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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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05 Feb 2018

Views: 234


For Sale Spacers for Moonlite Focuser Installation

in Focusers by ruachsheavens

these spacers are used but still good: 2 - 1" spacers, 10.00 each plus 3.50 shipping in the USA 1- 1/2" spacer 7.50 p...

05 Feb 2018

Views: 196


Wanted 2" Moonlite focuser CS SCT dual rate

in Focusers by arunasmazeika

Hi, I'm looking for a dual rate 2" Moonlite focuser for my C8. I need the 2" SCT Thread Tall FR style flange with th...

04 Feb 2018

Views: 424


For Sale Astro Physics Traveler 2.7" Focuser

in Focusers by Chuck Hards

A very nice, new-condition AP Traveler focuser, with factory thread-on 2" adapter. Tight, smooth. I decided to go...

01 Feb 2018

Views: 153


Wanted [WANTED] Focuser Boss FB-II-KIT 1

in Focusers by aashish

Looking for one in very good condition. Please include price with shipping to 95136.

31 Jan 2018

Updated: 02 Feb 2018

Views: 353


For Sale Orion Synta R&P 1.25" Focuser F/86mm ID Tube

in Focusers by Tom Duncan

New old stock Orion/Synta all metal (except for the one baffle and the focus knobs) 1.25" rack and pinion refractor t...

30 Jan 2018

Updated: 18 Feb 2018

Views: 489


For Sale KISS Focusers

in Focusers by Gary J

Two types of KISS Focusers For Sale Contact; Gary Jarrette garyjarrette@gmail.com US Precision 18328 E. Sunnybrook L...

30 Jan 2018

Updated: 10 Feb 2018

Views: 762


For Sale Feather Touch Focuser *REDUCED*

in Focusers by rwood672

A 2" Starlight Feather Touch Focuser FTF2008BCR with adapter that fits a Celestron 8se scope... 0.8" draw tube travel...

29 Jan 2018

Views: 210


For Sale Focus Tube Holder

in Focusers by MASILMW

Focus Tube Holder Fits a Carton Refractor Focuser to hold a screen to observe the Sun. The opening is app. 1.5" and t...

28 Jan 2018

Views: 158


Wanted Borg helical fouser #7757

in Focusers by Starhustler

need this for a project -- Thanks

28 Jan 2018

Views: 136


Wanted Wanted - televue focusmaster computer interface FMU-2319

in Focusers by Carl N

Looking for this discontinued item. Also the RS232 cable of you have it. Email me your price!

27 Jan 2018

Views: 292


For Sale Orion 2" Low-Profile Dual-Speed Hybrid Reflector Focuser

in Focusers by Tim C

Hello, I have an excellent condition Orion low profile dual speed hybrid reflector focuser for sale. $139 shipped (...

26 Jan 2018

Views: 416


For Sale 2-speed Crayford for reflector (Orion/Synta)

in Focusers by Tim C

Hello, I have a good condition 2 inch 2-speed crayford reflector focuser for sale. This particular focuser is the st...

26 Jan 2018

Views: 360


For Sale Optec TCF-S Temperature Compensating 2'' focuser

in Focusers by Xing

#17670 - TCF-S Focuser with USB/Serial control. Temperature compensation. Either control via controller or via PC for...

25 Jan 2018

Updated: 02 Feb 2018

Views: 404


For Sale Moonlite CSL SCT Focuser w/Stepper motor + controller for C11

in Focusers by AnhTuan

This autofocusing setup was used on my 11" Celestron Edge HD until I sold it. Works like a champ everytime. The entir...

25 Jan 2018

Updated: 26 Jan 2018

Views: 167


Wanted 2 speed SCT focuser

in Focusers by divers

Looking for an inexpensive 2 speed focuser for my new SCT. Want it for 2" eyepieces. Please send offers to include sh...

24 Jan 2018

Views: 800



in Focusers by scopehed

Explore Scientific FOCEDCRBN-01 2" APO EDT SERIES CRAYFORD STYLE 2 SPEED FOCUSERThe high-quality focuser offers 10:1...

24 Jan 2018

Views: 557



in Focusers by dtran1968

I upgrade my ES80ED focuser and the stock focuser is now available. There's some mark from the the set screw that hol...

23 Jan 2018

Views: 331


For Sale MoonLite Focuser Flanges

in Focusers by RenaudVL

Hello, I have 2 MoonLite focuser flanges. Read carefully so there is no misunderstanding. One, the smaller one is f...

23 Jan 2018

Updated: 03 Feb 2018

Views: 325


For Sale Skywatcher ED80 Stock Focuser

in Focusers by Newfie Stargazer

For sale is the stock focuser off of my Skywatcher BlackDiamond ED80 refractor; I replaced it almost from the beginni...

22 Jan 2018

Views: 127


Wanted WTB: MicroTouch Stepper Motor For Sky-Watcher

in Focusers by RrainbowSix

Looking for a MicroTouch Stepper Motor For Sky-Watcher (Model # MTAF-SMSW). Thanks.

21 Jan 2018

Views: 208


For Sale MicroTouch MSM20 Focus Motor

in Focusers by Alterf

Works with both wired and wireless. An extra I thought I would need but do not. In excellent or at least very good...

21 Jan 2018

Updated: 27 Jan 2018

Views: 475


For Sale No Brand SCT zero shift Crayford Focuser

in Focusers by spames

I bought a JMI Focuser to replace this unit. Works smooth and it is only a single speed Crayford focuser. Screws righ...

20 Jan 2018

Views: 327


For Sale Zhumell Crayford focused for sct's

in Focusers by cheesehead

I got this in a deal for a mount and don't need it. It works well when I tested it. Comes in a nice padded case. $100...

18 Jan 2018

Updated: 25 Jul 2018

Views: 633


For Sale Moonlite 2.5 inch large format CRL focuser for 8 inch newtonian

in Focusers by zaubermantel

Moonlite 2.5 inch large format CRL focuser for 8 inch Newtonian, blue. This came attached to my new telescope but I a...

17 Jan 2018

Views: 391


For Sale Starlight Instruments HSM20 Handy Stepper Motor

in Focusers by gundark

This is a stepper focuser motor that is compatible with the Starlight Instruments Focus Boss II electronic focuser. I...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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