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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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01 May 2019

Views: 103


Wanted Celestron 6x30 Finderscope Bracket

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by slsnider423

Hi folks. I'm looking for a 6x30 finderscope bracket for my Celestron orange tube finderscope. The original bracket...

13 Apr 2018

Updated: 25 Apr 2018

Views: 277


Wanted FOUND - Orion StarShoot Auto Guider Camera (with or without Guidescope)

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by JayS_CT

Looking for an Orion StarShoot Auto Guider in very good to excellent condition. No dead or hot pixels. Also intereste...

19 Jul 2018

Views: 137


Wanted Any 6x30mm Finderor Rigel Finder

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Steve_M_M

I am headed out on vacation and cannot find my 6x30mm finder. It would be great to find a Takahashi at a good price,...

21 Apr 2019

Views: 74


Wanted White 8x50 guidescope (no guide rings needed)

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by TheQMSKid

Looking for a white 8x50 guidescope to mount on my WO Z73 Apo refractor. I have the guidescope rings. Must be in VG...

26 Jan 2018

Views: 176


Wanted Wanted Explore Scientific finderscope Rings

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Rogbo

Hi, Looking for a set of Explore Scientific 50mm finder scope rings/bracket for an ED102 Essentials APO. It's my new...

13 Sep 2018

Updated: 14 Sep 2018

Views: 152


Wanted Orion 9x50 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder Scope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by AstroBri84

Looking to reasonably priced 9x50 Orion RACI Finder for my first scope - I'd love to make star hopping a bit easier....

10 Jul 2019

Views: 77


Wanted 80mm Guide Scope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by satellitespotter

Hi everyone, I am looking for an 80mm guide scope. If you have any mounting hardware for a C8 I would love to buy tha...

04 Aug 2019

Views: 239


For Sale Finder Scopes Celestron & Meade

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by mateodiego

Celestron 6x30 Black Straight Through Cross Hair Finder Scope (includes front and rear caps) - Very Good Condition -...

03 Mar 2018

Updated: 03 Mar 2018

Views: 312


For Sale Telrad w/ Base, 4" Riser, Scopestuff Base with Dovetail Foot

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by CQDDEMGY

For sale is a Telrad with base, 4" Riser, and a Scopestuff Base with Dovetail Foot. All items are used and in excell...

28 Mar 2017

Views: 206


Wanted Orion EZ Finder Deluxe

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by martinju

Looking for an Orion EZ Finder Deluxe Red and Green Reflex Finder

20 Feb 2019

Views: 81


Wanted 9x50 straight through

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Jond105

Hello, I'm looking for an Orion 9x50 straight through for my ED100. I've been using the 6x30 that came with my 120mm...

23 Jan 2018

Views: 160


Wanted Unitron or Polarex 40mm Finder Scope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by hecbom

Looking for a 40mm Unitron or Polarex Finder Scope with brackets.

08 Jan 2019

Views: 108


Wanted Polar Axis Scope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Lee.Wolfson

I am looking for a polar axis scope for a Celestron CGEM

06 Jan 2020

Views: 37


Wanted Stellarvue 9x50 RACI

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Cometeer

Looking for a Stellarvue 9x50 RACI finder in white.

21 Jun 2019

Views: 71


Wanted 6x30 RACI or RA Finder

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by PJBilotta

Thanks for letting me know if you have a 6x30 right angle finder you are willing to part with - bracket or no bracket...

23 Jul 2017

Views: 196


Wanted wanted--ADM Max guider mount

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by brian1052

Am looking for a max guider guidescope pointer. Need the female version but I believe the rail maight come off so I h...

24 Jul 2019

Views: 86


Wanted Meade RACI

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by jklapheke01

I’m looking for a Meade RACI to replace my straight through on my lx200 gps Rusty

31 Jan 2019

Views: 108


Wanted Wanted Celesctron 8X50 RA Polaris RA F=finder scope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by southernphoto

Hello, I am looking for a Celestron 8X50 Polaris RA finder scope or similar to mount on my Celestron SCT. I can pay...

14 Jan 2018

Views: 237


Wanted Vixen / Celestron Type 6 x 30 Finder Bracket

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Uncle Milt

Hello -- I am looking for a vintage Vixen / Celestron type 6 x 30 mm finder bracket as shown in the photo. I don't...

08 Apr 2019

Views: 133


Wanted Celestron/Vixen 6x30RA Finder

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Smallfrye

I'm looking for this vintage Vixen finder, If you have one you woulld part with, pls send a picture, description of...

16 Nov 2019

Views: 55


Wanted Meade finderscope bracket

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by DSOGabe

Anyone have a Meade finderscope bracket available in decent condition? Seeking one for my "new" used LX SCT. Don't ne...

19 Nov 2019

Views: 47

Offer Pending

Wanted 50mm Mini Guide Scope with helical focuser- wanted

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by The Ardent

Looking for the 50mm guide scope with helical focuser and t-thread. Let me know what you have. Synta type bracket/foo...

18 Dec 2018

Views: 109


Wanted Classic Celestron finder scope bracket 50mm

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Adam Albino

Looking for a vintage orange tube era c-8 finder bracket for a 50mm finder.

11 Sep 2019

Updated: 12 Sep 2019

Views: 102


Wanted seeking 60mm or 80mm guidescope (or celestron short 70mm)

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by markm75c

Seeking a good 60mm guidescope to use for guiding (hyperstar v3 on edge11). or an st80 orion with rings and vixen bar...

05 Aug 2018

Views: 124


Wanted Wanted - 6x30 finder bracket with 2 sets of screws

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by petert913

I'm looking for a 6x30 finder scope bracket with a set of front and rear alignmentscrews. Trying to make a mini guid...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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