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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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28 Dec 2018

Views: 79


Wanted WANTED: Orion Mini Deluxe Pro AutoGuider Package

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by ericspicts

Looking for Orion Mini Deluxe Pro AutoGuider Package -- Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope with Helical Focuser plus StarSh...

15 Jan 2020

Views: 31


Wanted ZWO Mini Guide Scope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by astrocecco

Hi all, I'm looking for a ZWO mini guide scope. I can pay for it or trade it with a ZWO 60mm (280mm focal length) gui...

17 May 2017

Views: 358


Wanted ZWO ASI120S Super Speed Monochrome CMOS Camera

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Tony Peperone

I'm looking for a ZWO ASI120S Super Speed Monochrome CMOS Camera Thanks, Tony

21 May 2017

Views: 187


Wanted Vixen 6x30 finder stalk

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by SpaceNetworks

Looking for a Vixen 6x30 finder stalk, hammer green, to fit Synta shoe.

03 Dec 2017

Views: 224


Wanted RACI Finder scope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by neaptide

Looking for a 8x50 or 9x50 R.A.C.I. finder scope. Let me know what you have. Thanks John

27 Apr 2018

Updated: 27 Apr 2018

Views: 178


Wanted Need 6x30 Finderscope Bracket and/or Screws

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Rob Clark

I have a 6x30 Celestron finderscope -- only 1 nylon screw to adjust for x:y.I need both another nylon screw and the s...

15 Mar 2019

Views: 82



in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by hishubho

Hello Friends, Looking for Orion THIN OFF-AXIS GUIDER or similar kind of THIN OFF-AXIS GUIDER. Thanks Shubhendu

07 Mar 2017

Views: 232


Wanted Wanted - Celestron StarSense and Wifi modules

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by tommax

Looking for good condition Celestron StarSense and Wifi modules. Shoot me what you have and a price. Thanks, Tom

14 Jul 2019

Views: 96


Wanted MEADE Finderscope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by jklapheke01

Looking for MEADE finderscope with 45 degree angle view finder.

23 Mar 2019

Views: 75


Wanted Wanted: Lafayette 25x40 finder scope objective

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by sarastro

Hi, I am looking for a replacement objective for a Lafayette F-628 finder scope. This is a 25 x 40mm f12 finder sco...

05 Jun 2017

Views: 210


Wanted QHY QHY5L-II Monochrome

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by mahagen1

I am looking for the QHY5L-II autoguider with the cables, parfocal ring, spacers, and 1.25" extender.

08 Jan 2020

Updated: 08 Jan 2020

Views: 48


Wanted ZWO Mini Guide Scope Dovetail Foot

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Rextiles

I'm looking to buy an additional ZWO Mini Guide Scope Dovetail Foot for a project that I'm working on. I've emailed Z...

28 Feb 2018

Views: 152


Wanted Celestron Tangent Assembly

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Adam Albino

Looking for the small sized tangent assembly that fits the C8 tube. Must be complete including curved base plate.

10 Nov 2019

Views: 63


Wanted Orion 6x30 Right Angle Finder

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Hugh Peck

Wanted: Orion 6x30 Right Angle Finder Box not necessary but caps are.

10 Apr 2019

Views: 140


Wanted Celestron 9X50 right angle illuminated finder scope WANTED

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by frivera3

Hi as the title says I am looking for a Celestron 9X50mm right angle finder scope & illuminated red crosshairs pa...

05 Jan 2020

Views: 30


Wanted Celestron Tangent Coupler

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by slsnider423

Hi folks. I'm looking for a 1970's - 1980's Celestron Tangent Coupler. This device mounts on a C14 and allows one t...

25 Jul 2017

Updated: 31 Jul 2017

Views: 632


For Sale Finderscope Sale : Celestron Explore Scientific Stellarvue

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by nandita.archer

I found more success with the OAG route so these guys have to go. They all are in good condition with few dust specs....

28 Dec 2019

Views: 52


Wanted ZWO OAG

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Carl Wright

looking for a ZWO OAG with all stock adapters

14 May 2018

Views: 190


Wanted University Optics finderscope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by astropho

Looking for a University Optics finderscope. Thanks for looking and Clear Skies! astropho

12 Oct 2019

Views: 46


Wanted Rigel Quikfinder

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by power2be

Hello, I'm looking for a Rigel Quikfinder/red dot if you have one in very good condition with base. Please let me kn...

17 Feb 2018

Views: 159


Wanted High Quality Polar Axis Finder Scope

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Lee.Wolfson

I am looking for a polar axis scope for my CGEM that has worked well previously for someone. I will be starting to do...

13 Jan 2018

Views: 197


Wanted Losmandy polar illuminator

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by walt99

Need one for Losmandy polar scope. Thanks, Walt

08 Oct 2017

Updated: 09 Oct 2017

Views: 208



in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by shammel00

Wanted--STELLARVUE F50M2 - 9 X 50 Rt Angle DELUXE FINDER WITH RETICLE EYEPIECE - with mount rings and Illumination

05 Feb 2019

Views: 100


Wanted Small guidescope with mount

in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by lescher2

Hi, I’m in need of a small light weight guidescope with mount ( 30mm or 50mm). Let me know price and condition plea...

03 Aug 2017

Views: 221



in Finderscopes/Guidescopes by Starkid2u

Hey, all. I'm looking for a 6 X 30 finderscope and the holder it goes into. Prefer the color black but not that fu...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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