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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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01 Nov 2017

Updated: 05 Nov 2017

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For Sale REDUCED 16"F6 pyrex mirror and diagonal read

By: bob midiri Location: se

Last reduction $925 shipped CONUSA, or $875 picked up.REDUCED: High quality This is pyrex, 16"F6 mirror, with 2.5" di...

02 Jul 2020

Views: 205


Wanted Terrabeam Meade 4" objective lens

By: delorehal Location: worldwilde

I'm looking for a Terrabeam IR 4" objective made by Meade

06 May 2021

Views: 99


Wanted Dobsonian bearing laminate

By: annatsang Location: CT

Looking for 14in x 14in laminate for azimuth dob bearing. Ebony Star preferred but let me know what you have. I am ha...

22 May 2019

Views: 215


Wanted 3.1" secondary mirror with holder

By: clusterbuster Location: Tampa

Looking for a 3.1" Secondary and holder. Mark Please let me know if you have one and how much you want for it

27 Mar 2021

Views: 517


For Sale Vintage Telescope Mount and OTA - Free

By: sunflowerastro Location: Lawrence, Kansas

I am helping a lady find a new home for a telescope mount and OTA that her deceased husband acquired as a project. Th...

18 Jan 2019

Views: 168


Wanted Split Blocks/Clamps for 1" Truss Poles

By: Augustus Location: Connecticut

Of course Aurora just discontinued their 1" truss pole clamps right as I was about to order. Looking for eight for a...

11 Nov 2020

Views: 122


Wanted WTB: "Portable Newtonian Telescopes" by Albert Highe

By: comabereni Location: 84009

Greetings! I'm looking for a copy of this book in nice condition. Please let me know the condition and your asking pr...

01 Jun 2018

Views: 249


Wanted Flockboard for 6" Newt

By: Phillip Creed Location: NE Ohio

I'm looking for a piece of Flock Board for a 6" Newtonian (7"-dia. tube). Doesn't need to be a big piece; maybe 10"-...

20 Feb 2018

Views: 391


Wanted Foucault Tester

By: Aquarius Of The Night Location: Albemarle NC

Looking for a Foucault tester at a reasonable price. Doesn't need Ronchi gratings.

06 Jun 2017

Views: 493


Wanted Small Mirror Sets for School Club

By: -a.e.d Location: Bay Area

Hello, I'm looking for mirror sets for a project for our next year's middle school Makers Club. We will be building...

10 Feb 2021

Updated: 11 Feb 2021

Views: 228


For Sale Takahashi FSQ-85 items, Tube holder, Ed-Extender 1.5x, 1.01 field flattner

By: Chris Montemayor Location: Elgin, TX

For Sale: Takahashi FSQ-85 Tube holder with offset plate part# TSQ0085 - $200 or best offer Takahashi Extender ED 1.5...

28 Feb 2018

Views: 352


Wanted 8" mirror cell

By: foreilly Location: Anywhere

I am in need of an eight inch adjustable mirror cell for an optic I refigured.

16 Aug 2019

Views: 298


Wanted 4” secondary / elliptical flat

By: C3P0 Location: California

Building a binoscope and need a few parts. Looking for a 4” secondary in good condition. Thanks scott

12 May 2019

Views: 281


Wanted 130mm f5 paraboloid wanted...

By: KerryR Location: N/A

Looking for a 130mm f5 paraboloidal mirror for a grab and go scope. There are lots of spheroids out there, not intere...

24 Sep 2019

Views: 290


Wanted Hand controller for old CG5

By: Garyth64 Location: SE Michigan

I'm looking for an old CG5 hand controller, model #93523. It doesn't need to look pretty, it just has to be intact,...

23 Dec 2020

Views: 95


Wanted Wanted 1/8 RPM AC synchronous motor

By: Richard Turner Location: Louisburg NC

Anyone have a 1/8 rpm ac synchronous motor they would like to sell? Thanks, Richard North Carolina

22 May 2019

Views: 194


Wanted WANTED : 10" f7 mirror

By: jjam47 Location: NEW MEXICO

Howdy, I'm looking for a 10" f7 (or close) primary newtonian mirror...and I need it shipped unless you live in the 87...

22 Sep 2020

Updated: 04 Jan 2021

Views: 818


For Sale Aurora Precision Mirror Cell, Spider

By: David Martin Location: Portland, Oregon

The following items are sold:Aurora Precisions Custom-made Plop-designed 9-point mirror cell for 16” f/4.55 mirror to...

20 Sep 2019

Views: 255


Wanted Cameraa to Telescope

By: colum Location: NY

I have decided to keep my 3 1/2 Questar I need an adapter to go to a camera...Preferably Nikon I have not bought the...

20 May 2019

Views: 261


Wanted WTB Discovery Split Tube Dobsonian Hardware

By: ojingoh Location: Seattle

Looking to chop my 10" PDHQ tube in half - and I'm looking for the hardware to do it. Also open to swapping tubes if...

12 Mar 2021

Views: 60


Wanted WTB: 2.60" Secondary Holder

By: peleuba Location: Maryland

Looking to purchase a 2.60" (minor axis) secondary holder. Let me know what you have and the asking price. Thanks!

10 Apr 2017

Updated: 02 May 2017

Views: 456


Wanted 127mm aluminum lens cell

By: levidog2 Location: Washington State

Hi all, I am still looking to replace a lens cell that I have that is made of PVC with one made of aluminum. If you h...

14 Feb 2021

Views: 76


Wanted WANTED: rings for 9-7/8" OD tube

By: psterngold Location: SoCal

Looking for a set of rings for 9-7/8" OD tube (vintage Parks 8" f/6 Newt). Clear skies, Paul

24 Nov 2020

Views: 121


Wanted 10” Pyrex blank or project mirror

By: jjam47 Location: 87031

Howdy, I am in need of a 10” Pyrex mirror blank or a 10” mirror with bad coatings or scratches etc. that I can rewor...

28 Jan 2021

Views: 328


For Sale 10” Phenolic tube for 8” Newtonian - FREE!

By: jim roberts Location: Arizona

Optical Tube: Phenolic Newtonian tube from Gerd Neumann. 10" ID for 8” f/8 scope. 64.5” long. Flat black interior....

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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