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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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27 Dec 2017

Views: 300


Wanted WTB Telrad 4" riser

By: rowdy388 Location: Upstate NY

want to buy: 4" Telrad riser

17 Nov 2017

Views: 237


Wanted Meade (Towa) Finder and Bracket

By: Mr Magoo Location: USA

I am looking for a finder and bracket for a Meade Model 300, a.k.a. Towa 339. Thanks. Ken

16 Oct 2017

Views: 351


Wanted Vintage Japan 6x30 finder from the 60's and 70's

By: tony_spina Location: Southern California

Actually just need the lens from these long finderscopes (about 9.5" long) that came with the Sears Discoverer series...

16 Oct 2017

Views: 211


Wanted 1990's Orion Big Eye 50mm or 80mm Finderscope...

By: dragonstar4565 Location: San Jose, CA

Hello, I am in no hurry to find one of these, but I am looking for one of these finders in good to excellent conditio...

13 Sep 2017

Views: 359


Wanted Cheap guide scope wanted

By: MR2TOYOU Location: South Dakota

I'm looking to complete my budget guiding kit, most of the pieces have been generously donated to me but the last pie...

31 Aug 2017

Updated: 01 Sep 2017

Views: 271


Wanted Polar Scope for Orion Astroview

By: kg7nn Location: Montana

Looking for a polar scope for an Orion Astroview mount. Would like the one with the set screws, not the thumb screws....

03 Aug 2017

Views: 384


Wanted Looking for a RACI Finder

By: quietglow Location: Chicago

It seems like every time I buy something, I then immediately see that same thing for 1/2 price in the classifieds, so...

24 Jul 2017

Views: 352


Wanted WTB - Finder scope - Brandon 94 Refractor

By: JMKarian Location: Franklin PA

Looking to buy the blue finder scope for a Brandon 94 mm refracting telescope. Also looking for the hinged OTA mounti...

23 Jul 2017

Views: 322


Wanted wanted--ADM Max guider mount

By: brian1052 Location: USA

Am looking for a max guider guidescope pointer. Need the female version but I believe the rail maight come off so I h...

16 Jul 2017

Views: 369


Wanted dual finderscope bracket

By: bandazar Location: greensboro NC

Similar to one sold by orion 10145 or astromania. Technically all I need is the base and stalk, but I'll buy the who...

10 Jul 2017

Views: 323


Wanted Wanted - Brandon Finder

By: JMKarian Location: Pa

Looking to buy the blue finderscope which was sold for the Brandon 94 mm Refracting telescope- also any promotional l...

08 Jul 2017

Updated: 08 Jul 2017

Views: 477


Wanted 6x30 Finder Scope - WANTED

By: shooze Location: Ontario, Canada

The 6x30 mm finder scope that came with my ATCO 60 x 900 has serious issues. The objective lens is delaminating and n...

08 Jul 2017

Views: 411


Wanted Celestron 80mm Guidescope with Rings

By: andrewbares Location: Cape May NJ

WANTED: Celestron 80mm Guidescope Package with 125mm Rings and Extension Tube preferably. Local pick up is preferre...

05 Jul 2017

Views: 345


Wanted Takahashi 6 x 30 or 7 x 50 Finder with Bracket

By: mikona Location: Southern California

Hello Friends, Looking for a used, but in great shape Takahashi 6 x 30 or 7 x 50 finder with bracket for my TAK FC10...

26 Jun 2017

Views: 352


Wanted Telrad and 4" riser base

By: vlahmapoutras Location: Enschede,Netherlands

Hi I am looking for a telrad finder and 4" riser base.Contact me if you have one for sale. Regards

23 Jun 2017

Views: 348


Wanted Celestron StarSense

By: rst_greene Location: PA

Looking for a fully functional Celestron StarSense. Please send me what you have and a price. Thanks

19 Jun 2017

Views: 388


Wanted Quick release finder bracket for Takahashi 4"

By: ratnamaravind Location: San Diego

I'm looking for either the FarPoint or ADM quick release finder bracket in good condition. My OTA is the Takahashi FC...

19 Jun 2017

Views: 337


Wanted Wanted: Orion ST-80

By: iuseglasses Location: San Jose, CA

Looking for an ST80. Don't need any rings or dovetail, but if you have those too, great!

08 Jun 2017

Views: 377


Wanted Vintage Towa 30 mm Finder bracket

By: arachman Location: L.A. Calif.

Need a Vintage Towa (Tasco, Sears, whatever) 30 mm finder bracket w/ black crinkle finish. Will buy finder scope (wh...

07 Jun 2017

Updated: 05 May 2018

Views: 424


Wanted *Wanted* Vintage Orange or Black Celestron 6x30 or 5x24 Right Angle Finder

By: ETXer Location: MD

*Wanted* Vintage Celestron Orange or Black 6x30 or 5x24 Right Angle Finder Scope/bracket for C5/8/90 SCT; name your p...

31 May 2017

Views: 301


Wanted Pentax J60 Finderscope

By: arachman Location: L.A Calif.

Need original finder scope for Pentax J60. Scope only have stalk.

31 May 2017

Views: 302


Wanted Wanted: Dovetail Accessory Adapter (2)

By: iuseglasses Location: San Jose

Looking for two Vixen or Losmandy/Vixen Dovetail Accessory Adapter. Let me know what you’ve got!

24 May 2017

Updated: 27 Oct 2017

Views: 478


Wanted Wanted: PolarMate by Astro Engineering

By: chrismpls Location: earth

Still looking for an Astro Engeneering PolarMate (was model AC602) Any help appreciated!! Chris

23 May 2017

Views: 376


Wanted Wanted: PolarMate by Astro Engeneering

By: chrismpls Location: earth

Looking for an Astro Engeneering PolarMate (was model AC602) Any help appreciated!! Chris

21 May 2017

Views: 320


Wanted Vixen 6x30 finder stalk

By: SpaceNetworks Location: California

Looking for a Vixen 6x30 finder stalk, hammer green, to fit Synta shoe.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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