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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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14 May 2019

Views: 191


Wanted 10-inch Newtonian Mirror cell

By: BarabinoSr Location: Slidell LA

Looking for a reasonably priced primary mirror cell for a future 10-inch reflector project. Thanks Gary

16 Aug 2019

Views: 192


Wanted 4.5" f/4 Mirror

By: Red-Fawn Location: Dothan, AL

Our library loans out telescopes, and a patron broke the primary on one of them. So, were looking for a replacement 4...

11 Jul 2019

Views: 193


Wanted 10” to 12” Optical Flat

By: Dessman Location: North America

Wanted, a 10” to 12” Optical Flat of decent quality.

17 Nov 2020

Updated: 17 Nov 2020

Views: 194


Wanted Super Old Coulter 4.25" 39$ Replacement Mirror

By: highertheflyer Location: North Central Texas.

I've been working on refurbishing an old Coulter 39 dollar kit that had been my first telescope in the early 1980's....

21 Mar 2019

Views: 196


Wanted WANTED 6" F5 parabolic mirror

By: ezzulu Location: Bristol, RI

Looking for 6" F5 parabolic mirror for an ATM project...

05 Apr 2020

Updated: 05 Apr 2020

Views: 196


Wanted Tak 114 Tube Clamp

By: intiflame Location: Washington

I am looking for a Takahashi 114mm Tube Clamp. Because limited budget I can only afford to pay a maximum of $100.00...

12 Aug 2019

Views: 198


Wanted Spherometer Wanted

By: Dessman Location: Buffalo, NY

Hello, Looking for a decent spherometer. Thanks!

04 Sep 2019

Views: 200


Wanted Large Diameter Telescope Tube

By: Al Paslow Location: Western PA

Looking for a large diameter 15 or 16 inch diameter or more for a reflector build. Length 60 inches or more. Alumin...

18 Apr 2020

Views: 200


Wanted Seeking — 8” f6 Primary Mirror

By: daniel_gillis Location: North Texas

Seeking an 8” f6 Newtonian mirror of excellent figure. My experience base of really good to excellent includes Parks...

18 Sep 2020

Updated: 18 Sep 2020

Views: 201


Wanted secondary refigure

By: greenglass Location: ontario canada

would anyone fix my 2.25" newtonian secondary? It's pyrex. I messed it up in 2009 polishing off the tarnished silver...

03 Oct 2019

Views: 201


Wanted Losmandy Style Dovetail 14"

By: AstroEdge Location: 79699 Abilene Tx

I am looking for a new dovetail, upgrading from a vixen dovetail for my 8" newt. Asking for around $40. Thank you, C...

26 Oct 2018

Views: 206


Wanted OTA Parts from a 3" reflector

By: Bill Friend Location: 04074

Looking for primary cell, secondary holder, spider and focuser from a 3" reflector. Everything except the glass and...

06 Oct 2019

Views: 207


Wanted Tasco/Sears broken/empty Lens Cell or even screws only

By: regis helaine Location: colorado

Would prefer a cell as I would like spares. The missing screw on the picture is what I am missing.

30 Jun 2020

Views: 209


Wanted Surplus Shed 3" Mak optics

By: Matthew Paul Location: Orange County NY

I'm looking to see if anyone has this set of optics that they would like to sell me. I'm getting closer to finishing...

16 Apr 2020

Views: 210


Wanted 8" Mirror

By: thoughtwave Location: Atlanta, GA

Looking to build a dob. Have all the parts except the primary mirror. Looking for something in the f/6 range in good...

06 Sep 2020

Updated: 26 Sep 2020

Views: 211


Wanted WTB tube rings for a small reflector

By: wavefront Location: Colorado

I left a mount outside with a plastic bag over it and the wind pushed it over cracking one of the tube rings. Luckily...

11 May 2018

Views: 211


Wanted 1.83" premium secondary

By: Phillip Creed Location: NE Ohio

I'm on the lookout for a premium-quality (ex: Antares / Astrosystems / Protostar) 1.83"-secondary mirror. Doesn't h...

07 Mar 2018

Views: 213


Wanted Carton 100mm f/13 lens

By: Dorin Blajan Location: Europe

Hi, I want to buy a Carton 100mm f/13 objective lens with or without cell. Preferably in Europe. Thanks, Dorin

19 Jan 2019

Views: 214


Wanted Small Novak-style Diagonal Holder

By: mike welsh Location: NE Illinois

Looking for diagonal holder for small mirror (about 1" m.a., 1.3" max) to fit Ken Novak style spider. If there's a mi...

21 Jun 2018

Views: 214


Wanted Pinhole and Ronchi Grating

By: MarcoItaly Location: Italy

Looking for:mounted quality metal pinhole 20um diameter (or similar). Edmund Optics or Thorlabs.Quality Ronchi gratin...

17 Apr 2018

Views: 215


Wanted Primary Cell for 9" ID sonotube

By: airbleeder Location: GA

I would like to buy an aluminum mirror cell for an 8" Meade reflector. I can use either a non-adjustable or adjustabl...

23 Jan 2019

Views: 219


Wanted 3.1" Secondary Holder / Spider (18") and 16" Mirror Cell

By: gordtulloch Location: USA/Canada

Looking for a spider and secondary holder for a 3.1" secondary (tube ID 18") as well as a 16" mirror cell suitable fo...

24 Jul 2018

Updated: 12 Aug 2018

Views: 220


Wanted 150mm + Plano Concave Lens, Biconcave Lens or Negative Meniscus Lens

By: JA. Location: Australia

Hello Everyone,This is a longshot I know, but I'm looking for a 150mm Diameter or slightly larger Plano Concave, Bico...

26 Jul 2018

Views: 220


Wanted WANTED: University Optics 12.5" primary mirror cell.

By: MDearingJaxFL Location: needed in Jax, FL

Looking for a University Optics 12.5" primary mirror cell. Please include shipping to 32073 (office). Would use PayPa...

13 Nov 2019

Views: 221


Wanted Looking for a mirror cell for 13.1 coulter

By: M Shelton Location: St. George Utah

Hi, our club here in Souther Utah has acquired a coulter 13.1 DOB. We would like to upgrade the mirror cell. anyone...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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