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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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12 Jul 2017

Views: 126


Wanted Wanted Kendrick or any 12 inch meade dew system

in Misc. Items by lessrahkmin

I am looking for any type of 12 inch meade dew system. Thanks.

18 Jul 2017

Views: 158


Wanted Explore Scientific 127 Hard Case ***WANTED***

in Misc. Items by jag32

I am looking to purchase an Explore Scientific 127 hard case. Thanks and please contact me if you've got one for sale.

22 Jul 2017

Views: 160


Wanted Exploradome automation, rotational or shutter

in Misc. Items by Mike22335

I'm looking to update my exploradome with automation for rotation and shutter opening. If anyone has either of these...

01 Aug 2017

Views: 147


Wanted Solar finder

in Misc. Items by azbobby1949

Looking for a Solar finder for my 6se Celestron.

03 Aug 2017

Views: 178


Wanted WTB-Pair of encoders for Sky Commander

in Misc. Items by tag1260

Looking to buy a couple of encoders for my Sky Commander. 4000 or 4096 or whatever would be fine. If you have a coupl...

05 Aug 2017

Views: 167


Wanted Draw tube wanted

in Misc. Items by dan105540

Need a draw tube for a Jason 313 454x telescope.

08 Aug 2017

Views: 206


Wanted old toy telescopes form J C Penney 68-72

in Misc. Items by lit

looking for the 3 inch Stevens and the 50 mm table top refractor form that era they were my first scopes when l was...

15 Aug 2017

Views: 152


Wanted Autocollimation flat 20 - 24"

in Misc. Items by Tony Owens

I'm looking for a good quality mid-sized autocollimation mirror for astronomical instrument R&D. Must be made fro...

23 Aug 2017

Views: 181


Wanted Explore Scientific Hard Case for 102 Triplet

in Misc. Items by astrnmr

I am looking for a good condition hard case for the ES102ED Triplet APO refractor. If you have one for sale, please l...

28 Aug 2017

Views: 151


Wanted Wanted: Parallax Rings for a C14 OTA

in Misc. Items by skywatcher3000

Searching for Parallax or similar hinged tube rings to hold a C14 OTA (NOT the dovetail type bar mount).

03 Sep 2017

Updated: 03 Sep 2017

Views: 188


Wanted Baader ClickClock 2"

in Misc. Items by snoraste

Looking for one if anyone has

09 Sep 2017

Updated: 10 Sep 2017

Views: 140


Wanted Wanted: TEMPest fans for Edge 11 SCT

in Misc. Items by freerobby

I'm looking for the TEMPest fans kit for my Edge 11 SCT.

15 Sep 2017

Views: 151


Wanted Eyepiece heater strap

in Misc. Items by coconut

Need some 1.25"and 2" in good condition.

18 Sep 2017

Views: 142


Wanted 7" or 9" Dovetail D bar

in Misc. Items by fco_star

Hi I'm looking for a 7' or 9" Dovetail D style bar, please let me know your price shipped to 79707? could be ADM or L...

23 Sep 2017

Updated: 28 Sep 2017

Views: 232


Wanted 10-12" Forks....

in Misc. Items by AUricle

Looking primarily for Meade 10-12" forks from the LX 3,5,6 era,....if there is a drive base/wedge included ....workin...

02 Oct 2017

Views: 183


Wanted A box for shipping a 12" mirror

in Misc. Items by Sam M

I'm stumped on where to get a 14 x 14 x 6 box, short of buying a new pack of 25 from a shipping supplier. Seems a li...

04 Oct 2017

Views: 139


Wanted WANTED Takahashi Collimating scope

in Misc. Items by Chris.Baron

If you have one lying about and don't need it anymore, I'll happily take it off your hands. Even if you don't have th...

08 Oct 2017

Views: 143


Wanted Celestron 8 Front Dust Cap

in Misc. Items by slsnider423

I'm looking for an original Celestron 8 front dust cap. The cap is made of black plastic, has a knob in the center, a...

09 Oct 2017

Views: 172


Wanted 2" SCT Visual Back / Diagonal

in Misc. Items by SnowLeopard702

Hey all, Looking around to see if anyone has an inexpensive 2" SCT Visual Back and/or Diagonal for sale. Thank...

12 Oct 2017

Updated: 12 Oct 2017

Views: 139


Wanted 2" Filter Slider for 6 filters

in Misc. Items by Jeff Struve

Hi all... I'm in the market to purchase a like new, with box and paperwork, filter slider... Orion makes one that ho...

15 Oct 2017

Views: 152


Wanted WTB - Case for Vixen VMC200L

in Misc. Items by Mordakyblu

I'm looking for a case for my Vixen VMC200L.

21 Oct 2017

Views: 147


Wanted Celestron 8 Front Dust Cover

in Misc. Items by slsnider423

I'm looking for a front dust cover for my orange tube C8. This cover is the black plastic model with the knob in fro...

22 Oct 2017

Views: 184


Wanted 2.7" OD to 2" ID Adapter

in Misc. Items by Rich Nugent

I'd like to find an adapter to allow a vintage Jaegers focuser to accommodate 2" eyepieces. Does anyone have one of t...

23 Oct 2017

Views: 153


Wanted Wanted: screws for Orion 8 in. tube rings

in Misc. Items by refractory

Hi. I have a couple of 8 Orion tube rings which don't seem to accept American sized screws, and I don't want to force...

26 Oct 2017

Views: 150


Wanted televue powermate t-Ring Adapters

in Misc. Items by papaouiee

I am looking for: 1.) televue powermate t-Ring Adapter for the 2" 2X powermate 2.) televue 1.25" televue powermate...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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