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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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25 Jun 2020

Views: 50


Wanted Chroma 1.25" filters

By: imtl Location: NZ

Looking for Chroma 1.25" filters. LRGB Ha, OIII, SII. Full set or partial. In case you are upgrading to bigger size o...

25 Mar 2017

Views: 215


Wanted 2" Hutech Idas LPS - P2 or Trade for D1

By: DonBoy Location: 18974

Looking for the 2" Idas LPS P2 or will trade for my 2" Idas LPS D1.

06 Apr 2019

Views: 73


Wanted Wanted: Baader Semi-Apo 2" filter

By: HowardSD Location: California

Looking for a lightly used/good condition Baader semi-apo 2" filter. Let me know if you have one you wish to pass on,...

12 Apr 2020

Views: 56


Wanted Wanted: Optolong L-enhance 2 inch filter

By: RickDawg Location: Virginia

I'm looking for one of these. I need it to be in excellent shape. Let me know if you have one that needs a new home...

09 Jul 2018

Views: 134


Wanted APM 2 inch Solar Herschel Wedge

By: Hillbill Location: 43040

Looking for an APM 2 inch Solar Herschelwedge. Can you help? Thanks, Bill

17 Jun 2020

Views: 41


Wanted Wanted: Canon OWB Clip In Filter APS-C

By: Rydeen 98 Location: Anywhere

Anyone have an APS-C OWB Clip In Filter that they don't use? Either the Astronomik or Optolong version would be fine....

14 Oct 2017

Views: 229


Wanted 1.25" Ha filter or/and SiII filter or/and OIII

By: edsplace Location: Michigan

Looking for narrowband imaging filters for city imaging.

17 Oct 2019

Views: 65


Wanted 2” (48mm) Narrowband Filter Set

By: Dessman Location: Buffalo, NY

Hello, Trying to put together a decent set of 2” NB filters for deep sky imaging. Not looking for multi band or lig...

21 Apr 2020

Views: 66


Wanted ZWO Filter Drawer for RASA 8

By: AstroNick Location: Georgia

WTB a ZWO Filter Drawer for RASA 8”.

09 Jan 2020

Views: 76


Wanted Optlong L enhance - 2” filter

By: wuertch Location: US

Looking for lightly used Optlong L enhance - 2” filter

15 May 2019

Views: 96


Wanted ZWO ASI174 mini

By: bigv Location: TX

I am looking for ASI174 mini to use as guiding camera. If you have one in excellent condition for sale, please messag...

23 Jan 2019

Views: 89


Wanted Astrodon 31mm 3nm Oiii Filter

By: aashish Location: San Jose

If you have one to sell please reach out to me. Thanks!

28 Feb 2019

Views: 106


Wanted Baader LRGB HOS 36mm

By: bigeastro Location: USA

I am looking for some Baader LRGB HOS filters in the 36mm size. If you have some relatively recently manufactured fi...

12 May 2018

Views: 188


Wanted Seeking 2-inch 82A filter

By: fishuntime53 Location: St Louis, MO

Seeking an 82A filter for my 2-inch eyepieces. If you have one to sell, please advise. Thank you!

17 Apr 2020

Views: 52


Wanted Optolong L-Enhance 2" (Ship to Canada)

By: SapperUp Location: Stony Plain, Alberta

No luck trying to find one used up here in Canada. Looking to find a slightly cheaper alternative to a new filter! I...

23 Jan 2019

Views: 120


Wanted Astrodon 31mm 5nm Sii Filter

By: aashish Location: San Jose

Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!

09 Aug 2019

Views: 88


Wanted Optolong L-Enhance Filter 2"

By: AstronoDon Location: Enfield, CT

Looking for a 2" l enhance filter.

28 Jul 2018

Views: 112


Wanted WANTED-Astronomik -H-Alpha filter 6nm 1.25"

By: fender2547886 Location: USA

Hi I am looking for an Astronomik -H-Alpha filter 6nm 1.25" in pristine condition, glass, coatings, and threads. Plea...

30 Jul 2017

Views: 179


Wanted [Want] Optolong UHC filter 2"

By: kyang Location: 94555

Looking for one in good condition. UHC-E is also good.

04 Nov 2019

Views: 78


Wanted optec 2" filter carousel

By: dalbaugh Location: indiana

wanted optec 2" filter carousel

02 Dec 2019

Views: 67


Wanted Astronomik 6nm OIII MFR narrowband filter - 31mm mounted

By: georgian82 Location: California

Hi, I am looking for an Astronomik 6nm OIII 31mm mounted filter. Here is a link to the item in question:https://optco...

22 Jun 2020

Views: 52



By: Marcus Roman Location: ITALY

Hello, I'm looking for an original 2003 Sirius Optics Mars filter, with original box.I will pay up to US$100 + Paypal...

20 Oct 2019

Views: 83


Wanted Optolong L-eNhance filter (2-inch)

By: Martin A Cohen Location: USA & Canada

If you have one that sees little or no usage, I will gladly buy it from you! Thanks, Martin

10 Jul 2017

Views: 290


Wanted Wanted: AFW50-7S

By: jdeast Location: Arizona

I need an Apogee 7 position 50 mm square filter wheel (AFW50-7S) in good working order. No need for any accessories o...

07 Aug 2019

Views: 85


Wanted Astronomik CLS Clip in Filter for Canon EOS

By: nileshsbillade Location: USA

Looking for an Astronomik CLS Clip in filter for Canon EOS

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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