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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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27 Sep 2020

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By: arshadwm Location: Worldwide

I want mount to replace my current Alt Azm Mount fitted into Celestron CPC EdgeHD 1100. If anyone wants to sell let m...

12 Jun 2020

Views: 283


For Sale FREE! Orion "Dynamo Pro12" - dead battery needs replacement

By: Mike B Location: Monterey Bay Area of CA

Complete unit, all the bells & whistles, hardly used - stored in dark for a few years, worst blemish is dust.Here...

01 Sep 2019

Views: 137


Wanted WTB: Vixen SkySensor 2000 control cable

By: Kent Blackwell Location: Virginia Beach, VA

I am looking for a Vixen SkySensor control cable. I have a working unit but the cable is bad and it's a challenge to...

21 Oct 2017

Updated: 21 Oct 2017

Views: 908


Wanted Celestron C8 or Celestar 8 Hand Controller w/ or w/o Declination Motor

By: Rigelgeuse Location: Olympia, WA

My arms are a little too short to easily turn the Dec and RA knobs on my Celestar 8, so I'm looking to to buy a Hand...

19 Nov 2019

Views: 126


Wanted Mount components for Sears 6339 and 6333 (looking for)

By: Senex Bibax Location: Ottawa, ON

I'm looking for some missing mount components for two of my telescopes. I'm reasonable on price and shipping, and can...

14 Apr 2020

Views: 92


Wanted Rings 9.25" ID for a 8" dob

By: sunrag Location: Indiana, USA

Need a pair of rings for my 8" reflector to convert it from a Dob mount to EQ mount. ID needs to be approximately 9.2...

17 Nov 2018

Views: 119


Wanted Wanted 78mm tube rings or Tasco 10TE clam shell

By: tony_spina Location: So Cal.

Looking for tube rings that measure 78-79mm I.D. or a Tasco 10TE clam shell mount will also work

06 Apr 2017

Views: 246


Wanted Meade 497 controller

By: John Vertson Location: Clovis, CA

I am looking for a Meade 497 controller for parts. Need the key pad to replace a broken one.

11 Apr 2019

Views: 146


Wanted Wanted RA cable for 10 year older CGE 1100 mount.

By: 4bobsstuff Location: Nashville Area

CGE mount RA short cable for older (10 year) is defective and Celestron can no longer make them available.

01 Jun 2020

Views: 105


Wanted ZWO Asiair Camera Controller

By: Kitchener Location: Arizona

Looking for a ZWO Asiair Camera Controller

15 Mar 2019

Views: 150


Wanted wanted: STV

By: RandyD Location: Colorado

Looking for an SBIG STV deluxe in good working condition. Let me know how much. Thanks, Randy

01 Jun 2020

Views: 86


Wanted WTB original ES tripod from Twilight I

By: jmillsbss Location: MS

Perhaps someone has the round-legged, SS tripod that was issued with the ES Twilight I mount/tripod? I only need th...

02 Mar 2019

Views: 101


Wanted Ioptron Counterweight Battery Charger

By: ALMICHL Location: Nebraska

I am looking for a charger for an Ioptron Counterweight Battery. I do not believe that they are being made anymore.

29 May 2019

Views: 96


Wanted 90mm hinged rings

By: Bmxryder1 Location: Gold Beach, Oregon

looking for a set of 90mm scope rings that are hinged for my celestron onyx

13 Mar 2018

Views: 212


Wanted WANTED: 7" to 7.25" I.D hinged telescope ring set

By: MDearingJaxFL Location: Needed in Jax, FL

I need a nice hinged telescope ring set either 7" or 7.25" inside diameter(felt to felt). Please include shipping to...

11 Jun 2019

Views: 174


For Sale economy 10"+ tube rings

By: Gustoresto Location: Ottsville PA

These rings held my heavy 10" newt on an old mount for 15 yrs firmly enough to use DSCs to good effect. The fibergla...

14 Jul 2018

Views: 308

Offer Pending

For Sale New--Orion StarSeeker IV GoTo Altazimuth Mount & Tripod and AC adapter

By: Log Jam Location: Alabama, 35634

Bought this from Orion few weeks ago. Later bought a refractor that was too heavy for the 13 lb payload, therefore ha...

08 Oct 2020

Views: 60


Wanted Meade Autostar

By: trumpetpa Location: NC

Need a good, working Meade Autostar for an LX75 mount for a buddy of mine. Please let me know if you have one you can...

14 Aug 2020

Views: 51


Wanted Star Adventurer CounterWeight

By: yashob100 Location: US

Looking for one.

27 Jan 2020

Views: 104


Wanted Zenithstar "L" base adapter

By: photiost Location: Canada

Looking for the "L" shaped base/adapter that attaches to the bottom of the Zenithstar II 80mm EDThis L adapter can be...

15 Mar 2017

Views: 326


Wanted LXD-75 Hypertune DVD

By: wander3 Location: USA

Looking for a used copy

29 Apr 2017

Updated: 01 May 2017

Views: 392


Wanted Orion 10" Intelliscope dobsonian padded case bag

By: Irene Location: Arizona

I have an 10" Orion Intelliscope and I need a padded bag to carry it in.It needs to be ~47"x17"x18" (Orion's padded...

12 May 2020

Views: 83


Wanted R.A. drive for Meade LX70 or variant

By: jmillsbss Location: Mississippi

Title says it all. I'm looking for the drive motors for the Meade LX70 EQ mount. All accessories are discontinued new...

13 Sep 2020

Updated: 14 Sep 2020

Views: 55


Wanted Wanted: iOptron 8" MiniPier for MiniTower

By: DoctorNoodle Location: Long Island

Looking for an 8" MiniPier to fit an iOptron MiniTower. Will pay shipping to Long Island, NY or might be willing to p...

06 Oct 2019

Views: 96


Wanted Bisque 10# or 20# counterweights

By: navillus Location: Sonoma county California

I need a bit more weight for my Paramount ME (not ME II) with a 1.50" O.D. counterweight shaft. I'd be interested in...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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