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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Jan 2020

Views: 70


For Sale Extension for Astro Physics 2.7" Focuser

By: Chuck Hards Location: UT

Thread-on extension for AP 2.7" focuser, the older model. Gently used but excellent condition. Asking $39, free shi...

26 Jan 2020

Updated: 08 Feb 2020

Views: 296


For Sale Feather Touch 2” Focuser Starlight Instruments**Reduced**

By: Dshiner Location: Pocono, PA

Up for sale is a 2" Starlight Instruments Feather Touch Focuser with a 2" draw. FTF2020BCR is the model number. It is...

10 Feb 2020

Views: 80


For Sale 1.6" Moonlite Flange Extension

By: Aaron_tragle Location: Virginia

Hello, I have a 1.6" moonlite flange extension for 2" refractor focusers. This is pretty darn useful if you want to r...

16 Jul 2018

Updated: 21 Jul 2018

Views: 290



By: Jim Miller Location: Excellent

Selling a lightly used Gerd Neumann 220mm Aurora flatfield panel. It uses the included 12v lighter adapter as shown a...

11 Nov 2018

Updated: 30 May 2019

Views: 457


For Sale HyperStar 14'' Edge HD

By: mtxrevolution Location: New Jersey

I am selling my Hyperstar 14" Edge HD. I bought in 2016 and it is in excellent condition. Let me know if you would li...

26 May 2019

Views: 182


For Sale Orion 2" Crayford focuser for reflectors

By: Dougeo Location: Apache Junction, AZ

For your consideration and review is a 2"- Orion Crayford, single speed focuser for reflector telescopes. This came f...

15 Jul 2019

Views: 186


For Sale AccuFocus Electronic Telescope Focuser

By: RRod Location: Green Bay, WI

I am selling a new AccuFocus Electronic Telescope Focuser kit I bought from Astromania (Amazon). I sold the telescope...

21 Aug 2019

Updated: 22 Aug 2019

Views: 283


For Sale PENDING... FeatherTouch Focuser for SCT

By: junomike Location: Canada

PENDING....2- speed Feathertouch focuser (FT 2008-BCR) with the 0.8 inch drawtube, brake and compression ring. Curren...

08 Nov 2017

Views: 305


For Sale Starizona Wire Autofocuser system with Low-Profile motor

By: AnhTuan Location: NY

Excellent condition...very little use. Comes with the controller, all wires (USB, motor cables, AC Power supply, Soft...

09 Dec 2019

Views: 206


For Sale Explore Scientific 2" Dual Speed Focuser + 20mm Extension

By: Volvonium Location: Long Beach

For sale is my Explore Scientific 2" Dual Speed focuser. This is a robust 10:1 focuser that comes attached to a GSO...

13 Mar 2018

Updated: 14 Mar 2018

Views: 703


For Sale Moonlite 2" CF Focuser Refractor with Stepper Motor

By: Rudeviewer Location: Julesburg, CO

I have a Moonlite focuser with stepper motor for sale. It has a 1.6" flange extension on it as well. This is about 6-...

01 Sep 2018

Views: 99


Wanted Rigel bracket Explore Scientific refractor

By: wboeck Location: Omaha

Looking for a Rigel bracket for explore scientific refractor to use with nStep.

22 Oct 2018

Updated: 01 Jan 2019

Views: 503


For Sale Shoestring FCUSB2

By: Sepe Location: Hemet

Have switched to Moonlite DRO stepper system parts below no longer utilized.1 Shoestring FCUSB controll box - sold1 S...

12 Dec 2018

Updated: 02 Jan 2019

Views: 410


For Sale JMI Motofocus for Refractors

By: baelyn Location: Greeneville, Tennessee

For sale is a JMI Motofocus for Refractors. Controller has variable speed setting. Like New condition. I am not sure...

31 Mar 2019

Views: 307


For Sale 2 inch Feathertouch Focuser from 20 inch Obsession

By: ruachsheavens Location: 60050

Beautiful condition. Has 2 inches of travel. Includes 1.25 inch adapter. Also includes optional 80.00 base plate with...

21 May 2019

Views: 200


For Sale GSO 2" Crayford Focuser for SCTs

By: Yampa Location: CA

Dual speed, 360 degree rotatable, 25 mm travel, brass compression ring, 1.25" adapter, dust plug. Price of $70.00 inc...

13 Jun 2019

Views: 145


For Sale Shoestring Astronomy FCUSB w/ Adapter Cable

By: 40:26 Location: Madison, Alabama

I bought the FCUSB off Cloudynights. It is in perfect working order. It has minor wear on the case. I will also inclu...

08 Nov 2017

Updated: 20 Nov 2017

Views: 578


For Sale A. Jaegers 2.7-inch Focuser SOLD

By: johnlynch Location: Leesburg, Virginia

I'm selling an A. Jaegers 2.7-inch focuser that is in very nice condition. It looks like it's been used in a telescop...

27 Oct 2019

Views: 55


Wanted Wanted: Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller

By: Ken Milburn Location: Washington

Looking for a Moonlite MTS-500-V2 controller. If you have one that could use a new home and can part with it, I woul...

08 Jan 2020

Views: 43


Wanted WANTED - Starlight Instruments HSM30 motor

By: R Botero Location: Kent, UK

Hi All Looking for an HSM30 unit. Thanks for looking at my ad. Roberto

15 Jan 2020

Views: 195


For Sale Feathertouch 3" R/P focuser

By: Beren Location: Perth

For sale Starlight Instruments 3" R/P focuser with 3.5" drawtube and brake, fitted to a TSA-102, in mint condition,...

31 Mar 2017

Views: 205


Wanted Orion 2" to 1.25" helical focusing adapter

By: SeattleScott Location: Seattle

Looking for this discontinued item. Let me know if you have one you are not using. Scott

30 Jul 2019

Views: 63


Wanted Looking for a Unihex Type A Drawtube

By: Tiredeyes Location: Maryland

Looking for a drawtube (preferably including the clamp, but I can live without it if necessary) for a Unihex Type A....

27 Dec 2017

Views: 426


For Sale Rigel Electronic Focuser Motor & Bracket for AT8RC

By: exmedia Location: Sierra Vista, Arizona

Works Perfectly. Rigel Systems (http://www.rigelsys.com) sells this motor and bracketfor $138, I'm asking $65. Get...

31 Mar 2018

Views: 510


For Sale A Couple of Newtonian 2 inch focusers - 1 is William Optics

By: ruachsheavens Location: 60050

These are left over form various scopes of mine that have been rebuilt, or parted out, or up-graded, or whatever :-)...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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