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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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29 Dec 2017

Updated: 21 Jan 2018

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For Sale AstroGazer Portable Observatory

Category: Observatories By: hokkaido53 Location: Northern New Mexico

AstroGazer vinyl portable observatory10 feet in diameter, over 8 feet tall.Sold "as is", with some wear and tear on t...

24 Mar 2019

Updated: 28 Dec 2019

Views: 2323


For Sale Professional 16-inch Newton Astrograph with 4-lens corrector f/3.7

Category: Reflectors By: AlexCherny Location: Ukraine

For sale new telescope 400/1478. It is made by high-level optician and mechanic in a workshop of Crimean astronomical...

16 Apr 2017

Updated: 27 Apr 2017

Views: 2312


For Sale Telescope Enclosure Motel O'Scope

Category: Observatories By: lmorgan82 Location: Salt Lake City, UT

I'm selling my telescope enclosure because I've since moved and I plan on upgrading to a full observatory now that I...

12 Jun 2019

Views: 2305


For Sale Lot of binoculars

Category: Binoculars By: patta Location: Stavanger, Norway

Hello I had binocular frenzy but I recently realized to have only 2 eyes. Some normal old Japanese and some new Chin...

30 Nov 2019

Views: 2291


For Sale Dobhut observatory

Category: Observatories By: nreed Location: minn.

Up for sale is my prototype Dobhut ll observatory. It is designed for those who prefer to leave their scope set up to...

24 Sep 2018

Views: 2271


For Sale Darksky community Lots for sale

Category: Observatories By: Kirek Location: Sharon, GA

The DAV is a planned dark sky community. The site consists of a number of amenities to support both the goals of the...

11 Sep 2018

Updated: 10 Feb 2019

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For Sale Explore Scientific 9mm 100 degree and pentax k5

Category: Astro Cameras and Accessories By: Drewinhb Location: Long Beach, CA

Explore Scientific 9 mm 100 Degrees series fully multi coated Nitrogen purged $250 Orion Ultrablock Filter $50 Penta...

28 Feb 2018

Updated: 10 Apr 2018

Views: 2249


For Sale Explora Dome

Category: Observatories By: rodney Location: NW NJ

For sale is my personal use 8 foot Explora Dome. 8 foot dome with plastic wheel ring, and wheels. This is not an auto...

21 Aug 2018

Views: 2229


For Sale Fantastic 24" Dobsonian - Ready Today!

Category: Reflectors By: Shane LaPierre Location: Connecticut

For sale is a beautiful 24” custom telescope built by me. I have had it for ~ 4 years. It gives incredible views of b...

25 May 2018

Updated: 12 Mar 2019

Views: 2210


For Sale Astro-physics 155 EDF f/7

Category: Refractors By: alvarete Location: Spain

Hi all, For sale is my beloved AP 155 EDF apochromat refractor telescope. 2.7" focuser. It is in excelent+ shape. Per...

06 Jan 2019

Updated: 07 Jan 2019

Views: 2208


For Sale 6'observatory -Technical Innovations- HD6 model

Category: Observatories By: telegeek Location: Disney World, Florida

Used observatory in very good condition. Made of fiberglass. Includes base ring. I bought it new from Technical Innov...

10 Jan 2020

Views: 2206


For Sale University Class Telescope

Category: Refractors By: Dave Radosevich Location: Santa Cruz Ca.

You have all seen this Telescope before. Some have made comments about it. Some have dreamed about it. I am here to e...

21 Jul 2018

Views: 2199


For Sale LX200 10 EMC OTA - low power scope

Category: Cats & Casses By: bartine Location: Silver Spring, MD

I have an LX200 10" F10 OTA The OTA is in good shape - the focuser could use some work, and I have a focuser kit tha...

28 Dec 2017

Updated: 09 Jan 2018

Views: 2170


For Sale 20" Starsplitter II

Category: Reflectors By: robnobbobh Location: West Hills, CA 91307

20" f/5 Starsplitter Galaxy Optics Primary Explore Scientific 28mm 68degree Series AR Waterproof Eyepiece Tectron Col...

12 Nov 2018

Updated: 23 Feb 2019

Views: 2169


For Sale 8" Zerochromat Refractor (price dropped!)

Category: Refractors By: AlphaGJohn Location: PA USA

It's big, it's beautiful, and (sigh) I need to sell it.This 8-inch/200mm f/12 manufacturer-upgraded Zerochromat refra...

24 Aug 2017

Updated: 28 Sep 2017

Views: 2157


For Sale Meade 10 inch EQ

Category: Reflectors By: jtjtjtjt Location: Connecticut(06712)

10 inch Meade Starfinder in very good condition. The DC drive tracks well. It has an upgraded JMI focuser and upgrade...

15 Jan 2018

Views: 2148


For Sale SkyShed Pod For Sale

Category: Observatories By: Kman79 Location: Port Saint Lucie, FL

I have a SkyShed Pod for sale in great shape, just replaced all the rollers in it last year Asking $1000.00. Loca...

31 May 2019

Updated: 27 Jun 2019

Views: 2143


For Sale 32" Webster C32 with f/3.59 Kennedy Primary

Category: Reflectors By: Kristinita Location: Colorado Springs

UPDATE: Picked up today. Balance paid in cash. Thank you, Stewart!! NOTE: $2000.00 deposit received. No further offe...

29 Oct 2018

Views: 2141


For Sale complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain

Category: Refractors By: A VAN ZEGVELD Location: worldwide

I am selling my complete remote astrophotography setup located in the south of Spain, near the Portugal border.The lo...

03 Jul 2020

Views: 2137


For Sale 12 inch refractor

Category: Refractors By: howardbrown Location: N. Utah

I'm going to try one last time to sell this 12 inch refractor. It was originally a D&G doublet.=f/17 200 inch fl....

13 Jul 2019

Views: 2131


For Sale 184 gram slab cut slice of Sericho Pallasite meteorite

Category: Misc. Items By: 107 Location: Canada

Hello All . I normally do not post many meteorites this time of year because Im to busy with My Masonry company ,,,,...

23 Jun 2017

Updated: 11 Jul 2017

Views: 2130


For Sale Takahashi FS-128 - SOLD

Category: Refractors By: RLH Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

This refractor is in exceptional condition with original box along with some very nice extras (listed below). I am as...

05 Jan 2020

Views: 2125


For Sale 180mm (7") Doublet

Category: Refractors By: dramodt Location: Southern Utah

I have a custom built 7" refractor with an R35 Istar Objective, 8" tube with rings and 2" Moonlite focuser. The lens...

12 Mar 2018

Updated: 25 Mar 2018

Views: 2123


For Sale Reduced! 20 inch Obsession

Category: Reflectors By: prairie guy Location: Mitchell Manitoba Canada

3 year old Obsession Classic F/5. All components including mirrors in excellent condition. No Argo Navis, but include...

23 May 2018

Updated: 24 May 2018

Views: 2122


For Sale Several Nice Refractors SOLD

Category: Refractors By: Scott Horstman Location: Ohio

Hi all. I don't like offing my gear but it's time for a new truck so we can continue to serve the astronomy community...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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