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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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26 Sep 2018

Views: 151


Wanted QSI WSG-8 Cover WANTED

By: fco_star Location: US

Hi if you have a QSI WSG-8 Cover please let me know your price shipped to 79707 Thank you

14 Apr 2018

Views: 540


Wanted WANTED: 178mm (7-inch) f/2.5 Kodak Aero Ektar Lens

By: PaulEK Location: Wisconsin

I periodically place this wanted ad here on CN, looking for these old lenses. They were made for air reconnaissance p...

24 Jun 2019

Views: 122


Wanted WTB: Astro modified Canon T3i

By: arvindsh Location: CA, SF Bay Area

Looking to buy an astro modified T3i with low shutter actuations count and in good working condition. LPF2 mod not fu...

14 Jun 2020

Updated: 14 Jun 2020

Views: 53


Wanted BUYING ZWO ASI290mm Mini

By: Sabre345 Location: New Jersey

Looking to buy a new/used ASI290mm mini guide camera. My rig is currently down without one as I need a more sensitive...

07 Jun 2019

Views: 88


Wanted Starizona fild flatener reducer x0.63

By: Ziv arazi Location: Grapevine, Texas

I'm looking for starizona fild flatener reducer x0.63, In the US for 300$ Inc shipping For my Celestron C8. Please ta...

04 May 2017

Views: 244


Wanted Modified or non-modified T2i or T3i

By: Interlocken Location: Georgia

Primarily looking for a modified T2i,but also interested in the T3i. Looking to spend around 200 for the body (flexib...

16 Dec 2018

Views: 104


Wanted Wanted Gerd Neumann Aurora 315mm Flat Panel

By: Barnstorm Location: batavia, OHio

Looking for a Gerd Neumann Aurora 315mm Flat Panel Thanks!

16 Sep 2018

Views: 175


Wanted Wanted: All Sky IP camera

By: stpal001 Location: Texas

I am looking for an All Sky camera to feed overhead star views for my remote observatory. The Moonglow All Sky camera...

26 Jun 2020

Views: 53


Wanted KAF-3200ME ccd sensor

By: rdw4176 Location: USA, World

Looking for a KAF-3200ME sensor in working order to fix an old camera. Will also consider an old/non working camera (...

24 May 2018

Views: 239


Wanted ZWO ASI290MM mini

By: Geo99SC Location: Piedmont, SC

Want to buy a used ZWO ASI290MM mini to be used with ZWO OAG.

30 Jun 2017

Views: 181


Wanted Moonglow all sky camera

By: Ellinbank Location: Australia

WANTED moonglow all sky camera. Needed for a survey telescope, Thanks Peter

06 May 2020

Views: 60


Wanted [WTB] Celestron OAG (current version)

By: Noobulosity Location: Loveland, CO

I'm looking to acquire a newer Celestron OAG with all the included adapters. Not entirely thrilled with my current O...

28 Nov 2019

Views: 88


Wanted Revolution Imager R1 or R2

By: localhost Location: Florida

Looking to buy a Revolution Imager R1 or R2 camera & kit message me if you have one you want to sell. Thanks.

13 Apr 2018

Views: 167


Wanted looking to buy Orion starshoot or equivalent autoguider

By: rusty2198 Location: Dayton Texas

Looking for a good used autoguider let me know what you have.

11 Mar 2018

Views: 205


Wanted Guide camera and guide scope

By: spankyfreshhh Location: Orlando

Looking for a guide scope and camera. More importantly the camera though. Something like the zwo asi120mm or similar.

07 Jun 2017

Views: 266


Wanted WTB SBIG parallel port camera

By: garlick Location: 94550

I've been able to get the old Linux SBIG parallel port driver sort of working on a modern Linux kernel. Emboldened wi...

11 Apr 2017

Views: 233


Wanted SBIG STF Canon Lens Adapter (W/Filter Wheel)

By: dascenc Location: Houston

Looking for a SBIG STF Canon lens adapter for cameras with the filter wheel. SBIG Model CLA-FW-CANON Canon lens adapt...

06 Aug 2019

Views: 90


Wanted Field Flattener/Reducer Suitable for F6 Refractor

By: Spammy Location: Mukwonago, Wisconsin

I have an AT72ED II refractor and have been looking for a field flattener/reducer that would work with it for imaging...

28 Aug 2017

Updated: 03 Sep 2017

Views: 302


Wanted [found!] WTB ASI 120m or similar monochrome guide camera

By: Bob_Huerbsch Location: ST Augustine, FL

~ $150 shipped / negotiable

26 Jun 2020

Views: 33


Wanted ASI 120MM Mini or 120MM-S

By: jwalker1742 Location: Az

In desperate need for a guide cam! Please include necessary cables. Thanks!

15 Jun 2017

Views: 283


Wanted Debayered DSLR Sensors/Cameras, Debayering Service

By: Quinnn Location: Virginia, USA

Hey, After 3 failed attempts, I'm looking to just purchase a pre-debayered camera sensor, or the entire camera for t...

03 Feb 2020

Views: 50


Wanted Wanted- ATREDT80 reducer/flattener for AT80EDT

By: Jason Martin Location: USA

I’m looking for a like new AstroTech 0.8 focal reducer/flattener made for their AT80EDT refractor. Please list condit...

14 Jun 2020

Updated: 14 Jun 2020

Views: 62


Wanted Meade Autostar II Wireless Hand Controller

By: AstroDan2015 Location: Racine, WI

Hi,I need one of these for my 14" LX200 GPS scope. If you have a good one you're not using please contact me. I'm wil...

16 Nov 2019

Views: 67


Wanted Looking for QHY 8Pro or QHY 8L

By: ccdguy Location: Connecticut

Looking for a pre owned, but in good condition QHY 8 Pro (preferred), or QHY 8L (second choice). Please let me know...

07 Aug 2019

Views: 73


Wanted ZWO oag

By: dp297 Location: Athens, Greece

Looking for a ZWO oag in good condition at around $100. Shipping to Greece. Payment will be via paypal. Thank you D...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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