and modernizing an older Japanese-made Herschel wedge that I have and am interested in finding neutral...

27 Oct 2019

Views: 197


Wanted Wanted: Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller

Category: Focusers By: Ken Milburn Location: Washington

Looking for a Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller. If you have one that could use a new home and can part with it, I woul...

19 Dec 2017

Views: 381


Wanted Swift 15x60 Vanguard

Category: Binoculars By: lit Location: usa

hi l would have an interest in one of these its a older swift with the Bak 7 glass thanks

08 Jan 2020

Views: 179


Wanted WANTED - Starlight Instruments HSM30 motor

Category: Focusers By: R Botero Location: Kent, UK

Hi All Looking for an HSM30 unit. Thanks for looking at my ad. Roberto

10 Apr 2020

Updated: 11 Apr 2020

Views: 213


Wanted Orion Q70 38mm / Agena SWA 38mm

Category: Eyepieces By: Desc82 Location: Canada j3h5t6

Hi, looking for a used Orion Q70 or Agena SWA 38mm to complete my collection (already have the 26mm and the 32mm). L...

11 May 2020

Updated: 16 May 2020

Views: 137


Wanted ZWO ASIAir - Pro or Original

Category: Wanted By: pcalexander Location: South Carolina

Hello, I am looking for a ZWO ASIAir Pro in excellent condition, but I would also be interested in the original vers...

13 Aug 2020

Views: 101


Wanted Parts for 12.5/f4.8 Dobsonian

Category: Wanted By: royjohn Location: Knoxville, TN

I have a 12.5"/f4.8 Meade Starfinder mirror and the 2.6" mounted secondary and I am looking for parts to build a Dob....

07 Mar 2017

Views: 420


Wanted ZWO EFW Filter Wheel

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: moxican Location: Toronto

I am looking for a ZWO EFW filter wheel preferably the mini version but I am ok with the regular one as well. Let me...

30 Jul 2019

Views: 179


Wanted Looking for a Unihex Type A Drawtube

Category: Focusers By: Tiredeyes Location: Maryland

Looking for a drawtube (preferably including the clamp, but I can live without it if necessary) for a Unihex Type A....

26 Aug 2019

Views: 194


Wanted wanted televue delite 3mm

Category: Eyepieces By: vvv Location: Chicago

I am looking for delite 3mm, if you have one please send me pm. Best regards!

04 Nov 2020

Views: 67


Wanted CG 4 manual control paddle

Category: Mount Accessories and Drives By: Unknownastron Location: Zip 74723

Want to buy this control paddle for CG 4 motorized mount. Paddle has input of 6 V through mini plug. Motor cables h...

15 Dec 2020

Views: 102


Wanted Binoviewer

Category: Binoviewers By: sunrag Location: Indiana

Looking for a Used, good quality binoviewer. Thanks

31 May 2017

Views: 358


Wanted Howie Glatter Sling

Category: ATM Parts and Such By: azfar72 Location: Oakville / Toronto

Hi - I am looking for a howie glatter sling to install on my 15 inch UC . If you have the one for the 18 inch UC, tha...

06 Jun 2017

Views: 343


Wanted Celestron AC Adapter - 5 Amp Continuous power, Black (18780)

Category: Wanted By: Tony Peperone Location: Covington, La. 70433

Looking for a Celestron AC Adapter - 5 Amp Continuous power, Black (18780). Thanks, Tony

08 Jun 2017

Updated: 09 Jun 2017

Views: 299


Wanted WANTED USED Orion 8" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope

Category: Wanted By: Dave Id Location: Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley)

USED Orion 8" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope in excellent condition,Preferably with no focuser.

09 Jul 2017

Views: 476


Wanted Takahashi FS-128

Category: Refractors By: jag32 Location: Maryland

I am trying to find a Takahashi FS-128 in good condition to purchase. If anyone has one for sale, I would certainly...

26 Sep 2019

Views: 170


Wanted televue 9mm

Category: Wanted By: vvv Location: Chicago

I am looking for televue nagler or delite 9mm, thanks for looking my ad!

28 Feb 2018

Views: 323


Wanted large print size Earth Rise Poster or Photos

Category: Misc. Items By: lit Location: USA

lookin for extra large Photo or Poster of Apollo Earth Rise wall mount size framed/unframed thanks

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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