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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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20 Mar 2017

Updated: 20 Jul 2017

Views: 405


Wanted WTB - Televue NP 127is

in Refractors by gipster

Wanted. TV NP-127is. Email with pics and price please. Payment via PayPal preferred. Thanks jim

27 Sep 2017

Updated: 28 Sep 2017

Views: 404


Wanted Tube Rings for Orange Celestron Comet Catcher OTA...

in ATM Parts and Such by dragonstar4565

Hello, I am looking for the tube rings for the orange Celestron Comet Catcher OTA, I know they can be difficult to fi...

22 Sep 2018

Updated: 23 Sep 2018

Views: 403


Wanted 12-16 inch Dobsonian

in Reflectors by Hartscope

wanted 12-16 inch dob, hoping to get a go-to,like the sky-watcher synscan, orion xxg

30 Nov 2017

Views: 402



in Mounts/Tripods by GodLoveUs

l am on a tight budget and since learning of the prohibitive US shipping costs I have decided that I would only be wi...

14 Dec 2017

Views: 398


Wanted Orion XT10i Base

in Mounts/Tripods by Lyuda

Looking for an Orion XT10 Intelliscope base. I don't need the handheld finder, I just need a mount, even if the elect...

14 Jun 2017

Views: 396


Wanted Wanted: 2” Rack and Pinion focuser for Newt

in Focusers by iuseglasses

Doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Will be connecting an Orion motofocus (also looking for that too)

28 May 2018

Views: 396


Wanted FS128, TEC140, TOA130, or AP 130

in Refractors by mikona

Help me. Just purchased a used TOA130 that arrived damaged. Just received refund from PayPal. lm looking for FS...

11 Apr 2017

Updated: 12 Apr 2017

Views: 394


Wanted Go2Nova 8407 hand controller

in Mount Accessories and Drives by rabbit55

I am looking for a 8407 controller for my ioptron mount if someone has one they don't need.

01 Jan 2018

Views: 392


Wanted Gotoscope Satellite Scope Wanted

in Wanted by Dave Trott

I will gladly pay up to $1000 for one of these in good condition. I will also offer a large sum for one that is broke...

01 Nov 2017

Views: 390


Wanted Wanted: Astro-Physics 178 f/9 Field Flattener

in Astro Cameras and Accessories by michaelmcdermott

Looking for a AP Field Flattener for my AP 178 f/9 refractor. If someone has one and it is in excellent condition let...

11 May 2018

Updated: 11 May 2018

Views: 390


Wanted Obsession 12.5 f/5 Clasic.

in Reflectors by refet

Hi. I'm a truck driver and I can arrange a pick up in Midwest area or Dallas,Hustan TX or from Wisconsin along to Flo...

05 May 2017

Views: 390


Wanted Will Pay Top Dollar for "The Observers Guide"

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Daniel Mounsey

I'm talking about the original vintage series pictured here from the 80's. Looking for every copy possible and will p...

10 Jan 2018

Updated: 27 May 2018

Views: 389


Wanted Info Wanted on 20” aluminum Dob in California

in Wanted by quark_b

I am interested in contacting the owners of a 20 inch aluminum Dob scope pictured in the attached photos. I believe i...

18 Aug 2017

Views: 388


Wanted solar eclipse glasses

in Wanted by smith1925

Found out today that 2 out of 3 eclipse glasses are fake! I am near Chicago. Please help. I wanted to share the ex...

20 Aug 2017

Views: 385


Wanted Early Japanese EQ Tripod Head

in Mounts/Tripods by Uncle Milt

This is admittedly the longest of long shots, but I am looking for just the tripod head -- with the short upright yok...

17 Jun 2017

Updated: 22 Jun 2017

Views: 383


Wanted WANTED 16" mirror *FOUND* just what I needed!

in ATM Parts and Such by robba

16"f4 or higher.⭐️🌛

04 Feb 2018

Views: 382


Wanted 12 to 18in dob wanted

in Reflectors by starbob1

Looking for a Dob in the 12in to 18in range. I am in the Louisville Ky area so if your close let me know what you hav...

23 Sep 2017

Updated: 27 Sep 2017

Views: 382


Wanted Meade Series 5000 SWA 28mm Eyepiece

in Eyepieces by yoga

Wanted; Meade Series 5000 SWA Eyepieces. Looking for the 28mm considered the same as the Explore Scientific waterproo...

28 May 2017

Updated: 01 Jun 2017

Views: 377


Wanted Wanted Peterson Engineering Get-A-Grip Handles

in Misc. Items by Kayakmurf

I'm looking for a pair of the discontinued getagrips for a Meade LX200.

15 Jun 2017

Views: 376


Wanted I Need Mizar RV-85 / Meade 2080 GEM Mount Parts

in Mounts/Tripods by Deven Matlick

I Need Mizar RV-85 / Meade 2080 GEM Mount Parts.> Worm Gear(s)> Tripod HeadI'd take a whole mount if the pric...

04 Aug 2017

Views: 376


Wanted Wanted: Vixen DD-1 or DD-3 hand controller

in Mount Accessories and Drives by VPilot

Looking for a Vixen DD-1 or DD-3 dual axis hand controller with battery pack. Tim

18 Apr 2017

Views: 375


Wanted Wanted: Intes MK-67

in Cats & Casses by Spectral Type

Looking for an Intes Mk-67 Deluxe, if you have one that is collecting dust and you would like to give it a good home,...

12 Jul 2017

Updated: 20 Jul 2017

Views: 374


Wanted Found - Meade 1244 for parts

in Focusers by astrogene1000

Found! Thank you Jonathan! ================== Over the years I have misplaced the intermediate gear inside my 1244 f...

28 Mar 2018

Updated: 29 Mar 2018

Views: 373


Wanted WANTED: 12" - 15" Mirrors, or...

in ATM Parts and Such by Dennis Steele

I'm on the lookout for 12" to 15" primary mirror. Must have good coatings, no scratches or chips. Mirrors with cells...

14 Jul 2017

Views: 372


Wanted Large aperture vintage binoculars

in Binoculars by Dinosour23

Hi there ! Looking for some vintage 60/70mm binoculars, those made in japan,ussr or what not Hillside, NJ Thanks :)

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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