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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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13 Apr 2019

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Wanted 2" Crayford Focuser

By: curiosis Location: Lakewood / CO

Hi all,Soon, I will need a 2 inch Crayford focuser for my OnStep based 10 f/6 telescope (*)It should have a flat ba...

12 Jun 2020

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Wanted Looking for 2 Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser for Dob

By: kellyj Location: Ontario

Searching for an aftermarket GSO or the like, dual speed Crayford for Dob. Must be low-profile thanks!Let me know wha...

01 Jun 2020

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Wanted WANTED: Moonlite CF 2” Focuser

By: Rotciv.greene Location: Ohio

Seeking a Moonlite CF 2” refractor focuser.

02 Nov 2019

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Wanted WANTED- Focuser for Meade AR-6

By: tag1260 Location: eastern Ohio

Looking for a focuser for a Meade AR-6. Need something smooth and tight but economical as mine has a lot of problems....

15 Apr 2019

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Wanted WTB: SCT adapter ring for GSO focuser

By: miniqtone Location: NC

Seeking an adapter ring that will fit a GSO focuser to standard Meade/Celestron visual back threads. Thanks!

29 May 2020

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Wanted Takahashi fsq106N focuser assembly

By: shurik Location: CA

Looking for the fsq106N focuser assembly. If you have one, please let me know your price. Thanks, Alex 106ED doesn't...

18 Jun 2019

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Wanted Moonlite Flange for AT115

By: Janmogget Location: Massachusetts

Looking for a very good condition Moonlite flange for an AT115

30 Nov 2019

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Wanted FTF2025BCR-LW Feather Touch 2'' lightweight, 2.5" tube travel

By: khachik Location: Anywhere

Looking for the following focuser:http://starlightinst...&product_id=385Ideally with an adapter to mount on barsk...

10 Apr 2020

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Wanted Focus Extenders for ES 2.5" hex

By: blamkin86 Location: Colorado

Hi! I need two more focus extenders for my ES127 FCD100. It has the 2.5" focuser, which came with two extension tube...

08 Aug 2019

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Wanted Wanted: TeleVue FocusMate Dual Speed Fine Focuser TFM-2000

By: Hankster Location: US

Wanted: TeleVue FocusMate Dual Speed Fine Focus Mechanism TFM-2000. Hank

12 May 2019

Views: 108


Wanted Sky Micro Focuser

By: arachman Location: 91745

Looking for a Sky Micro Focuser for a 8" Cave. Will consider either 2" or 1.25". Thanks

17 Jun 2020

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Wanted Looking for a ZWO EAF S

By: Noro Location: Ohio

Wanting to buy a ZWO EAF Standard version

01 Aug 2019

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Wanted 1.25" Focuser Wanted

By: epenna Location: CA

I'm looking for a 1.25" focuser with a baseplate that would fit a tube with an OD of 7.25" Ideally, it would have a...

16 Apr 2019

Views: 107


Wanted looking Pegasus Astro Motor Focus Kit - With Universal L-Bracket

By: SebaAstro Location: Pennsylvania

I am looking for a new or used Pegasus Astro Motor Focus Kit - With Universal L-Bracket. Here the link of the actual...

17 Jul 2019

Views: 106


Wanted Focuser Compression Ring

By: Sam M Location: Silver Spring, MD

I'm in search of a new (used) functional compression ring for my GSO (Apetura, Zhumell, Skyline) focuser. What I nee...

18 Jul 2019

Views: 105


Wanted Wanted: Focuser/Microfocuser for WO Megrez II / ZenithStar 80

By: glam2161 Location: ON - Ontario

Hi, i messed up the micro-focuser trying to repair it on the WO Megrez II 80mm and am looking for a replacement (incl...

10 Sep 2019

Views: 105


Wanted Focus controller

By: Strawb Location: Australia

Managed to blow up my moonlight mini 2 controller so am after a replacement. Payment will be by Paypal Thanks in advance

09 Nov 2019

Views: 102


Wanted Moonlite Mini-V2 controller

By: PowerM3 Location: Portland, OR

Hi, looking for a Moonlite Mini-V2 controller. Let me know if you have one and price shipped to 98662. Thanks!

14 Sep 2019

Views: 101


Wanted ZWO EAF focuser

By: tom193 Location: CA

Would like to get one of these. Thanks!

22 Mar 2019

Views: 100


Wanted WTB stepper controller (moonlite or rigel)

By: alintolea Location: District of Columbia

Looking for a stepper controller to control a Moonlite focuser stepper. Options are : A moonlite V2 (or a v1?) Any Ri...

24 May 2019

Views: 99


Wanted Sky Micro Focuser

By: arachman Location: SoCal

Looking for a Sky Micro Focuser with a base that will fit a 10" refractor tube. Would prefer a 2" but will consider...

20 May 2020

Updated: 20 May 2020

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Wanted Looking for 2" ring on Meade focuser

By: Guy Earle Location: Anywhere

Good afternoon, I'm looking for a 2" ring that can be screwed on to the Meade model 856 focuser that came with this...

21 Oct 2019

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Wanted WANTED; 5" Jaegers 2" focuser w/wo flange

By: Rick Runcie Location: New Jersey

I'm looking for a replacement 2" focuser with or without the flange to connect to the tube. Your time and considerati...

30 Aug 2019

Views: 98


Wanted PegasusAstro SCT Motor Focus Kit - For SCTs

By: SebaAstro Location: 19006

I am looking for a Pegasus Astro SCT Motor Focus Kit - For Celestron 6"/8"/9.25" SCTs. For the exact model find the l...

06 Feb 2020

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Wanted WTB: JMI Reverse Crayford RCF-mini1 1.25 inch focuser

By: bobruben Location: 61801

I'm looking for a JMI RCF-mini1 focuser. It doesn't need a base plate. It can be in pieces, or never put together....

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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