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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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04 Jul 2017

Views: 158


Wanted Panoptic 19 mm

in Eyepieces by coconut

Looking for one of these in excellent condition.

01 Jan 2019

Views: 98


Wanted Baader Mark IV zoom eyepiece

in Eyepieces by range88

Baader Mark IV zoom eyepiece.

14 May 2019

Views: 63


Wanted Takahashi 6mm Abbe Ortho Eyepiece

in Eyepieces by Steve Allison

Please let me know if you have one of these little 6mm gems for sale. Will PayPal funds immediately for a nice exampl...

18 Aug 2019

Views: 44


Wanted APM 20mm 100 degree

in Eyepieces by Jond105

If I can save a few bucks I’ll take one used. Willing to pay 250

29 Oct 2017

Views: 110


Wanted U.O. 18 or 25mm ortho volcano top with green lettering

in Eyepieces by tony_spina

Looking for an excellent or better version of either of these eyepieces

22 Dec 2017

Views: 255


Wanted Edmund RKE 21.5mm

in Eyepieces by SpyderwerX

Looking for a nice used Edmund RKE 21.5mm EP. Make me a great Christmas deal. Thanks, Frankie

13 Apr 2019

Views: 62


Wanted Nikon Fieldscope Eyepiece 1.25" Adapter

in Eyepieces by rockymtnstars

I'm looking for a 1.25" adapter for Nikon Fieldscope eyepieces. Borg sold these for awhile as adapter 7162, as seen...

04 Apr 2018

Views: 151


Wanted Celestron 26mm silvertop plossl

in Eyepieces by Cydonia76

After a 26mm silver top EP in mint condition.

16 Jun 2018

Views: 128


Wanted Vixen Lanthanum Eyepieces wanted

in Eyepieces by Unclehlh

Looking for 2 inch lanthanum eyepieceso and some 1.25 inch as well only LV.

18 Dec 2018

Views: 72


Wanted Looking for a TeleVue Nagler 31mm type 5 - WANTED

in Eyepieces by dblo7

Looking for a TeleVue Nagler 31mm type 5 eyepiece. Must be in like new condition.

12 May 2019

Views: 79


Wanted Baader 12.5mm Morpheus

in Eyepieces by Yannis0159

Looking for a Morpheus 12.5mm eyepiece, complete with all original accessories and box, in like new condition. To be...

14 May 2019

Views: 48


Wanted Brandon 6mm Eyepiece

in Eyepieces by Steve Allison

Please let me know if you have a 6mm Brandon eyepiece you are willing to part with. Funds sent instantly by PayPal fo...

29 Jun 2019

Views: 48


Wanted Televue 12 mm Radian

in Eyepieces by Ssbh

Looking for a 12 mm Radian in good condition

04 Apr 2018

Views: 167


Wanted Wanted - .965" Vixen Orthos, 4mm and 12.5mm

in Eyepieces by BillShakes

Seeking .965" 4mm and 12.5mm Circle V Ortho eyepieces of the same style as the ones pictured. Help me round out my cl...

18 Dec 2018

Updated: 19 Dec 2018

Views: 163


Wanted TeleVue 21 mm Ethos

in Eyepieces by laedco58

TeleVue 21 mm Ethos

25 Apr 2017

Views: 241


Wanted wanted meade 4.7mm

in Eyepieces by vvv

Hi, I am looking for meade uwa 4.7mm or 5.5mm uwa. I am open to offers. Thanks and best regards!

30 Jul 2019

Views: 40


Wanted TeleVue 8mm-24mm Click-Stop Zoom

in Eyepieces by carlm01

Looking for a TeleVue 8mm-24mm Click-Stop Zoom in ex cond ..let me know what you have and what your asking ..thanks

10 Jan 2018

Views: 175


Wanted Vintage Celestron C90 Accessories (.965 Eyepieces and Barlow)

in Eyepieces by ftwskies

I've got a vintage Celestron C90 Astro but I don't have the original .965 30mm and 18mm Kellner eyepieces that came w...

18 Dec 2018

Views: 108


Wanted Apogee 30 mm widescan type II

in Eyepieces by Valentin G

please i'm interested for purchase

18 Aug 2019

Updated: 18 Aug 2019

Views: 50


Wanted AT 12mm Paradigm

in Eyepieces by M_Guaveia

looking for a 12mm Astrotech paradigm with paypal payment no fees and free shipping Thanks Michel

29 Dec 2018

Views: 99


Wanted Brandon/Vernonscope 20MM Wide Field

in Eyepieces by kur3tking

This black 1.25" eyepiece was marketed by Vernonscope but was not a Brandon. A wide field eyepiece. Offering $150.0...

02 Apr 2019

Views: 62


Wanted looking for a 2.5mm Nagler

in Eyepieces by paul

Helo, I am looking for a 2.5mm Nagler Thank you Paul

31 May 2019

Views: 48


Wanted Wanted: Pentax 5mm XO

in Eyepieces by flygary

Excellent condition. Thank you Gary

01 Aug 2019

Updated: 04 Aug 2019

Views: 78


Wanted TeleVue "smoothie" plossl

in Eyepieces by Toddeo

Looking for a TeleVue 20mm , 21mm, 32mm plossl + 40mm -preferably a "smoothie". Don't need a collector grade eyepiece...

13 Oct 2017

Views: 129


Wanted 28mm Meade RG Orthoscopic or comparable

in Eyepieces by Don W

One of my all time favorite eyepieces. Sold off everything a few years ago and am getting back into the hobby. I thou...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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