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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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29 Dec 2017

Updated: 29 Dec 2017

Views: 370


For Sale Unitron Focuser

in Focusers by fourstars

Came off a Cave 10" Dall Kirkham. You pay shipping i''l cover fee.

27 Jul 2017

Updated: 26 Aug 2017

Views: 362


For Sale MoonLite 2.5" CFL Flange Extender- Model CFL-FE25

in Focusers by stevesiu

Never used Moonlite 2.5" Flange Extender. Extends CFL focuser profile by 2.5"; installs between existing upper and lo...

31 Jan 2018

Updated: 02 Feb 2018

Views: 355


For Sale Orion Synta R&P 1.25" Focuser F/86mm ID Tube

in Focusers by Tom Duncan

New old stock Orion/Synta all metal (except for the one baffle and the focus knobs) 1.25" rack and pinion refractor t...

22 Apr 2019

Updated: 28 Apr 2019

Views: 354


For Sale Reflector 2" Focuser

in Focusers by Ringo

Update: 1 Sold, 1 Available Ok, I have 1 of these new never used 2" Focusers. Direct from Celestron Parts and it's t...

24 Oct 2017

Views: 349


For Sale Celestron/Vixen C4.5 Focuser

in Focusers by STRVU07

This is a focuser from a vintage Celestron / Vixen C 4.5 Newtonian Telescope. The action is pretty smooth for its ag...

13 Sep 2017

Updated: 29 Oct 2017

Views: 347


For Sale Feathertouch focuser adapters

in Focusers by dougspeterson

Like new gleaming black anodized adapters that step up the 2" focuser body to: 1) the GSO ritchey 6" and 8" models. S...

24 Sep 2017

Views: 345


For Sale Moonlite Flanges Refractor

in Focusers by Solar B

Hi Folks Have 2 Moonlite Flanges up for grabs ... both in excellent condition 1. is for SW Equinox & AT 80mm...

07 Feb 2018

Views: 344


For Sale ST-80 1.25 focuser

in Focusers by djp183

Rack and pinion 1.25” focuser. Excellent condition. 40 shipped/pp’d. Thanks!

17 Oct 2018

Views: 340


For Sale CR4 focuser

in Focusers by Jond105

I have a CR4 focuser that came from another purchase. One of the previous owners had screwed in an oversized screw it...

12 Feb 2019

Updated: 15 Feb 2019

Views: 338


For Sale 1.25" Crayford Focuser

in Focusers by StarManMichigan

New from GSO! I'm selling this for $75 and I will cover shipping cost to the lower 48 states. I'm open to offers as w...

23 Jul 2018

Views: 336


For Sale 2" JMI NGF-S Focuser

in Focusers by astrofossilbee

I am selling my JMI NGF-S focuser in excellent condition. I have read that it is common for the plastic housing to cr...

23 Jan 2018

Views: 332


For Sale MoonLite Focuser Flanges

in Focusers by RenaudVL

Hello, I have 2 MoonLite focuser flanges. Read carefully so there is no misunderstanding. One, the smaller one is f...

18 Aug 2018

Views: 332


For Sale Complete usb_nSTEP system for 2” Feathertouch: BNIB! REDUCED!!

in Focusers by John Miele

Brand new USB_nSTEP focus stepper motor and hand controller for 2" feathertouch focuser. Never used except to power u...

02 Jan 2018

Views: 329


For Sale Orion focuser for Skyquest XT12 IntelliScope...minty

in Focusers by sntent

Described in owner's manual as a; "Focuser: Crayford (but is actually rack & pinion) accepts 2" and 1.25" eyepiec...

18 Oct 2017

Views: 318


For Sale New Astrozap Focusing Cap!

in Focusers by HarknessAstro

Brand new in box Astrozap Focusing Cap for 12" SCT's ranging from 330mm to 342mm. PayPal accepted. Price includes sta...

24 Dec 2018

Views: 316


For Sale Meade 2" or 1 1/4" 90mm Refractor Focuser, Ball Bearings

in Focusers by scopehed

Meade 2" or 1 1/4" Focuser Has 4 adjustable Ball Bearings to make the drawtube tight and stable. This fits a 94MM OD...

13 Apr 2019

Views: 314


For Sale Asst Novak and other helical focusers

in Focusers by Sean Cunneen

Hello, I have two Novak style helical focusers, one is a bit rare/advanced with a course thread longer barrel. The la...

19 Feb 2019

Updated: 20 Feb 2019

Views: 310


For Sale Astro Physics 2.7" single speed

in Focusers by scout72

As shown. I have two - the red cap one has three set screws, the other one is single set screw. Both are pre 2001 an...

12 Dec 2017

Views: 307


For Sale Orion focuser for Skyquest XT12 IntelliScope...minty

in Focusers by sntent

Described in owner's manual as a; "Focuser: Crayford, accepts 2" and 1.25" eyepieces" Orion focuser for Skyquest XT12...

18 Sep 2019

Updated: Today, 12:34 AM

Views: 304


For Sale Astro Systems Phase 3 2" Crayford

in Focusers by FC-100N

***Thanks to a few friends, I've been informed these are Astro Systems Phase 3 focuser***The entire base and platform...

05 Apr 2017

Views: 300


For Sale 2" Feather Touch focuser adapters for SCTs

in Focusers by Daniel Winchell

I have two adapters available for short travel 2" Feather Touch focusers.One adapter for 8" Schmidt Cassegrains and s...

16 Mar 2018

Views: 298


For Sale Captains Wheel Knob for Feather Touch

in Focusers by Neptune

I have an extra Captains' Wheel Knob from a Feather Touch brand of focuser. Like new condition. Stainless Steel with...

08 Dec 2017

Views: 296


For Sale Focus Housing for the Swift #818 Tecnar Telescope

in Focusers by MASILMW

Focus Housing for the Swift #818 Tecnar Telescope This is a push/pull focuser that has a erector lens and eyepiece in...

06 Oct 2018

Views: 295


For Sale JMI MotoFocus – Celestron 9.25 SCT

in Focusers by Randal Healey

JMI MotoFocus – Celestron 9.25 SCT. MotoFocus is a battery operated hand control with an electric focus motor that at...

30 Apr 2017

Updated: 30 Apr 2017

Views: 292


For Sale JMI ev focuser adapter for large SCT

in Focusers by DSobserver

For sale adapter for JMI focuser ev model for 3.25'' sct thread price 55$ including worlwide shipment + PP fees

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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