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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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31 Jan 2019

Views: 422


Wanted Skyshed Pod or Nexdome

By: cvbateman Location: La Quinta, CA

Looking for Dome for use with Boy Scouts

27 Apr 2020

Updated: 20 Jun 2020

Views: 278


For Sale (SOLD SN4929533)Brand New Astro-Smart (SMP-R2-PRO-LCD) Astro Weather Controller

By: astromiester1 Location: Melbourne FL

(SOLD SN4929533)Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Computerized SMP-R2-PRO(LCD) Sky Master Pro Astro-Weather Observatory Con...

05 Aug 2018

Views: 1476


For Sale Sky Shed POD

By: dragon86 Location: Erie,Pa

Sky Shed POD with cover for sale. Will consider offers Local Pickup Only!

16 Apr 2017

Views: 538


Wanted Wanted: star tent or astrogizmo portable observatory

By: Shadowoo2 Location: Miami fl

Looking for a star tent or astrogizmo portable observatory

22 Oct 2020

Views: 74


Wanted Wanted. Observatory Dome

By: sy184 Location: Kansas City

Wanted. Observatory with Dome. Anything considered. Kansas City area but willing to travel.

27 Apr 2020

Updated: 21 Jun 2020

Views: 457


For Sale (SOLD SN4929540)Brand New Astro-Smart CDAP Dew,SQM,Rain and Relay Controller

By: astromiester1 Location: Melbourne FL

(SOLD SN4929540)Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Observatory designed 4 Channel Differential Computerized Dew Annihilator...

27 Apr 2020

Updated: 11 May 2020

Views: 801


For Sale 12 Volt Multiple Outlet Power Strip

By: Rick Williams Location: New Brunswick

Multiple DC Power Outlet Strip, 8 Heavy Duty Binding Posts, 15 A Max. Built-In 25V Voltmeter. Instead of using the bi...

24 Aug 2018

Updated: 28 Jul 2020

Views: 3511


For Sale Telescope Trailer

By: George F59 Location: Bradenton, Florida

$450.00 Custom built mobile telescope trailer, 54-inches long by 44-inches wide, with an additional 41-inch tongue a...

27 Apr 2020

Views: 435


Wanted Looking for Land in North Texas

By: twilightmoons Location: North Texas

Looking for 5-10+ acres of land within a two-hour drive of Fort Worth, Texas, to the west, southwest, or northwest, i...

06 Jan 2019

Updated: 07 Jan 2019

Views: 2253


For Sale 6'observatory -Technical Innovations- HD6 model

By: telegeek Location: Disney World, Florida

Used observatory in very good condition. Made of fiberglass. Includes base ring. I bought it new from Technical Innov...

22 Jul 2018

Updated: 23 Jul 2018

Views: 879


For Sale Skyshed pod

By: Rolex2 Location: International falls, mn

Skyshed pod, insulated, on elevated deck. Four years old. I am moving to senior housing and must part with dome. Must...

24 Mar 2019

Views: 712


For Sale SkyShed POD XL3

By: Kurly Location: Guelph, Ontario

SkyShed POD XL3 for sale. I am the first owner. It has been sitting on an elevated deck since I assembled it in the s...

01 Apr 2018

Views: 486


Wanted Wanted: SkyShed POD PZT

By: akulapanam Location: Las Vegas, NV

I'm looking for someone who is willing to sell me, or build me, a SkyShed POD PZT. I don't have the tools nor pickup...

16 Apr 2017

Updated: 14 Jul 2020

Views: 967


For Sale Differential Thermostat

By: mccarthymark Location: SF Bay Area

This is the Kera Technologies Differential Thermostat, model DSD-2. It can be used to control the temperature in an o...

22 Aug 2019

Views: 2945


For Sale Sirius

By: Elmoooo Location: Massapequa NY

6 ft circle to be mounted on roof she'd or homemade shelter

14 Nov 2019

Views: 1631


For Sale 6 foot fiberglass domed observatory for sale

By: bigmike Location: Michigan

Boyd Observatory fiberglass domed observatory for sale. The personal watercraft of observatories. Currently holds Me...

30 Jul 2017

Updated: 24 Aug 2017

Views: 829


For Sale Software Bisque THESKYX Serious Astronomer Edition (Download Only)

By: UrthWorm Location: Anywhere

I purchased a Windows license for this less than a year ago. Don't need it since I purchased a new Paramount that cam...

04 Nov 2019

Views: 246


Wanted NexDome

By: Celestialoptics Location: Orange County, CA

Looking for a Nexdome observatory or Pier at a reasonable price. I live near Los Angeles, CA. I have a truck and am...

19 Oct 2019

Views: 1046


For Sale Skyshed Pod (Top dome only)

By: abdas Location: Fairfax, VA

For sale is the top dome portion (all 4 quadrants) of a skyshed pod in great condition. Moving to the nexdome. So kee...

05 Aug 2018

Views: 1409


For Sale Skyshed Pod

By: James Major Location: Loveland, CO.

For sale is a Skyshed Pod in very good condition . I am the second owner. It has sat on a wooden deck for the last 6...

02 Sep 2019

Views: 928


For Sale SkyShed POD XL3

By: rghayes76 Location: GA

SkyShed POD XL3 Pod has a roll back roof so you can view the stars with your telescope. It is about 6 years old in g...

04 Oct 2019

Updated: 04 Oct 2019

Views: 377


Wanted Sky Shed Pod in Colorado

By: monkyfac Location: Anywhere in Colorado

Looking to buy a Sky Shed Pod locally in Colorado. If you're looking to part with yours, please let me know!

14 Aug 2018

Updated: 15 Sep 2018

Views: 631


For Sale (SOLD SN4553319)New Astro-Smart Astronomical Weather Station System(SMP-R2)

By: astromiester1 Location: Melbourne FL

(SOLD SN4553319)Buy a brand new Astro-Smart Computerized SMP-R2 Astronomical Observatory Weather Station Controller S...

04 Aug 2020

Views: 125


Wanted Wanted: Washington state. Skyshed or like observatory.

By: Mossyrock Location: Mossyrock, WA

Amateur, but ancient, astronomer seeking to buy an observatory in WA or some reasonably nearby state. I will take apa...

13 Jun 2017

Views: 923


Wanted Wanted Dome Type Observatory

By: Lori Prause Location: Phoenix

I am looking for an astronomy dome with a minimum of 8' diameter and can go up to 10'. I am in Phoenix, and can drive...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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