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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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Yesterday, 05:28 PM

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For Sale Meade DS 2" Focuser with 1 1/4" Adapter

By: scopehed Location: Meadview, AZ

Meade DS 2" Focuser with slide in 1 1/4" Adapter fits DS newtonians and some of the 4000 series tubes like 4500, 4504...

Yesterday, 03:38 PM

Views: 173


For Sale Moonlite Blue focuser with stepper motor & Mini v2 controller

By: AnhTuan Location: NY

I have 1 blue Moonlite CSL 2.5" motorized focuser with stepper motor and Mini V2 controller. It has 1.5" draw tube le...

Yesterday, 02:19 PM

Updated: Today, 08:04 AM

Views: 81


For Sale ZWO EAF bracket for Celestron SCT scopes Reduced

By: telfish Location: NY

I printed this for my Meade scope but it does not fit. So I am offering it here in case someone can use it. It allow...

Yesterday, 12:21 PM

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Offer Pending

For Sale Refractor focuser with stepper control

By: EAF Location: Texas

A CFL Moonlite focuser in perfect condition, it currently has a flange to mount to a TOA 150, but this can be changed...

18 Feb 2020

Views: 44


Wanted 2" focuser for st80

By: JasonT Location: kyle, tx.

Looking for a 2 inch focuser for an st80 upgrade. Would prefer a 2 speed but a single will work.

18 Feb 2020

Views: 186


For Sale Skywatcher Focuser from 120 ED

By: carlsonmjc Location: Central Tx

For sale, a lightly used Skywatcher two speed focuser. This is the stock unit that comes on the 120 ED and fits ma...

18 Feb 2020

Views: 33


For Sale Moonlite Closed Curve Adapter 19" for reflector focusers

By: Volvonium Location: Long Beach

For sale is a Moonlite 19" curve adapter for directly mounting Moonlite CR series reflector crayford focusers to OTAs...

18 Feb 2020

Views: 70


For Sale Meade #1240 Electric Focuser for DS Telescopes

By: scopehed Location: Meadview, AZ

Extremely hard to find! Original Meade #1240 Electric Focuser for DS Telescopes Complete with all parts Motor, hand p...

17 Feb 2020

Updated: 17 Feb 2020

Views: 121


For Sale Rigel Systems Auto-focuser

By: Stephen Rahn Location: Georgia

I bought this system brand new from Rigel in 2017 but I sold the scopes that I was going to use with it shortly there...

17 Feb 2020

Views: 152


For Sale Moonlite CR2 Dual Speed Crayford Focuser - 8" Newtonian

By: John Verderame Location: Green Valley, Arizona

Beautiful condition Moonlite dual-speed focuser with 1" and 1/2" spacers plus a radius adapter for an 8" Newtonian /...

17 Feb 2020

Views: 25


Wanted WTB - JMI Motofocus for 2.7" Astrophysics focuser with Feather touch

By: cmfrommen Location: Kjeller, Norway

Looking for a JMI Motofocus that will fit a 2.7" AstroPhysics Focuser with Feather Touch Micro Upgrade (should be com...

17 Feb 2020

Views: 316


For Sale MoonLite CR2 Focuser

By: DigitalFox Location: California

For sale is a MoonLite CR2 newtonian focuser. This model features a tri-knob dual speed focuser. The body of the focu...

16 Feb 2020

Views: 124


For Sale JMI MFC8 Celestron C8 Focuser

By: Mike Rousseau Location: 49746

I'm selling a JMI MFC8 focuser motor for the Celestron C8 edge and others. Like new. No longer have scope. Asking $8...

16 Feb 2020

Views: 123


For Sale OPT 2" SCT dual speed Crayford focuser

By: groupoid Location: East Lansing MI

Used once, close to like new condition. Includes a 1.25" adapter. Plastic 1.25" cover is not on the photo but is als...

16 Feb 2020

Views: 64


For Sale Celestron focus motor for SCT and EdgeHD, 94155-A

By: groupoid Location: East Lansing MI

It's brand new in box. I bought it on CN some time ago but, after some thoughts, decided not to install it and stick...

16 Feb 2020

Views: 187


For Sale Skywatcher Auto-Focus System for all telescopes - FREE SHIPPING

By: Frankastro64 Location: PA

Hi CNer'sI did not use this auto motorfocus : i only open the box to check the items !all original items are included...

15 Feb 2020

Views: 37


Wanted Looking for GSO (or similar) linear reflector focuser

By: Itz marcus Location: NY

Hi, Looking for gso (or similar) linear focuser for my 12 inch reflector. Clear Skies Itz

15 Feb 2020

Views: 44


Wanted Sct dual speed crayford focuser

By: Toddeo Location: AZ

Wanted: Looking for a used "Smart Astronomy", "Zhumell" or "Skywatcher" dual speed crayford style Sct focuser. These...

14 Feb 2020

Views: 60


For Sale 1.25" Focus Tube Adapter

By: MASILMW Location: US

1.25" Focus Tube Adapter The bottom end threads onto a 54mm thread like the 2" focusers from ES. $13.00 shipped in CO...

14 Feb 2020

Views: 34


For Sale Starlight Feathertouch 3" Adapter for Meade 16" SCT

By: buckeyestargazer Location: IN

I have for sale a Starlight Instruments scope adapter A30-1903-10. This couples a Feathertouch 3" focuser to a Meade...

13 Feb 2020

Views: 51


Wanted Mini-V2 controller

By: ew22 Location: In

Looking for controller for my moonlight focuser.

12 Feb 2020

Updated: Yesterday, 09:49 PM

Views: 139


For Sale Moonlite CR Newtonian 2" Format Focuser + 8" Installation Kit- Reduced

By: sk123 Location: Santa Ana, CA

I bought this focuser to use it with my 8" Newtonian but when I have decided to sell i, I had to reinstall the factor...

10 Feb 2020

Updated: 13 Feb 2020

Views: 208


For Sale GSO 2 speed 2 inch focuser for SCT

By: PABresler Location: Los Osos, Ca

Here is a two speed 2 inch GSO focuser for an SCT scope. It works well; I used it with a JMI Motorfocus. I am includi...

10 Feb 2020

Views: 155


For Sale JMI Crayford NGF Electric focuser - SCT - Refractor

By: carolinaskies Location: Greenville SC

Selling my JMI NGF electric crayford focuser w/ control I no longer need this JMI NGF due to an upgrade and am offer...

10 Feb 2020

Views: 183


For Sale All Metal 2" Focuser with 1 1/4" Adapter

By: scopehed Location: Meadview, Az

All Metal 2" Focuser with 1 1/4" Adapter All Metal 2" Rack & Pinion Focuser fits 8" & 10" tubes includes 1 1...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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