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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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14 Sep 2019

Views: 105


Wanted Lens Cell for 106mm Objective

By: dan boyar Location: Boynton Beach, FL

Lens cell that will carry a 106mm objective. Jaegers made these but any lens cell that fits such an objective would s...

08 Sep 2019

Views: 107


Wanted 127 mm F9 lens and cell

By: arachman Location: So Cal

I just came into the possession of an Explore Scientific First Light Tube and focuser. However, no objective lens or...

08 Sep 2019

Updated: 15 Sep 2019

Views: 118


Wanted 10" Mirror Blank

By: paviii Location: Connecticut

I am looking for blank made of either Pyrex or Borosilicate. I am not look for plate glass. Hope someone has one tha...

04 Sep 2019

Views: 159


Wanted Large Diameter Telescope Tube

By: Al Paslow Location: Western PA

Looking for a large diameter 15 or 16 inch diameter or more for a reflector build. Length 60 inches or more. Alumin...

16 Aug 2019

Views: 156


Wanted 4” secondary / elliptical flat

By: C3P0 Location: California

Building a binoscope and need a few parts. Looking for a 4” secondary in good condition. Thanks scott

16 Aug 2019

Views: 149


Wanted 4.5" f/4 Mirror

By: Red-Fawn Location: Dothan, AL

Our library loans out telescopes, and a patron broke the primary on one of them. So, were looking for a replacement 4...

12 Aug 2019

Views: 150


Wanted Monochromatic Light Source

By: Dessman Location: Buffalo, NY

Hello, Trying to find a good monochromatic light source for contact interferometry. Thanks! Bryan

12 Aug 2019

Views: 148


Wanted Spherometer Wanted

By: Dessman Location: Buffalo, NY

Hello, Looking for a decent spherometer. Thanks!

04 Aug 2019

Views: 172


Wanted Jaegers 5" F5 lens wanted, lens cell not needed.

By: skycamper Location: Portland OR

Im the guy who broke my grandpas telescope he gave me, while i use it as is now i would still like to find a replacem...

11 Jul 2019

Views: 160


Wanted 10” to 12” Optical Flat

By: Dessman Location: North America

Wanted, a 10” to 12” Optical Flat of decent quality.

08 Jul 2019

Views: 131


Wanted Wanted: dovetail bar!

By: brewtes Location: Albuquerque

I need a Losmandy style dovetail bar at least 14" long, somebody has one...thanks!

08 Jun 2019

Views: 127


Wanted Vintage threaded 60mm lens cell and dew shield

By: tony_spina Location: So Cal

Looking for a 60mm threaded lens cell that has the lens retaining ring and dew shield. the treads on the cell and on...

20 May 2019

Views: 186


Wanted WTB Discovery Split Tube Dobsonian Hardware

By: ojingoh Location: Seattle

Looking to chop my 10" PDHQ tube in half - and I'm looking for the hardware to do it. Also open to swapping tubes if...

14 May 2019

Views: 144


Wanted 10-inch Newtonian Mirror cell

By: BarabinoSr Location: Slidell LA

Looking for a reasonably priced primary mirror cell for a future 10-inch reflector project. Thanks Gary

12 May 2019

Views: 205


Wanted 130mm f5 paraboloid wanted...

By: KerryR Location: N/A

Looking for a 130mm f5 paraboloidal mirror for a grab and go scope. There are lots of spheroids out there, not intere...

12 May 2019

Updated: 22 Jun 2019

Views: 134


Wanted Servocat

By: astroWX Location: Montreal

Hello, I am looking for a Servocat generation 3, if possible. Let me know condition and price. Thanks. Allan Rahill

25 Mar 2019

Views: 132


Wanted Small Secondary Flat Mirror

By: JeffAstro Location: Huntsville, AL

I'm looking for a small secondary flat mirror for a little telescope I'm making for a child. I need a mirror about 1...

21 Mar 2019

Views: 148


Wanted WANTED 6" F5 parabolic mirror

By: ezzulu Location: Bristol, RI

Looking for 6" F5 parabolic mirror for an ATM project...

13 Mar 2019

Views: 132


Wanted 6" mirror cells

By: NeilPerlin Location: Massachusetts

Looking for two (ideally but will settle for one) mirror cells for 6" mirrors.

06 Mar 2019

Views: 129


Wanted Sears/Towa/Tasco 76mm/80mm Sun Shield, any color.

By: jragsdale Location: Boise, ID

Looking for the screw on dew shield, just purchased a project scope to restore and the one that came with it is HAMME...

27 Feb 2019

Views: 194


Wanted Berger Antireflexfarbe flat black OTA paint

By: Klaus_160 Location: Corning, NY

I am looking for this paint: Berger Antireflexfarbe flat black OTA paint Please let me know what you have and we can...

25 Feb 2019

Views: 131


Wanted WTB 40-50mm long or short focus achro or ed lens

By: jag767 Location: US please

Looking for a long achro or short apo lens, in the 40 to 50mm range. Post important is i want a lens with no damage a...

24 Feb 2019

Views: 129


Wanted foucault tester

By: Itz marcus Location: New York

Hi, Anyone have a foucault tester that they are not using? Clear skies Itz

17 Feb 2019

Views: 200


Wanted Celestron Comet Catcher Parts

By: tomb1 Location: San Diego

Just acquired an original orange Celestron Comet Catcher. Someone did some custom work on the secondary replacing th...

10 Feb 2019

Views: 305


Wanted 30”-40” mirror blank Wanted

By: edebvoss Location: Sacramento, CAr

Looking to find a 30”-40” mirror blank. While Pyrex is preferred, plate is still considered if the thickness is 1 1/2...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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