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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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28 Jun 2017

Views: 428


For Sale Binoviewers Williams Optics

By: bjstanton Location: Ocala, FL

Lightly used William Optics Binoviewer, with high quality BaK4 prisms, fits the 1.25" focuser of your telescope. Incl...

08 Aug 2018

Views: 461


For Sale Burgess Binoviewer with case, eyepieces, and OCA.

By: rtalaga Location: New Mexico

Hi. I have for sale a Burgess Binoviewer with 2 15mm Astrotech ED Paradigm eyepieces. Also included is the Burgess 1....

02 Jul 2017

Views: 393


For Sale Celestron Binoviewer Model # 93691

By: wyzguy Location: Medina OH

Cleaning out my shelves of items that I purchased and never used as a result of jumping back into the hobby head firs...

20 Jun 2020

Views: 208


For Sale Williams Optics Binoviewer

By: Hydra70 Location: Maryland

I am selling my Williams Optics Binoviewer It is in mint condition and only used a few times in my 102 mm refractor...

09 Oct 2017

Views: 495


For Sale Denkmeier Collitron Reticle

By: Daniel Guzas Location: Boston MA

For sale.. a Denkmeier Collitron Reticle. Great for collimation of the binotron 27 binoviewers. Sells for $249 on the...

09 Dec 2018

Views: 273


For Sale William Optics 1.25" Binoviewer Package

By: BigBanger Location: Long Island, NY

For sale by original owner. In excellent, very lightly used condition. Except for the “eye side” of the included eyep...

26 Aug 2019

Views: 324


For Sale Orion BAK-4 Binocular Viewer

By: southrocket Location: East Tennessee

Liquidating astronomy equipment from an estate which contains this Orion BAK-4 Bino Viewer. Appears to have never bee...

21 Feb 2018

Updated: 11 Nov 2019

Views: 772


For Sale Arcturus BinoViewer with Two 30mm Plossl Eyepieces-and-Two-Barlow-Attachments

By: Camcon101 Location: Stony Brook, NY

Our Arcturus Brand Binoviewers are new from the same plant in China that makes the same ones for other name brands su...

24 Dec 2017

Views: 241


Wanted William Optics Binoviewer Set

By: mdaulton33 Location: westerville, oh

Looking for the William Optics Binoviewer set. Needs to be in excellent condition, please. Let me know what you have...

06 Feb 2020

Updated: 07 Feb 2020

Views: 254


For Sale Williams optics bino viewers

By: cbulik99 Location: San antonio

These have barely been used. Tried them one time and now I pretty much just do imaging. Comes in box, looks brand new...

16 Oct 2017

Views: 397


For Sale William Optics Binoviewer Set

By: JakeJ Location: Long Beach, CA

WO Binoviewer set - as shipped from WO with pair of 20mm eyepieces, 1.6x corrector, form fitted box, and unopened ori...

06 Oct 2017

Views: 391


For Sale William Optics Binoviewer

By: daquad Location: Rhode Island

A William Optics binoviewer in excellent condition.with two 20 mm SWAN eyepieces, 1.6X OCS (Optical correction System...

04 Jun 2017

Updated: 04 Jun 2017

Views: 634


For Sale William Optics Binoviewers

By: murphb Location: Boston

Used once. William Optics Binoviewer fits the 1.25" focuser of your refractor, Newtonian or SCT scope. Employs high q...

12 Nov 2018

Views: 309


For Sale WO Binoviews

By: Tele Location: OK

Less than a year old. I have moved to astrophotography so I need to cull my visual stuff. This comes with paired 20mm...

21 Dec 2017

Views: 680


For Sale William Optics Binoviewers

By: jay.i Location: Minneapolis, MN

Bought these a few months ago from a fellow CN member, got inspired, but don't want to drop the cash on a spendy bino...

08 Jan 2018

Views: 471


For Sale WO Optics binoviewer

By: joe nastasi Location: NC

I have for sale a William Optics binoviewer. Good condition. Optics clean. Binoviewer with WO 2X nosepiece barlow, al...

09 Sep 2017

Views: 671


For Sale Baader Planetarium Maxbright Binoviewer

By: Xing Location: San Jose, CA

For sale is a Baader bino in overall excellent condition. Just one tiny spot on the body Collimation is spot on. Inc...

28 Jan 2019

Views: 400


For Sale WO Binoviewer with 3 sets of eyepieces

By: clell777 Location: Florida

Nice William Optics Binoviewer with the original WO set of 20mm and built in Barlow. Including two other eyepiece set...

06 Jun 2020

Views: 277


For Sale Zeiss AXIO Microscope Binocular Head - Pristine

By: RichA Location: Toronto

Zeiss Axio Microscope Binocular Head for converting to telescope binoviewer. Pristine condition, optics perfect, bod...

03 Oct 2018

Updated: 04 Oct 2018

Views: 429


For Sale William Optics Binoviewer kit

By: gomezgto Location: Phoenix Az

Used only 2 times, Essentially like new200.00shipping 20.00pay-pal or money order US shipping

26 Sep 2018

Views: 437


For Sale William Optics Binoviewer kit

By: albert1 Location: NJ

William Optics Binoviewer kit Used one time for testing purposes. Nice kit. Essentially as new. These 20mm Wide Fiel...

02 Feb 2019

Views: 319


For Sale William Optics Binoviewer Package

By: paulh83 Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

William Optics Binoviewer package for sale. This is in great condition and the optics are very clean and the alignmen...

14 Apr 2020

Views: 108


Wanted Baader Maxbright Binoviewer

By: duffmeister Location: Bethlehem, Pa

Wanted I see the new Baader Maxbright Binoviewer IIs are out. Maybe you want to sell your old Baader Maxbright Binov...

14 Nov 2017

Updated: 14 Nov 2017

Views: 456


For Sale Williams Optics Bino Viewers

By: patguiney Location: Victoria, BC

Excellent (New) Condition, only used a couple of times, Comes with 2 Meade 26mm Super Plossl Lens $200 USD plus hone...

22 Oct 2019

Views: 464


For Sale Baader Maxbright Binoviewers

By: DSalters Location: Missouri

Baader Maxbright binoviewers in very nice condition. Nothing cosmetically or optically stands out at all. They come w...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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