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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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19 Oct 2017

Views: 199


Wanted Replacement focuser for CR6 Refractor

in Focusers by Mike Dehlendorf

I'm looking for a replacement focuser for the Celestron CR6. I understand that GSO, Orion, and Moonlight make replacm...

09 Mar 2017

Views: 306


Wanted Looking for an HC-2 focuser

in Focusers by paul

Hello, I am looking for a Kline-optics HC-2 Thank you Paul

15 May 2018

Updated: 05 Sep 2018

Views: 158


Wanted Explore Scientific ED102mm focuser upgrade

in Focusers by Stephen2016

Hello, i'm looking for an upgrade for my ES 102mm ED, the non retractable dew shield version. I'm looking for somethi...

16 Apr 2019

Views: 82


Wanted Drawtube adapter for Astroview Orion 100 or generic

in Focusers by stpal001

I am looking for the drawtube adapter (first picture) that screws on to the end of the drawtube and holds a standard...

19 May 2017

Views: 311



in Focusers by Ed Portka

JMI motofocus in excellent condition used on my Celestron/Vixen C102F 4" APO refractor.......$100.00 shipped.......P....

09 Nov 2017

Updated: 10 Nov 2017

Views: 187


Wanted 2" Focuser Assembly

in Focusers by Aquarius Of The Night

Looking for a 2" Newtonian focuser. Any size flange should work. Just offer and I will decide.

27 Mar 2019

Views: 64


Wanted Edmund 1.25" Extension Tube

in Focusers by dan boyar

Looking for 2 items to complete my 3" F/15 Edmund refractor: - Chrome plated 1.25" extension tube for the standard f...

10 Apr 2017

Views: 193


Wanted Starlight Feathertouch for Celestron Nexstar Evo 8

in Focusers by scjoe

I think it is model FTM-CPC8

22 Oct 2019

Views: 101


Wanted Wanted Tasco 76.2mm 15TE-5 Focuser

in Focusers by GWING

Greetings, I rescued this Tasco 76.2mm 15TE-5, but the piñon gear is all chewed up. Looking for a replacement. Thank...

20 Dec 2017

Views: 189


Wanted WANTED: Orion 2"-1.25" Helical Fine-Focusing Adapter

in Focusers by joelin

Here is a description of it:https://www.telescop...ter/p/13025.utsPlease let me know the condition and price. Thanks!

10 Feb 2018

Views: 168


Wanted Encoder type focus motor for JMI DRO hand Control

in Focusers by Sheldon

These are typically attached to a manual focuser and have two connectors - one for the power to the motor and another...

16 Apr 2018

Views: 204


Wanted looking for a 2" dob focuser

in Focusers by paul

Hello, Like the title says I am looking for a 2" dob focuser Thank you Paul

18 Nov 2018

Views: 83


Wanted WANTED in UK - A20-302 Feather Touch Focuser adapter for Takahashi FS-60

in Focusers by surfindogg

WANTED in UK - A20-302 Feather Touch Focuser adapter for Takahashi FS-60. I am looking of one of these, ideally in t...

16 Sep 2017

Views: 176


Wanted Wanted 2" duel speed focuser for DOB

in Focusers by jbardwel

I am looking to replace the original rack and pinion single speed focuser on my Orion 12XT Classic DOB with a duel sp...

07 Oct 2019

Views: 48


Wanted Wanted: Featherlite Paracorr SIPS Focuser/Corrector

in Focusers by Dessman

Looking for the Featherlite focuser with integrated Paracorr coma corrector.

19 Dec 2018

Views: 89


Wanted WANTED - Primaluce ECCO, environmental computerized controller

in Focusers by TikiTom

Primaluce Ecco computerized weather controller - approx sold new for $200.If you have one, you'll know what it is. It...

22 Mar 2018

Views: 190


Wanted Used 2" Newt focuser

in Focusers by Garyth64

Hi. I'm looking for a used metal 2" focuser for a 10" OD tube. It could also fit 8"-12" tube, too. It's going on m...

03 Jul 2018

Views: 251


Wanted JMI RCF-mini-1 Reverse Crayford Focuser - 1.25"

in Focusers by Lew Chilton

Looking for this 1.25" focuser with a curved base in good condition for my old school long-focus 8-inch reflector. T...

11 Aug 2017

Views: 185


Wanted Newtonian Moonlite focuser and universal plate

in Focusers by arunasmazeika

Hi, I'm looking for Moonlite CR1 single rate focuser for a 8" Newton Telescope. I might be also interested on a dual...

16 Sep 2017

Views: 165


Wanted Wanted: Celestron f/6.3 Reducer Corrector

in Focusers by clockman

Looking for a used, optically perfect Celestron f/6.3 Reducer/Corrector. If you have one collecting dust, let me kno...

12 Sep 2017

Updated: 20 Sep 2017

Views: 183


Wanted WTB: Starizona MicroTouch Autofocuser Kit

in Focusers by RrainbowSix

Still looking for a Starizona MicroTouch Autofocuser kit. (http://starizona.com...-P2715C745.aspx)Need both the Hand...

05 Jul 2017

Views: 190


Wanted Baader Diamant or Feathertouch 2 focuser for SW 80 ED.

in Focusers by Firas

Hello, I am looking for a Baader Diamant or Feathertouch 2 focuser for SW 80 ED. Even better if it comes with a stepp...

12 Apr 2019

Views: 82


Wanted looking for an SCT Focuser

in Focusers by clusterbuster

Hi I am looking for an SCT Focuser, it would be for my Meade 7" Mak. Please let me know what you have and how much t...

22 Sep 2017

Views: 190


Wanted Wanted: Feathertouch Focuser for Lunt LS50T

in Focusers by VPilot

I don't expect this to produce any fruit, but just in case: I'm looking for a feathertouch focuser for my Lunt LS50T...

19 Feb 2018

Views: 166


Wanted Wanted: JMI Motorized Focuser

in Focusers by Rexcat

Hi All, I'm looking for A JMI motorized focuser for a Newtonian Reflector. Please reply with model, condition, and p...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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