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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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20 Apr 2019

Updated: 22 Apr 2019

Views: 265


For Sale 17 x 0.77" Plate Blank - Generated to your spec

By: mark cowan Location: Salem, OR

This is a 17-1/8 x 0.77" plate blank, good anneal. I'm going to generate it to around f/4 (68" FL) shortly but if you...

16 Nov 2017

Views: 533


For Sale Criterion Dynascope 4" Telescope Parts

By: starbird Location: 95409

These are parts from a criterion dynascope 4" reflector telescope. Primary mirror and cell dynascope 4" reflector...

27 Feb 2018

Views: 238


For Sale 8" Mirror Cell, 3 point support

By: ccaissie Location: 04353

Adjustable fit for 8-12" i.d. tubes. Cast Aluminum Heavy duty cell with clips and 3 point support. Buyer pays shipp...

04 Nov 2018

Views: 187


For Sale Lunt cover plate threaded for a double stack filter

By: doccap111 Location: Florida

Lunt cover plate threaded for a double stack filter This is a slip fit cover threaded for a LS50 filter originally t...

28 Nov 2018

Views: 575


For Sale 16" f/4.5 Meade Primary and 3.5" Secondary - $720

By: bvillebob Location: Eugene, Oregon

I've had these in storage for a few years, it's time to pass them along to someone looking for a good DSO scope. The...

20 Dec 2018

Views: 537


For Sale Vintage 8"F8 Newtonian Parabolic Telescope Mirror Super Planetary

By: starbird Location: 95409

This is a vintage 8" F8 pyrex parabolic mirror. Super planetary long focal length newtonian telescope mirror. In the...

27 Jan 2019

Views: 274


For Sale Mirror cell for 6" primary

By: Augustus Location: Connecticut

This came out of my old 6" f/4.3. Made by somebody on here, not me. Fits a 7.5" inner diameter tube but with longer...

28 Jul 2017

Views: 242


For Sale NICE 2.6" secondary holder with 3point push/pull collimation for sale!

By: MDearingJaxFL Location: Jax, FL

NICE 2.6" secondary holder with 3point push/pull collimation for sale! three way adjust with push/ pull (6) adjusters...

11 Feb 2018

Updated: 18 Feb 2018

Views: 522



By: madeline wiest Location: Pleasanton, CA

8 Inch Telescope Mirror BK7 optical blank. 1.25 inch thick. Purchased from government surplus, have approximately 20.

27 Feb 2018

Views: 276


For Sale 8" mirror cell, 9 point support

By: ccaissie Location: 04353

Adjustable for 8-12" i.d. tubes Complete, has 9 point support, felt pads. Buyer pays shipping, Paypal preferred

13 May 2018

Updated: 13 May 2018

Views: 311


For Sale Melles Griot Non-polarizing Beamsplitter 25.4mm 632.8nm NOS

By: mark cowan Location: salem OR

Hi, This NOS (new old stock) Melles Griot non-polarizing beamsplitter is 25.4mm square and intended for 632.8nm use,...

07 Jul 2018

Views: 382


For Sale Adjustable tripod legs

By: lphilpot Location: Central Louisiana

These are the original legs from an Astro-Tech Voyager ("1") alt-az mount, as seen in one of the photos (Note, I'm se...

18 Jul 2018

Updated: 20 Jul 2018

Views: 388


For Sale Edmund Booklet "Homebuilt Reflector Telescopes" by Sam Brown SOLD

By: johnlynch Location: Leesburg, Virginia

I'm selling a mint condition Edmund Scientific Company booklet "Homebuilt Reflector Telescopes" by Sam Brown. The ins...

29 May 2020

Views: 51


Wanted 9.75" INNER DIAMETER tube rings

By: Hudson NY Location: NY

If anyone has 9.75 inch INNER DIAMETER tube rings, I need them to finish up a project. Any condition, just working pl...

20 Dec 2018

Updated: 20 Dec 2018

Views: 334


For Sale Vintage A. Jaegers 80mm Lens Cell with threaded ring

By: starbird Location: 95409

This is an original A. Jaegers 80mm aluminum lens cell. No lens just the cell. Includes the threaded lens retaining r...

31 Dec 2018

Views: 378


For Sale Vintage Optical Craftsman 10" F5.6 Parabolic Mirror

By: starbird Location: 95409

This is a vintage Optical Craftsman 10" F5.6 Parabolic Primary Mirror. Full thickness pyrex. In storage box marked O...

13 Oct 2019

Updated: 14 Oct 2019

Views: 122


Wanted 10-14 inch f/8 or so Mirrror

By: oviedo Location: FL

Looking for a used 10 to 14 inch f/8 or so mirror for an off-axis scope project. Condition not critical but want to...

17 Nov 2019

Updated: 14 Mar 2020

Views: 167


For Sale Celestron SCT -Visual Back - 1.25" - P/N 93653-A

By: chrisguerra2002 Location: Fresno, CA.

Up for sale is a USED Celestron Visual Back for SCT telescopes. - P/N 93653-A Overall great condition - mechanically...

17 Feb 2020

Views: 66


Wanted 6” Blanks Wanted

By: Dessman Location: Buffalo, NY

Hello, I am intending to teach telescope making to young people focused on a combination of 3D printing and mirror m...

02 May 2020

Views: 228


For Sale 6" Mirror Cell For Sonotube

By: Barry Peckham Location: HI

I built 10 scopes about 15 years ago, using standard 8" Sonotube and these cells. They slip right in to the end of th...

17 May 2020

Updated: 17 May 2020

Views: 149


For Sale GSO 88mm elliptical secondary mirrors

By: mccarthymark Location: Fremont, CA

** The mirror on left is sold. The mirror on the right, with the small divot, is still available ** For sale are 88...

21 Nov 2018

Views: 221


Wanted 16 inch mirror set

By: jakefromporcupine Location: Ontario

Hello. I am still searching for a 16 inch mirror set. F/4.5 would be ideal, but I can adjust for other focal lengt...

31 Dec 2018

Views: 391


For Sale Vintage Criterion 4.25" Optical Set

By: starbird Location: 95409

This is a very vintage criterion 4.25" set of optics and other mechanical parts. This came out of a very old criteri...

01 Feb 2019

Views: 128


Wanted WTB 8" F6-7 or 8 primary mirror

By: bmwscopeguy Location: Canada

Hi All, I'm looking for an 8" primary mirror for a project. Looking for F6, F7, or F8 - preference for the longer ve...

07 Oct 2017

Views: 298


Wanted RAO-style (like Tasco 7TE-5) 2 tube focuser

By: Tenacious Location: Cincinnati

I need this focuser. Have one for sale? Please PM me!

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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