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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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14 Feb 2018

Views: 143


Wanted Looking for 2" Glatter 635nm collimator

in Misc. Items by Guy Earle

I'm looking for a 2" Glatter collimator, preferably 635 nm (I already have purchased a Blug), Thank you, and clear s...

18 Feb 2018

Updated: 04 Mar 2018

Views: 149


Wanted Looking for filter slider hyperstar C6.

in Misc. Items by chijesep

I am looking for hyperstar filter slider for C6 with or without 1.25 filter adapter. I use an atik 400 series.

20 Feb 2018

Views: 135


Wanted WTB Howie Glatter circle holographic projection

in Misc. Items by EFLT

hi there I want to buy a Howie Glatter circle holographic projection, please PM me if you have one. thank you

20 Feb 2018

Views: 216


Wanted Looking for approx 20-25 prs of Eclipse Glasses

in Misc. Items by ruachsheavens

anybody got a stockplile left over from the eclispe? will pay via paypal - thanks

21 Feb 2018

Views: 150


Wanted Field Flattener for Explore Scientific ED80CF Triplet Apo f/6 refractor

in Misc. Items by nikulsuthar

Want to buy a field flattener for my Explore Scientific ED80CF Triplet Apo f/6 refractor. It could be any brand but s...

25 Feb 2018

Views: 173


Wanted Earth rise Photos

in Misc. Items by lit

hi l would have an interst in Earth Rise Pics maybe larger size and or any size like the Apollo 8 first photo shot...

28 Feb 2018

Views: 149


Wanted large print size Earth Rise Poster or Photos

in Misc. Items by lit

lookin for extra large Photo or Poster of Apollo Earth Rise wall mount size framed/unframed thanks

05 Mar 2018

Views: 175


Wanted CGE dovetail for older C9.25

in Misc. Items by mejacobs

I'm looking for a CGE dovetail (excellent condition) for a Celestron C9.25. This is an older carbon-fiber model, so i...

06 Mar 2018

Views: 191


Wanted Large Orion case or the like

in Misc. Items by astrofossilbee

I am looking for a large Orion case with most of the foam intact or anything similar. Thank you, Richard

15 Mar 2018

Views: 199


Wanted Takahashi 2" compression ring and 1.25" visual back

in Misc. Items by adavoli

I am looking for the adapters shown in the attached image for a new Takahashi telescope that I recently purchased. T...

17 Mar 2018

Views: 261


Wanted 2” Male to SCT Male Adapter

in Misc. Items by bulak

Hi all, I’m toying with the idea of using my f/6.3 SCT focal reducer on my f/6.25 refractor. So I need this adapter....

26 Mar 2018

Views: 124


Wanted dovetail bar for Meade 8" SCT OTA

in Misc. Items by SebaAstro

I deforked an LX10 and i am looking for a dovetail bar for the 8" SCT OTA. If you have one that can be adapted to it...

29 Mar 2018

Views: 156


Wanted Stellarvue 90mm Clamshell

in Misc. Items by ryderc1

I'm looking for a Stellarvue (or similar) clamshell with a 90mm inside diameter. If you have one in excellent conditi...

30 Mar 2018

Views: 241


Wanted JMI Hand Control Holder – NexStar

in Misc. Items by localhost

Looking for one if you have one you're not using and wanna sell it, Message me price and shipping cost.

27 Apr 2018

Updated: 30 Apr 2018

Views: 166


Wanted WANTED: Takahashi FS 60C Clamshell or Rings FOUND!

in Misc. Items by dvshp

Hello, I found a Takahashi FS 60C at NEAF this year (I needed a small travelling scope) and I am having a bit of a ha...

29 Apr 2018

Views: 139


Wanted Alnitak Flip-Flat Flat Fielder

in Misc. Items by AstroGabe

Looking for an Alnitak Flip-Flat electroluminescent panel. Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks fo...

06 May 2018

Views: 154


Wanted Baader Click-Lock Clamp for Sky-Watcher 120ED

in Misc. Items by indestructikool

Hello,I'm looking for a Baader Click-Lock clamp that threads into the draw tube of a Sky-Watcher 120ED refractor. It...

23 May 2018

Views: 145


Wanted Pacific Designs 9.25 softcase WANTED

in Misc. Items by dougspeterson

Wanted: Not the OTA case, but the larger case that holds the one arm bandit mount OTA attached, the 9.25 Evolution....

01 Jun 2018

Views: 290


Wanted WANTED: Los Angeles Astronomical Society artifacts

in Misc. Items by Lew Chilton

I am the historian for the Los Angeles Astronomical Society (1926-present). I'm looking to add to its archive any and...

11 Jun 2018

Views: 138



in Misc. Items by Ballyhoo

If you have either an Argo Navis, or Nexus digital setting circle that works as intended and you no longer use the de...

13 Jun 2018

Views: 136


Wanted Orion AccuFocus motor focuser

in Misc. Items by Martin A Cohen

Let me know if you have one that is not being used. Astromania sells the same model. Thanks! Martin

13 Jun 2018

Views: 176



in Misc. Items by Ballyhoo

IF you have a device read the darkness and you would like to sell it then please contact me. I am looking for a devi...

19 Jun 2018

Updated: 19 Jun 2018

Views: 176


Wanted Wanted- 48" long hard scope case

in Misc. Items by tag1260

Looking for a hard scope case about 48" long . Can be home built if it isn't too heavy. Need pics and price shipped....

20 Jun 2018

Views: 167


Wanted connector and small parts for Orion Accufocus

in Misc. Items by Martin A Cohen

I am looking for the smaller parts of an Orion (or Astromania) Accufocus. I have the hand controller and the main cyl...

22 Jun 2018

Views: 120


Wanted 3x Lens Magnifier for PVS-7 Night Vision Device

in Misc. Items by mro1211

Hi, I have a PVS-7 night vision goggle and I am looking for a 3x magnifier lens Model MX-11683/U for it. thanks

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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