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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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02 Aug 2017

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By: rwallace612 Location: millbury,MA

TPO 35MM EXTENSION TUBE - 2" Brand new, never used. $15 free shipping to continental USA. Paypal only.

13 Sep 2017

Views: 206


Wanted JMI EV-3cM Event Horizon Motorized SCT Focuser

By: John Miele Location: N. Alabama

Hi, I'm looking for a JMI EV-3cM Event Horizon Motorized SCT Focuser (or equivalent) to use on my 8SE SCT. Please le...

02 Sep 2019

Views: 284


For Sale Machined Aluminum Focus Knobs with Focus Scale

By: starbird Location: 95409

This is a nice machined aluminum focus know with a focus scale. Brand new unused. Price is $12.00 each two for $20....

08 Jan 2018

Updated: 08 Jan 2018

Views: 364


For Sale JMI MotoFocus For Celestron NexStar 11 and CPC DX 11

By: excaliburlives Location: 02777

I bought this over a year ago and never got around to installing it. It comes with everything you see in the pictures...

30 Jan 2018

Updated: 10 Feb 2018

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For Sale Feather Touch Focuser *REDUCED*

By: rwood672 Location: Central Florida

A 2" Starlight Feather Touch Focuser FTF2008BCR with adapter that fits a Celestron 8se scope... 0.8" draw tube travel...

11 Apr 2018

Views: 264


For Sale Optec TCF-Si

By: jamescrenfro Location: Skiatook, OK

Optec TCF-Si (2") good condition. Includes power cord and a dovetail that fits 1100 Edge HD OTAs. Going back to schoo...

19 Apr 2020

Views: 323


For Sale WR-35 MoonLite NiteCrawler 3.5” Focuser/Rotator

By: Bill Richards Location: Hawaii

Never used. Mounted on a scope for testing but was never outside. Includes the following adapters: 2” compression...

03 Aug 2018

Views: 153



By: Walleye Location: 15301

With everything that came with it new... Don't need perfect... Thanks!!!

28 Nov 2018

Views: 300


For Sale 2" Explore scientific dual speed Refractor Focuser

By: scopehed Location: Meadview, AZ

Extremely high quality 2" Refractor Focuser Excellent Condition (Few Minor Scuffs) 2 speed focusing with focus lock....

11 Dec 2018

Views: 415


For Sale Meade 1 1/4" Reflector Focuser Newtonian

By: scopehed Location: Meadview, AZ

Meade 1 1/4" Reflector Focuser Newtonian came off of a 4.5" newtonian reflector. 5.25" OD tube. very smooth but most...

09 Apr 2019

Views: 230


For Sale JMI NGF-DX3 2" Crayford Focuser w/ Controller

By: mfoose Location: Lancaster, PA

For sale is a JMI NGF-DX3 2" Crayford Focuser w/ Controller. It is a low-profile crayford style focuser with a fully...

27 Apr 2019

Views: 151


For Sale Celestron Vixen C4.5 1.25" focuser complete 1990

By: FC-100N Location: Veradale, WA

This is a Celestron (Vixen of Japan) 1.25-inch rack and pinion focuser from a 1990 C4.5. This is one of the very best...

31 Aug 2019

Views: 149


For Sale GSO 2" Single Speed Crayford Focuser for 10-12" OD Tube

By: Augustus Location: Connecticut

This came off a Celestron Starhopper, same as the GSO models but chrome drawtube instead of black. Works pretty well,...

18 Dec 2017

Views: 463



By: albert1 Location: NJ

JMI MOTOFOCUS for C8 Was used sparingly on a 1996 C8+ for a time. Excellent condition. New 9V battery installed. $...

26 Apr 2018

Views: 266


For Sale William Optics Diffraction Spikes Bahtinov Mask 75mm-110mm

By: Venturous1 Location: DENVER CO

For sale is a new William Optics Diffraction Spikes bahtinov mask. I bought the wrong size and cant return it. Fits 7...

04 Apr 2020

Updated: 11 Apr 2020

Views: 116


Wanted Feather touch FTF2015BCR focuser

By: jeanine Location: Utah

Looking for a late version Feathertouch 2" focuser, in perfect condition, for my truss dob project.

31 Jul 2018

Views: 242


For Sale PrimaLuceLab - Sesto Senso Robotic Focusing Motor + Temp Sensor

By: jtrezzo Location: Tampa Bay, FL

Here is a Sesto Senso robotic focuser. Comes with all original accessories plus the addition of the temperature senso...

14 Jan 2019

Views: 130


Wanted Shoestring FCUSB2 unit

By: cengell Location: USA

Hello CN, I am looking for a Shoestring FCUSB2 unit for 2 focuser. Please let me know condition and cost. Thanks Ch...

12 Feb 2019

Updated: 26 Nov 2019

Views: 194


Wanted Rear JMI Moto/Focus & Moto/Dec

By: dso1 Location: New York

The JMI Moto units must be "a specific" to the Bausch & Lomb 8001 Professional 8" Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope. T...

22 Mar 2019

Views: 98


Wanted WTB stepper controller (moonlite or rigel)

By: alintolea Location: District of Columbia

Looking for a stepper controller to control a Moonlite focuser stepper. Options are : A moonlite V2 (or a v1?) Any Ri...

03 Aug 2019

Updated: 11 Sep 2019

Views: 150


For Sale (SOLD SN4556833)Brand New Astro-Smart (CFS-R) Focuser Controller System

By: astromiester1 Location: Melbourne FL

(SOLD SN4556833)Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Computerized CFS-R Focus Smart Controller System ( Model - CFS-R )package...

08 Dec 2017

Views: 375


For Sale Focus Housing for the Swift #818 Tecnar Telescope

By: MASILMW Location: US

Focus Housing for the Swift #818 Tecnar Telescope This is a push/pull focuser that has a erector lens and eyepiece in...

04 Jan 2020

Views: 272


For Sale Feather touch 3"/1.5 DDT FTF3015 BA

By: Don O'Cain Location: Salt Lake City

For sale : 3" Feathertouch Focuser / 1.5" DTT Model : FTF 3015 BA This unit was purchased for and Astrotech RC-12...

24 Feb 2018

Views: 305


For Sale 2in TS Newtonian focuser with issues

By: annatsang Location: CT

For sale is a 2in Newtonian focuser from Teleskop Service (UNCN2). Includes base with 6.25in radius for a 12.5in tube...

17 Jan 2020

Views: 404


For Sale 4 Refractor focusers

By: LunarObserver Location: Mississippi

Refractor focuser 1 Unbranded focuser for refractor telescope, two speed, male flange 80 mm diameter. $15 Refractor...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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