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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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18 Mar 2019

Updated: 18 Mar 2019

Views: 354


For Sale Arcturus Binoviewers, with 30mm Plossls and 2 nosepieces

in Binoviewers by jgroub

Have you been wanting to try out binoviewers, but you weren't sure if they would work for your eyes? Well, here's you...

01 Mar 2019

Updated: 02 Mar 2019

Views: 142


For Sale Baader 2.6 Glasspath

in Binoviewers by mkoons

Well like a dummy I ordered this from Astro-physics without doing the math. I needed and have a 1.7. I placed it in t...

12 Nov 2017

Updated: 12 Nov 2017

Views: 341


For Sale Siebert 1.25X,3.5X multimag OCA

in Binoviewers by Loren Toole

For sale: a very versatile OCA, allows your binoviewer to be used on scopes with minimal in-travel. Worked on my TV G...

21 Jul 2018

Updated: 24 Jul 2018

Views: 192


For Sale Denkmeier A37mm OCS Low Power

in Binoviewers by Tom Bakowski

Excellent condition A37mm OCS LOW POWER. Coatings perfect. Caps for both ends. Put this OCS in front of diagonal for...

19 Jun 2017

Views: 579


For Sale LOMO / COMCON BINOVIEWER – Good Condition!

in Binoviewers by W8TU

I have for sale a Lomo / Comcon BinoViewer in Good Condition. . Fits a 1.25" focuser and receives 0.965 or 1.25" eyep...

04 Aug 2017

Views: 303


For Sale Siebert Type 1a 1.25x OCA

in Binoviewers by tmaestro

This is a very nice quality 1.25" 1.25x multi-element corrector to bring your binoviewer to focus with your refractor...

28 Oct 2018

Updated: 20 Nov 2018

Views: 463


For Sale Brett's Binoviewer Bonanza

in Binoviewers by astrobug

How does a person with just two eyes end up with 3 binoviewers (and a 4th on the way)?!? Best not to ask. Suffice it...

19 May 2017

Views: 385


For Sale Siebert Optics Binoviewer #1a OCA

in Binoviewers by David Hawkins

Well made OCA for dobs and refractors (this model #1a on his website). In practically brand new condition. Will only...

28 Jul 2019

Views: 169


For Sale Arcturus binoviewers with 2 OCA

in Binoviewers by MrJones

These were bought new about a month ago and used twice. They are better than my used Denk II were, brighter and easie...

23 Jul 2018

Updated: 02 Aug 2018

Views: 243


For Sale Denkmeier ocs A37 with Newtonian spacer

in Binoviewers by prjctapollo

An original OCS with Newtonian spacer. Optic is free of defect. This fits the 2" nosepiece

12 Aug 2019

Views: 114


For Sale $105-Like New Omegon Binoviewer

in Binoviewers by De Lorme

Hello, Have a like new Omegon binoviewer with case for sale. Comes with end caps. Used just a couple of times. Decid...

20 May 2019

Views: 187


For Sale Classic Vixen Binoviewer - no focuser attachment

in Binoviewers by bartine

This classic Vixen binoviewer / stereo binocular viewer / is in perfect condition It has 1.25" eyepiece barrels Ho...

01 Mar 2019

Updated: 11 Mar 2019

Views: 357


For Sale Burgess Binoviewer with Eyepieces

in Binoviewers by Dougal

Burgess Binoviewer with two 20mm eyepieces and 1.9x Barlow. Model BV125. Great conditon. I bought this a while ago t...

24 Feb 2019

Views: 162


For Sale Mint Arcturus Binoviewer with All Original Accessories

in Binoviewers by buckingham_hoo

The binoviewer is in mint condition and includes the original 30 mm plossl eyepieces, 1.85 and 3x Barlow’s. Price inc...

16 Mar 2018

Updated: 16 Mar 2018

Views: 369


For Sale Burgess Binoviewer + 20mm WA EPs

in Binoviewers by rustynpp

Selling my Burgess Optical Binoviewer along with the pair of 20mm 65-degree EPs that came with it. I bought this new...

10 Feb 2018

Views: 271


For Sale Siebert 1.25X OCS

in Binoviewers by TiSaph

For sale is one Siebert Optics 1.25X OCS/OCA for use with binoviewers. This high quality optical corrector will allo...

12 May 2017

Updated: 16 May 2017

Views: 403


For Sale Denkmeier 2" OCS Newtonian (Multi-Purpose)

in Binoviewers by rxeddie2003

I am excellent condition Newtonian (Multi-Purpose) Denkmeier 2" OCS. Includes both screw on endcaps, and is in excell...

06 Oct 2017

Updated: 07 Oct 2017

Views: 452


For Sale Orion Binoviewers and Siebert Multi-Magnification OCA

in Binoviewers by JohnnyJohnny

I have the following for sale in excellent condition.Orion Binoviewer with stock optical corrector, in original case...

08 Jan 2018

Views: 384


For Sale Arcturus BinoViewer

in Binoviewers by TheObserver

in new condition never used. Only took it out of the box to see and take pictures. The Eyepice holder is self-center...

18 Aug 2018

Views: 285


For Sale Burgess Bino Viewer Two 20mm eyepieces

in Binoviewers by bartine

Burgess Bino Viewer 1.25" Two 20mm eyepieces 1.25" This is a nice way to try out bino-viewing for the first time!...

22 Jan 2018

Updated: 22 Jan 2018

Views: 367


For Sale Denkmeier Multi Purpose OCS-A37

in Binoviewers by ngc5128

Denkmeier Multi Purpose OCS-A37 in very good condition. Extend back focus and eliminate spherical and chromatic aberr...

30 Sep 2017

Views: 431


For Sale 2" Denkmeier SCT Richfield StarSweeper and 2x Multiplier

in Binoviewers by MrJones

This is the kit with Denkmeier SCT StarSweeper (.7 reducer), 2x Multiplier and variable spacer. They are all in excel...

10 Jan 2019

Views: 133


For Sale Denkmeier Collitron for B27

in Binoviewers by Eddgie

Like new. Bolt case included. Price includes Paypal and USPS Priority Mail shipping.

11 May 2017

Views: 396


For Sale Arcturus Binoviewer Supertuned

in Binoviewers by rxeddie2003

Selling a good condition Arcturus Binoviewer. This binoviewer has been supertuned by Denis Levitac. (see binoviewer f...

13 Jun 2018

Views: 353


For Sale For Sale Arcturus Binoviewers

in Binoviewers by De Lorme

Have a nice Arcturus binoviewer for sale that's in excellent condition. Selling because I found a used Denk. They in...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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