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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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09 Dec 2018

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Wanted Wanted: 4.75" Secondary Holder for Dob.

By: Taosmath Location: Ship to NM 87571

Our club is looking for a holder for the new diagonal mirror we bought for the club Dob. Astrosystems or similar wo...

23 Oct 2020

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Wanted Counter Cell for 152mm Refractor Objective

By: sunrag Location: Indiana

Long shot in case anyone has a trashed 6" refractor (Explorer Scientific AR-152, Celestron 150 HDR, Meade AR-6 etc)...

27 Nov 2019

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Wanted Aluminum Cell for 4.25" Objective

By: dan boyar Location: Boynton Beach, FL

Looking for a cell and aluminum tube for a 4.25" F/8 Jaegers objective. Please let me know what you have and price....

08 Sep 2019

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Wanted 127 mm F9 lens and cell

By: arachman Location: So Cal

I just came into the possession of an Explore Scientific First Light Tube and focuser. However, no objective lens or...

24 Oct 2018

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Wanted 2-inch Teletube/telecat XLS f/3-f/5

By: Kim Jenner Location: 98226

as my description implies.shipping to 98226 .Paypal only.i'll pay shipping and ppal fee. thanks, Kim

06 Mar 2019

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Wanted Sears/Towa/Tasco 76mm/80mm Sun Shield, any color.

By: jragsdale Location: Boise, ID

Looking for the screw on dew shield, just purchased a project scope to restore and the one that came with it is HAMME...

08 Sep 2019

Updated: 15 Sep 2019

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Wanted 10" Mirror Blank

By: paviii Location: Connecticut

I am looking for blank made of either Pyrex or Borosilicate. I am not look for plate glass. Hope someone has one tha...

07 Oct 2019

Views: 148


Wanted Wanted — 12-14" f/4 tested mirror

By: irin Location: NJ

I am looking for a tested primary mirror 12-14" f/4 to build astrograph. If you have one and you would be willing to...

29 Aug 2020

Views: 149


Wanted 13.1 Coulter f4.5 mirror

By: jackstars Location: New Port Richey, l.

WANTED Coulter 13.1" f 4.5 mirror in good shape reasonable

23 Feb 2020

Views: 151


Wanted Mactac Remnant

By: jgort Location: Any

Looking for an astronomical themed (preferred) or dark blue/black piece of sticky-backed vinyl (Mactac or equivalent)...

10 Dec 2018

Views: 152


Wanted Secondary Elliptical Mirrors

By: irin Location: NJ

I am looking secondary mirror 3.5" 1/8pv or better. If you have one and you would be willing to sell please let me kn...

08 Jun 2019

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Wanted Vintage threaded 60mm lens cell and dew shield

By: tony_spina Location: So Cal

Looking for a 60mm threaded lens cell that has the lens retaining ring and dew shield. the treads on the cell and on...

04 Oct 2019

Views: 152


Wanted Looking for 10" blank

By: paviii Location: 06379

Looking for a Pyrex blank. I am not interested in plate glass. Thanks

09 May 2020

Views: 153


Wanted Large Cellular Secondary

By: gatorengineer Location: Anywhere

Well a million to one shot, but worth a try. WTB a large 6.5-7" MA cellular secondary mirror. If you have something...

25 Feb 2019

Views: 154


Wanted WTB 40-50mm long or short focus achro or ed lens

By: jag767 Location: US please

Looking for a long achro or short apo lens, in the 40 to 50mm range. Post important is i want a lens with no damage a...

01 Oct 2019

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Wanted 127mm F 9 lens and cell only

By: arachman Location: SoCal

Need a 127mm F9 lens in a cell. Somewhat flexible on the focal length, I could adjust the tube length. Don't care who...

06 Dec 2018

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Wanted WTB-upper end parts for an 8 inch Newt

By: Bunkybayonet Location: California

I need the whole kit,1.52 secondary mirror, holder and a spider for a 10 inch tube. Thank you, Bill

25 Mar 2019

Views: 156


Wanted Small Secondary Flat Mirror

By: JeffAstro Location: Huntsville, AL

I'm looking for a small secondary flat mirror for a little telescope I'm making for a child. I need a mirror about 1...

26 Oct 2019

Views: 157


Wanted Foucault tester

By: Itz marcus Location: New York

Hi, I just don't seem to have the time to make one sooooo does anyone out there have a functional foucault tester? It...

16 Oct 2018

Views: 157


Wanted Meade Lightbridge 16" mirror cell 18 point

By: Joe G Location: Southern California

Looking for a Meade Lightbridge 16", 18 floating pointmirror cell. Thanks. Joe Gagnon

02 Jul 2020

Views: 159


Wanted Terrabeam Meade 4" objective lens

By: delorehal Location: worldwilde

I'm looking for a Terrabeam IR 4" objective made by Meade

17 Nov 2020

Updated: 17 Nov 2020

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Wanted Super Old Coulter 4.25" 39$ Replacement Mirror

By: highertheflyer Location: North Central Texas.

I've been working on refurbishing an old Coulter 39 dollar kit that had been my first telescope in the early 1980's....

12 Nov 2018

Views: 159


Wanted WTB-7" Hastings tube 5' long

By: tag1260 Location: Eastern Ohio

Looking for a 5" long piece (actually a 4' and a 1') or (a 4' of 7" and a 1' of 8") of Hasting aluminum tube 7"...

24 Feb 2019

Views: 159


Wanted foucault tester

By: Itz marcus Location: New York

Hi, Anyone have a foucault tester that they are not using? Clear skies Itz

22 Apr 2020

Views: 159


Wanted rocker box and altitude bearings for 10" DOB.

By: Cosmicpeeper Location: tampabay , FL

want help converting my mead 10" EQ starfinder to a DOB. looking for rocker box and altitude bearings also any plans,...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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