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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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27 Oct 2017

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Wanted Ceravolo 300 Astrograph

Category: Cats & Casses By: stefang Location: Anywhere

Rare as hens teeth Ceravolo 300 Astrograph wanted with dual correctors Buyer to pay shipping. Clear skies from Austra...

03 Nov 2018

Updated: 01 Dec 2018

Views: 528


Wanted 10 foot or greater dome-any brand

Category: Observatories By: ManboneRidge Location: Muscle Shoals, Alabama

I just love hauling all my stuff in every night and covering my SCT. Well, maybe not. I would like to buy a used dome...

20 Mar 2017

Updated: 20 Jul 2017

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Wanted WTB - Televue NP 127is

Category: Refractors By: gipster Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Wanted. TV NP-127is. Email with pics and price please. Payment via PayPal preferred. Thanks jim

27 Sep 2017

Updated: 28 Sep 2017

Views: 527


Wanted Tube Rings for Orange Celestron Comet Catcher OTA...

Category: ATM Parts and Such By: dragonstar4565 Location: San Jose, CA

Hello, I am looking for the tube rings for the orange Celestron Comet Catcher OTA, I know they can be difficult to fi...

20 Jun 2017

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Wanted Wanted: Showa 100 SD f10 Apo

Category: Refractors By: JJB Location: FL

Looking for a Showa 100mm SD f10 apo. I have owned both pictured here, let me know what you have... Optics must be pr...

01 Jan 2018

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Wanted Gotoscope Satellite Scope Wanted

Category: Wanted By: Dave Trott Location: Anywhere

I will gladly pay up to $1000 for one of these in good condition. I will also offer a large sum for one that is broke...

12 Jul 2017

Updated: 20 Jul 2017

Views: 518


Wanted Found - Meade 1244 for parts

Category: Focusers By: astrogene1000 Location: focusers

Found! Thank you Jonathan! ================== Over the years I have misplaced the intermediate gear inside my 1244 f...

05 Sep 2017

Views: 516


Wanted Terabeam

Category: Cats & Casses By: PNWkarma Location: Any

Looking for a functional Terabeam OTA. Do you have one that's not being used? Thanks in advance!

17 Jun 2017

Updated: 22 Jun 2017

Views: 514


Wanted WANTED 16" mirror *FOUND* just what I needed!

Category: ATM Parts and Such By: robba Location: NW Fla

16"f4 or higher.⭐️🌛

10 Jan 2018

Updated: 27 May 2018

Views: 512


Wanted Info Wanted on 20” aluminum Dob in California

Category: Wanted By: quark_b Location: Pine Bush, NY

I am interested in contacting the owners of a 20 inch aluminum Dob scope pictured in the attached photos. I believe i...

18 Aug 2017

Views: 512


Wanted solar eclipse glasses

Category: Wanted By: smith1925 Location: 60477

Found out today that 2 out of 3 eclipse glasses are fake! I am near Chicago. Please help. I wanted to share the ex...

02 Nov 2018

Views: 511


Wanted Wanted: 16 foot Ash dome or equivalent

Category: Observatories By: x-ray Location: Lincoln, MA

I have finished the restoration of my fantastic Warner and Swasey 10" refractor from 1916 with a new lens, now I want...

04 May 2018

Updated: 05 May 2018

Views: 511



Category: Cats & Casses By: clockrepairman Location: USA

I need the plastic knob and shaft from one of the early 1974 dynamax telescopes. It is the on e with the boxy looking...

30 Mar 2018

Views: 510


Wanted Wanted SKYRoof and SKYAlert observatory part

Category: Observatories By: ZL4PLM Location: anywhere

wanted ROR controller (skyroof) and monitoring system (Sky Alert) prefer unused vs removed ..must be working and com...

28 May 2017

Updated: 01 Jun 2017

Views: 509


Wanted Wanted Peterson Engineering Get-A-Grip Handles

Category: Misc. Items By: Kayakmurf Location: Chico, CA

I'm looking for a pair of the discontinued getagrips for a Meade LX200.

17 Sep 2017

Views: 504


Wanted WANTED: 178mm (7-inch) f/2.5 Kodak Aero Ektar Lens

Category: Wanted By: PaulEK Location: Anywhere

I periodically place this wanted ad here on CN, looking for these old lenses. They were made for air reconnaissance p...

05 May 2017

Views: 503


Wanted Will Pay Top Dollar for "The Observers Guide"

Category: Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. By: Daniel Mounsey Location: SoCal

I'm talking about the original vintage series pictured here from the 80's. Looking for every copy possible and will p...

05 Mar 2018

Views: 499


Wanted Wanted Celestron C8

Category: Cats & Casses By: bjgiii Location: Punta Gorda, FL

I'm in the market for a Celestron C8. It needs to be in nice shape and good working condition. I'll take one bare bon...

27 Jun 2018

Views: 499


Wanted Wanted - Baader Maxbrights or better

Category: Binoviewers By: albert1 Location: 08016

Tell me whatcha got! Condition/price shipped to 08016 Thanks Albert

16 Jun 2017

Views: 495


Wanted Astro Machine Shop

Category: Wanted By: uncledick Location: Anywhere, but prefer southeast US

Looking for an "astro machine shop" to custom make a mounting plate fo me. Any recommendations ? Rich.

04 Feb 2018

Views: 495


Wanted 12 to 18in dob wanted

Category: Reflectors By: starbob1 Location: Ky. In.

Looking for a Dob in the 12in to 18in range. I am in the Louisville Ky area so if your close let me know what you hav...

13 Apr 2017

Updated: 13 Apr 2017

Views: 494


Wanted Holder for Hand Controller (CPC-1100) Older style

Category: Cats & Casses By: Doug Neal Location: Irmo, SC

During my recent move, I have misplaced the holder for my CPC-HC. It snaps into place on the side of the forks. My CP...

09 Jun 2017

Views: 490


Wanted Takahashi FS-60 CSV replacement tube

Category: Misc. Items By: bini.michele Location: Italy

Hi, I'm looking for a Takahashi FS-60 CSV replacement tube (105mm lenght) to convert the CB version into CSV version...

05 Mar 2017

Updated: 22 Mar 2017

Views: 489


Wanted Corrector plate for Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Model 2120

Category: Cats & Casses By: Conor Maclaud Location: Elizabeth, NJ

Looking to find a corrector plate for older Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Model 2120. If you have one, or maybe, equal...

01 Apr 2018

Views: 486


Wanted Wanted: SkyShed POD PZT

Category: Observatories By: akulapanam Location: Las Vegas, NV

I'm looking for someone who is willing to sell me, or build me, a SkyShed POD PZT. I don't have the tools nor pickup...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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