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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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25 Dec 2017

Views: 201


Wanted WANTED: 2" Focuser for 90mm Refractor

By: Zubenelgenubi Location: Long Island, NY

Hi and Seasons Greeetings! I'm searching for a 2" focuser for my 90mm Meade Refractor. Doesn't have to be fancy. If...

22 Dec 2017

Views: 298


Wanted Moonlite Focuser With Stepper Motor for Refractor

By: natwin Location: CO

Looking for a Moonlite focuser with stepper motor and controller for an ES 127ED refractor. Could be for a different...

22 Dec 2017

Views: 298


Wanted Rigel N-Step for Explore Scientific Refractor

By: natwin Location: CO

Looking for a Rigel N-Step motor and controller compatible with an Explore Scientific R&P focuser.

28 Nov 2017

Views: 308


Wanted SkyWatcher/Synta 2" Crayford Focuser-SW100 Pro-ED Refractor

By: c2m2t Location: Canada

Looking to replace the Crayford Focuser on my SW100 Pro-ED refractor after suffering damage during a blow-over in a r...

26 Nov 2017

Views: 365


Wanted Moonlight or Feather Touch Focuser

By: Al Paslow Location: Bethel Park, PA

Looking for a Moonlight or Feather Touch focuser I can use on my Newtonian. Must be a two inch unit. Something that...

23 Nov 2017

Views: 400


Wanted GSO Refractor focuser WANTED

By: dougspeterson Location: Santa Ana, CA.

Prefer dual speed 86mm adapter version, but open minded. Standard crayford or linear bearing. PayPal, cash or trade,...

22 Nov 2017

Views: 339


Wanted Wanted 70mm focuser

By: levidog2 Location: Washington State

Hi everyone, I am building a 70mm spotter and am looking for a good quality focuser to fit my 70mm tube must be 1.25"...

13 Nov 2017

Views: 267


Wanted Wanted: Jaegers adapter...

By: Rich Nugent Location: Framingham, MA

I'm looking for a Jaegers 2.7" to 1.25" adapter. Let me know if you've got one you'd be willing to part with. I'm in...

09 Nov 2017

Updated: 10 Nov 2017

Views: 251


Wanted 2" Focuser Assembly

By: Aquarius Of The Night Location: Albemarle, North Carolina

Looking for a 2" Newtonian focuser. Any size flange should work. Just offer and I will decide.

27 Oct 2017

Views: 240


Wanted Wanted: Flat Focuser Base BA20FL

By: astrozoran Location: Canada

Hi Hi Enyone has flat base BA20FL for Feathertouch focuser for sale? Will pay top price as I cannot find them here in...

27 Oct 2017

Views: 317


Wanted JMI Mini 1.25" or other good quality small 1.25" focuser

By: TopQ Location: Wake Forest, NC

Hello All I am looking for a use JMI Mini 1.25" or equivalent good quality 1.25" focuser. Thanks, TopQ

23 Oct 2017

Views: 277


Wanted Wanted: Explore Scientific 2" R&P Focuser

By: VPilot Location: Tehachapi, CA

I am in the market for a ES 2" rack and pinion dual speed focuser. Specifically I will be putting it on a Vixen 102 f...

19 Oct 2017

Views: 266


Wanted Replacement focuser for CR6 Refractor

By: Mike Dehlendorf Location: Columbus, OH

I'm looking for a replacement focuser for the Celestron CR6. I understand that GSO, Orion, and Moonlight make replacm...

25 Sep 2017

Views: 251


Wanted Baader Planetarium 1.25" /T-2 Focusing Eyepiece Holder

By: wboeck Location: Omaha

Looking for a Baader Planetarium 1.25" /T-2 Focusing Eyepiece Holder

23 Sep 2017

Views: 294


Wanted Meade Zero Image Shift Focuser

By: ginnz Location: Gretna

Hi there, Ive been looking for a crayford type focuser for my LX-50 10"SCT for a while now, and have an add here for...

22 Sep 2017

Views: 301


Wanted Wanted: Feathertouch Focuser for Lunt LS50T

By: VPilot Location: Tehachapi, CA

I don't expect this to produce any fruit, but just in case: I'm looking for a feathertouch focuser for my Lunt LS50T...

14 Sep 2017

Views: 298


Wanted Feather Touch Focuser Boss II Electronic Focusing Control

By: pcnerd37 Location: Colorado, USA

I'm looking for a Feather Touch Digital Focus Boss 2 electronic focusing control system and the HSM20 handy motor. I...

11 Sep 2017

Views: 281


Wanted Motofocus hand controller wanted

By: rfic1 Location: ct

Looking for a motofocus hand controller unit. If you have one you are will to sell please contact me with priced ship...

23 Aug 2017

Views: 280


Wanted Wanted: Low profile crayford focuser

By: atrumincendia Location: Utah

Looking for a low profile crayford focuser to replace the pvc focuser on an old Coulter Odyssey Compact. Let me know...

20 Aug 2017

Views: 400


Wanted Need cheap 10in sob focuser

By: ahousefavor Location: Seattle wa

Money's tight but I need a cheap focuser for my old school 10in Meade starfinder eq.. the plastic one that came with...

11 Aug 2017

Views: 299


Wanted Newtonian Moonlite focuser and universal plate

By: arunasmazeika Location: France

Hi, I'm looking for Moonlite CR1 single rate focuser for a 8" Newton Telescope. I might be also interested on a dual...

27 Jul 2017

Views: 288


Wanted Refractor focuser for 50mm tube

By: spctrbytz Location: Abilene. TX

Looking for metal rack + pinion style focuser for a project I'm kludging together. 1.25" preferred but .965" is OK to...

22 Jul 2017

Views: 263


Wanted Drawtube 4.5" or longer for Moonlite 2.5" CFL focuser

By: mirceaar Location: NJ

Loking for such an item, in working condition.

12 Jul 2017

Updated: 20 Jul 2017

Views: 528


Wanted Found - Meade 1244 for parts

By: astrogene1000 Location: focusers

Found! Thank you Jonathan! ================== Over the years I have misplaced the intermediate gear inside my 1244 f...

10 Jul 2017

Views: 334


Wanted JMI PC or Shoestring Astronomy USB Focus Control

By: tortieMVH Location: USA

Looking for a JMI PC Focus Control or Shoestring Astronomy USB Focus Motor Controller. I will pay via PayPal. I have...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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