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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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04 Apr 2019

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For Sale Henry Paul Books

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by shootingsta98

Telescopes for Stargazing, second edition, 1966 Outer Space Photography, third edition, 1967 Both are in good conditi...

23 May 2019

Views: 79


For Sale The Deep-sky Imaging Primer - 1st Edition

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Andrey_PSR

The Deep-sky Imaging Primer, by Charles Bracken 1st Edition (2013) Used book in good condition, no markings, all pa...

17 Jun 2019

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Offer Pending

For Sale 1000+ Slides & Misc Items JPL/NASA S&T etc. $75 Shipped

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by J A VOLK

Mostly packaged commercial slide sets from NASA/JPL & cool miscellaneous JPL/NASA items (brochures/maps), Halley...

05 Sep 2018

Updated: 06 Sep 2018

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For Sale Skywatch East: A Weather Guide

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Starry Messenger

Skywatch East: A Weather Guide, Richard A. Keen, softbound, like new condition, 204 pages. Each month's spread featur...

30 Jan 2019

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For Sale Antonin Becvar Star Atlases

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by captjwj

Up for sale is a complete set of all three Antonin Becvar’s colored star atlases.Originally drawn by the famous Czech...

20 Mar 2019

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For Sale Optical Shop Testing Malacara 2nd edition

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by ATM_Optiker

My personal copy of Optical Shop Testing by Daniel Malacara 2nd edition. Great condition, hardcover. Last word of n o...

20 May 2019

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For Sale Sky Catalogue 2000.0 Vol. 1 and 2

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Steve Mock

Sky Catalogue 2000.0 Vol. 1 and 2 - paperback $65 - includes shipping and PayPal fees

29 Dec 2018

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For Sale A History of Astronomy by Pannekoek 1989 Ed.

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by astrodoc10

This comprehensive history is a soft back of over 460 pages in good used condition. It was originally issued in 1961...

23 Apr 2019

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For Sale Black Holes and the Universe audio book and DVD Set

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Stargazn

This is an auto book by Neil DeGrasse Tyson titled “Death by Black Hole and Other Cosmic Quandaries” and read by Don...

16 Jun 2019

Views: 74


For Sale Planetary Nebulae by Steven J. Hynes

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by turtle86

The best reference for observing planetary nebulae ever written, now out of print and scarce. In very nice shape show...

13 Feb 2019

Views: 74


Wanted Cometography: Volume 1, A Catalog of Comets by Gary W. Kronk

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Jeff Struve

Hi all! I am looking to purchase a well kept copy of "Cometography: Volume 1, Ancient-1799: A Catalog of Comets" by...

10 Jul 2018

Views: 71


For Sale Planets Of Rock And Ice 1977 Clark R. Chapman

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by scopehed

Planets of Rock and Ice From Mercury To The Moons Of Saturn By: Clark R. Chapman a revised expanded edition of The In...

17 May 2019

Views: 71


Wanted Atlas of the Messier Objects by Ronald Stoyan

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by janame

Looking for a copy of Atlas of the Messier Objects by Stoyan in good condition.

10 Apr 2019

Views: 70


Wanted Wanted: Sky & Telescope 2015 Compilation CD

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by SFDENNIS

I am looking for a copy of Sky & Telescope's 2015 Compilation CD. If you've got one in decent condition and no lo...

08 Dec 2018

Views: 69


Wanted WTB-Making a Refractor Telescope by Norman Remer

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by tag1260

Looking for a copy of "Making a Refractor Telescope" by Norman Remer. Thanks

25 Feb 2019

Views: 69


Wanted Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook, Volume 8, Variable Stars

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Knasal

Looking for only this one book, Volume #8 on Variable Stars, to complete my collection. Please let me know if you ha...

30 Mar 2019

Views: 69


For Sale Introduction to Cosmology Narlikar 1993 Paperback

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Littlegreenman

Used book with the front right top and bottom corners a little dinged. Writing on the first facing page, but no other...

06 Jan 2019

Views: 67


Wanted Wanted: MaximDL Pro license

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by drmikevt

Maybe you have moved on to another piece of software and never, ever use Maxim anymore. Why keep it around? Let's m...

15 May 2019

Views: 67


Wanted Meade Autostar Suite

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by fullotto

hi, if anyone has purchased a newer Meade lx200gps, ACF or any new Meade telescope. if it came with a copy of the A...

07 Feb 2019

Views: 66


For Sale Secrets of the Night Sky, Bob Bergman

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Starry Messenger

Much prefer local pickup from central Vermont (05733) or will ship at buyer’s expense. Paypal (please add 3%), person...

15 Mar 2019

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For Sale 3 Vol set 1962 Ed. of Amateur Telescope Making

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by joecomet

3 Vols 4th ed. 1962 in very good condition. Signed by Dr. Wayne Wooten of EAAA

03 Jun 2019

Views: 66


For Sale 17 Time Life HC Books ‘Voyage Through the Universe’

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by J A VOLK

Classic high quality astronomy book set – put in storage after purchase – like new, mint except for the one volume sh...

13 Apr 2019

Views: 65


Wanted Cambridge Double Star Atlas

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by Mike W

Looking for a 1st edition (includes optical doubles) Cambridge Double Star Atlas in good-ex cond.

14 Jan 2019

Views: 64


For Sale LX 200 Telescope Original Instruction Manual

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by scopehed

Instruction Manual 7" LX200 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope 8", 10" and 12" LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes Manual...

25 May 2019

Views: 63


For Sale Astronomy Teaching 35 mm Slides / Free

in Software/Books/Magazines/Etc. by astrodoc10

Approximately 100 professionally made astronomy slides in plastic folders previously used for public teaching classes...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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