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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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05 Jul 2017

Views: 190


Wanted Baader Diamant or Feathertouch 2 focuser for SW 80 ED.

in Focusers by Firas

Hello, I am looking for a Baader Diamant or Feathertouch 2 focuser for SW 80 ED. Even better if it comes with a stepp...

22 Sep 2017

Views: 188


Wanted Wanted: Feathertouch Focuser for Lunt LS50T

in Focusers by VPilot

I don't expect this to produce any fruit, but just in case: I'm looking for a feathertouch focuser for my Lunt LS50T...

19 Feb 2018

Views: 165


Wanted Wanted: JMI Motorized Focuser

in Focusers by Rexcat

Hi All, I'm looking for A JMI motorized focuser for a Newtonian Reflector. Please reply with model, condition, and p...

16 Mar 2019

Views: 95


Wanted KineOptics HC-2

in Focusers by Augustus

Looking for one in good condition. Thanks

03 Sep 2018

Views: 154


Wanted 2-speed Crayford focuser for SCT.

in Focusers by Conor Maclaud

Looking to buy inexpensive 2-speed Crayford focuser for SCT. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Oleksandr.

23 Aug 2019

Views: 39


Wanted WTB - Pegasus Focuscube V2

in Focusers by spbalaji

If you have one for sale then please message me. Thanks...

05 Jul 2017

Views: 224


Wanted JMI NG-55

in Focusers by skraly

Wanted-JMI NG-55for a Meade S/N 10. Let me know what you have. Thanks.

12 Feb 2019

Updated: 26 Nov 2019

Views: 129


Wanted Rear JMI Moto/Focus & Moto/Dec

in Focusers by dso1

The JMI Moto units must be "a specific" to the Bausch & Lomb 8001 Professional 8" Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope. T...

27 Jan 2019

Views: 103


Wanted WTB: Skywatcher Esprit 80mm Stock Focuser

in Focusers by RrainbowSix

I am looking for a Skywatcher Esprit 80MM Stock Focuser. If you've upgraded yours to a feathertouch, moonlite, etc....

23 Oct 2017

Views: 211


Wanted Wanted: Explore Scientific 2" R&P Focuser

in Focusers by VPilot

I am in the market for a ES 2" rack and pinion dual speed focuser. Specifically I will be putting it on a Vixen 102 f...

06 Jun 2018

Views: 192


Wanted WalterLee heliFocus motor

in Focusers by oltimer1

Tried to buy one of these from the website...sold out and unable to contact anyone there. anyone have info on this we...

27 Jul 2017

Views: 174


Wanted Refractor focuser for 50mm tube

in Focusers by spctrbytz

Looking for metal rack + pinion style focuser for a project I'm kludging together. 1.25" preferred but .965" is OK to...

22 Jan 2019

Views: 88


Wanted Accufocus by Orion

in Focusers by michael_lx6

Hello looking for a used accufocus made by Orion. Complete with parts. Good working order. Shipped to 14302 Thx...

19 Mar 2019

Views: 111


Wanted Looking for Original C14 focuser assembly

in Focusers by sifan

Looking for the stock focuser for a Celestron C14. I bought it with the microtouch focuser attached and I want to in...

05 Feb 2018

Views: 209


Wanted 2" Moonlite focuser CS SCT dual rate

in Focusers by arunasmazeika

Hi, I'm looking for a dual rate 2" Moonlite focuser for my C8. I need the 2" SCT Thread Tall FR style flange with th...

25 Jan 2019

Views: 131


Wanted Wanted - Orion / Skywatcher ED-80, ED-100 or ED-120 focuser

in Focusers by AnthonyP

Looking for a used Orion / Skywatcher ED-80, ED-100 or ED-120 focuser

19 Jul 2018

Views: 160


Wanted looking for two JMI RCF-1 2" reverse focusers

in Focusers by robby687

hi, because i'm making a binoscope, i'm looking for two units of JMI RCF-1 2" reverse focusers. thank's in advenc...

19 Mar 2019

Updated: 19 Mar 2019

Views: 154


Wanted TPO 3.3" or GSO 3" Newtonian focuser

in Focusers by glcolwell

HI I am looking for a dual speed TPO 3.3" or GSO 3" Newtonian focuser. If you have one i sure would love to hear from...

05 Jun 2017

Views: 241


Wanted Moonlite CF (2') for Refractors

in Focusers by phabulosa

I acquired an Orion ED80T CF with a malfunctioning focuser. Consider to replace the stock focuser with a Moonlite....

12 Jul 2017

Updated: 20 Jul 2017

Views: 373


Wanted Found - Meade 1244 for parts

in Focusers by astrogene1000

Found! Thank you Jonathan! ================== Over the years I have misplaced the intermediate gear inside my 1244 f...

29 Jul 2019

Views: 83


Wanted JMI Focuser

in Focusers by FidalgoIslander

I'm looking for a JMI EV-1n or a JMI EV-1nM focuser for my 13.5" truss tube DOB. Bill Amman

07 May 2017

Views: 208


Wanted Kineoptics HC-2 or HC-2A _ Wanted

in Focusers by Taosmath

Hello, I'm looking for a Kineoptics HC-2 or maybe an HC-2A focuser in very good condition or better to use in my Trav...

13 Nov 2017

Views: 201


Wanted Wanted: Jaegers adapter...

in Focusers by Rich Nugent

I'm looking for a Jaegers 2.7" to 1.25" adapter. Let me know if you've got one you'd be willing to part with. I'm in...

13 Apr 2019

Views: 73


Wanted 2" Crayford Focuser

in Focusers by curiosis

Hi all,Soon, I will need a 2 inch Crayford focuser for my OnStep based 10 f/6 telescope (*)It should have a flat ba...

19 May 2018

Views: 149


Wanted WTB: Motor for a JMI EV-2n Focuser

in Focusers by Rexcat

Hi All, At the time, two months ago, that I purchased a JMI EV-2n focuser I was told the back ordered motors would b...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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