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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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29 Jan 2018

Views: 227


For Sale Focus Tube Holder

in Focusers by MASILMW

Focus Tube Holder Fits a Carton Refractor Focuser to hold a screen to observe the Sun. The opening is app. 1.5" and t...

29 Mar 2017

Updated: 10 Aug 2017

Views: 703


For Sale Old Synta Plastic 2" Crayford Focuser

in Focusers by Fr3d

This Crayford focuser was took off an old Synta 8" newtonian OTA. The plastic focuser body has an "opened" design an...

06 Apr 2018

Views: 436


For Sale Custom Focuser Knob Upgrade for Meade ETX Scopes

in Focusers by DAZayas

If you own a Meade ETX scope, you've probably experienced some degree of frustration with the stock focus knob. Offer...

18 Nov 2019

Views: 93


For Sale Farpoint Bahtinov Mask 8” SCT

in Focusers by lenrabinowitz

For sale is an unused Farpoint Bahtinov Mask for an 8” SCT. Bought it by accident and never used it. Sales and ship...

28 Dec 2018

Views: 132


For Sale Meade DS telescope focuser top set

in Focusers by scopehed

Here are three nice focuser tops for meade DS telescopes and 4500 series or any other meade scopes with the plastic 2...

11 Dec 2018

Views: 350


For Sale Meade 1 1/4" Reflector Focuser Newtonian

in Focusers by scopehed

Meade 1 1/4" Reflector Focuser Newtonian came off of a 4.5" newtonian reflector. 5.25" OD tube. very smooth but most...

06 Dec 2019

Views: 137


For Sale Meade 1 1/4" Focuser & 2 tops to choose from

in Focusers by scopehed

Meade 1 1/4" Focuser & 2 tops to choose from 1 1/4" Focuser for a 4500 newtonian reflector tube Excellent Conditi...

11 Jul 2018

Views: 254



in Focusers by hbutko

Brand new focuser mask. $20.00 plus actual shipping, plus 3% Paypal fees. Paypal only please

18 Feb 2019

Views: 181


For Sale Tasco Electric Focuserl for small refractors

in Focusers by scopehed

Tasco Electric focuser for small refractors The remote focus Control is for slow, precise focusing. Includes Instruct...

03 Jul 2019

Views: 151


For Sale Tasco E/P Motor Focuser 1603EF Remote Focus Control

in Focusers by scopehed

Tasco E/P Motor Focuser 1603EF Remote Focus Control This is a very nice motorized focuser for almost all tasco scopes...

16 Apr 2019

Views: 278


For Sale Meade 2.0" R&P Focuser from Meade Starfinder - "Price Drop"

in Focusers by astromajor

For your consideration is a Meade 2.0" Helical Rack & Pinion Reflector Focuser from a 10" Meade Starfinder Equato...

20 Nov 2018

Views: 218


For Sale Meade 1 1/4" Newtonian rack and pinion Focuser

in Focusers by scopehed

1 1/4" Meade rack and pinion Focuser This one has a metal drawtube and a metal pinion gear. The bottom is curved to...

18 Jul 2019

Views: 91


For Sale Metal Focuser Drawtube for Meade DS2090, DS90 DS2080 DS102

in Focusers by scopehed

Do you have a Meade 2090 focuser with broken teeth? It is approx 7-3/4" long and will replace the plastic one that c...

28 Nov 2018

Views: 167


For Sale JMI Threaded 2" Focuser holder and Adapter

in Focusers by scopehed

JMI Threaded 2" Focuser Adapter the bigger end goes into the JMI 2" focusers where you can clamp it down with 3 allen...

08 Jun 2017

Views: 467


For Sale Vintage Edmund Scientific 1.25" Rack and Pinion Focuser

in Focusers by starbird

This is a vintage edmund 1.25" rack and pinion focuser. Nice original edmund part. Price is $20.00 plus $8.00 shippi...

02 Jul 2018

Views: 479


For Sale Vintage Novak 2" Helical Focuser

in Focusers by starbird

This is a vintage Ken Novak 2" Helical Focuser. Universal tube fit base. Price is $23.00 plus $9.00 shipping in the...

14 Nov 2019

Views: 183


For Sale Complete Original Equipment Focuser for Celestron 8SE/C8 Edge

in Focusers by ruachsheavens

Will come as shown. Works perfectly. Price is 23.00. Shipping will be free in the CONUS. Will ship elsewhere at buye...

18 Nov 2017

Views: 527


For Sale Celestron Focus Motor #94144 New in Box

in Focusers by em51

Still clearing out new old stock, found this nice new-in-box Celestron Focus Motor #94144. Asking $24.95 plus $8 ship...

25 Feb 2018

Updated: 25 Mar 2018

Views: 414


For Sale Feathertouch base

in Focusers by oldtimer

Curved base (for 7" OD tube) $25 In good to very good condition, no hardware. Shipped CONUS only. Postal Money Order...

10 Jan 2019

Views: 223


For Sale Meade DS Newtonian focuser. Fits all 4.5" and 5" long tubes

in Focusers by scopehed

This is a Meade focuser for DS telescope tubes. It is the newtonian reflector style. It does not have a built in ba...

30 Aug 2017

Views: 518


For Sale Orion ST80 stock focuser

in Focusers by pselaphid

This is the original 1.25" focuser from an ST80 after I upgraded to a better one. Just the thing if you have an 86mm...

07 Jan 2020

Views: 281


For Sale 2" Crayford Focuser needs work

in Focusers by starbird

This is a home machined 2" crayford focuser. All aluminum construction. I cant get it to work properly although not...

27 Jul 2017

Updated: 26 Aug 2017

Views: 392


For Sale MoonLite 2.5" CFL Flange Extender- Model CFL-FE25

in Focusers by stevesiu

Never used Moonlite 2.5" Flange Extender. Extends CFL focuser profile by 2.5"; installs between existing upper and lo...

27 Oct 2018

Views: 465


For Sale Meade/Orion ST80 1.25" Stock Focuser

in Focusers by Brollen

Like new 1.25" focuser that came from a Meade Infinity ST80, but identical to the Orion ST80 focuser ... basic Synta...

22 Apr 2019

Updated: 28 Apr 2019

Views: 405


For Sale Reflector 2" Focuser

in Focusers by Ringo

Update: 1 Sold, 1 Available Ok, I have 1 of these new never used 2" Focusers. Direct from Celestron Parts and it's t...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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