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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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06 Feb 2019

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in Misc. Items by Valentin G

UNIVERSAL CHAIR FOR ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS is the devise for comfort increasing during your astronomical observi...

28 Mar 2018

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For Sale scope covers

in Misc. Items by charlie 14.5

Pictured are several scope end covers. I'll ship to you for a meager $20.00 to cover paypal and shipping. Charlie

03 Aug 2017

Updated: 31 Aug 2017

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For Sale Replacement Lens for Meade LNT Red Dot Smart Finder fits ETX-PE

in Misc. Items by scopehed

Lexan Replacement Lens for Meade LNT Smart Finder fits ETX-PE Series TelescopesNeed a replacement lens for your Meade...

21 Dec 2017

Updated: 21 Dec 2017

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For Sale HOLIDAY SPECIALS - Hodgepodge of Stuff

in Misc. Items by Stan Lopata

SOLD - Astro Systems Scope Coat Cover - for 8" SCTs(possibly for 10" SCTs too) - has various stains, but is completel...

05 Feb 2018

Updated: 22 Feb 2018

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For Sale Accessories (eyepieces, deep-sky filter, etc.) and book lot

in Misc. Items by cepeter

Price drop: $175 now $150 shippedI have left the astronomy hobby for the time being. For sale here are the odds and e...

17 Jan 2018

Updated: 22 Jan 2018

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For Sale Bahtinov Focusing Masks from 80mm to 14" New and Used

in Misc. Items by ruachsheavens

OK - these have been hanging around long enough :-)2 - Astrozap AZ-410 - for 10" SCTb Telescopes. 1 new, 1 used - New...

24 Dec 2017

Views: 485


For Sale Focus Wheel

in Misc. Items by Dana Wright

Focus Wheel, helps reduce the sensitivity of your focuser on your SCT. Just slide on, tighten the set screw, and you...

22 Jan 2018

Views: 487


For Sale C9.25 XLT coatings, LXD75, Eyepieces and more

in Misc. Items by Bob22222

Celestron 9.25 Starbright XLT. Excellent Optics. Never been opened or cleaned except for a light blow bulb and camel...

15 Mar 2018

Views: 490


For Sale Astro Tripod Ladder

in Misc. Items by summitday

FREE to anyone who can pick this unique astronomy accessory - my tripod ladder. Self-leveling on uneven ground and v...

17 May 2017

Updated: 17 May 2017

Views: 493


For Sale Custom Dolly for Telescope Tripod

in Misc. Items by scopehead

Custom made dolly for telescope tripod for sale brand new. Made of Western Red Cedar. Note the channels for adjustmen...

06 Nov 2018

Updated: 06 Nov 2018

Views: 494


For Sale A Bag of Bolts for ????? Cheap

in Misc. Items by Paul Winn

I have a bunch of bolts (17 of them) for wedges, tripods or whatever See Photos Selling cheap for $37.00 Shipped No...

14 Dec 2017

Views: 496


For Sale Hubble 5-Star Artificial Stars

in Misc. Items by hubble-optics

The Hubble 5-star Artificial Star has been featured in the New Product Showcase (p.40) in the September, 2009 issue o...

26 May 2018

Updated: 03 Jun 2018

Views: 497


For Sale Starlab Planetarium

in Misc. Items by Focusonspace

Starlab planetarium for sale, includes 16ft wide by 11ft tall dome, projector, six projection cylinders, and blower....

15 Feb 2019

Views: 497


For Sale Military items

in Misc. Items by Couder

I've had all these for years, time to get something else. Periscope for M6 tank. Army green crackle finish, tiny bit...

20 Aug 2019

Updated: 20 Aug 2019

Views: 501


For Sale Garage Sale, odds and ends

in Misc. Items by bunyon

Trying to clean out the collection a bit. All prices USD and include shipping in CONUS. Will discuss international co...

12 Aug 2018

Views: 507


For Sale Large SCT Case and Smaller Heavy Duty Case

in Misc. Items by GMAN47

I have two Blue large cases that should hold an 8" SCT. Exterior size - L24 1/2" X H12" X D12 1/2" Inteior size -...

03 Apr 2018

Views: 509


For Sale B.Crist Couder Miniature

in Misc. Items by Camcon101

Barry Crist, upon retiring, sold me the balance of his inventory. I (very greedily) kept one of every model for mysel...

15 Oct 2018

Views: 514


For Sale Garage Sale: Nexstar 6SE, AVX, Canon T6

in Misc. Items by Ithyphallic

Unfortunately I have come across some circumstances and need money, so all of my equipment is for sale. I would prefe...

19 Apr 2017

Updated: 23 Apr 2017

Views: 515


For Sale Nikon SMZ-10 Trinocular Zoom Microscope -Reduced

in Misc. Items by JohnDH

I have for sale a Nikon SMZ-10 Trinocular Zoom Microscope. Zoom range is .66 - 4X. It includes two Nikon 10X21 eyepie...

28 Aug 2018

Views: 516


For Sale Carbon Fiber Tube for C-14! (Last one!)

in Misc. Items by Frank Uroda

Hi everyone,We have built another set of C-14 carbon fiber replacement tubes and we have just 1 left unsold. The tube...

10 Jan 2018

Views: 528


For Sale Minolta spotting scope FV63

in Misc. Items by pjgerb65

I have a nice Minolta spotting scope with a 20-50x zoom eyepiece. There are 2 dents in the filter threads when I boug...

02 Nov 2018

Updated: 03 Nov 2018

Views: 531


For Sale Assorted Items

in Misc. Items by DickG

I have been cleaning out some of my excess items and here are a few more.Manfrotto 496RC2 Compact Ball Head with rele...

15 Apr 2019

Updated: 09 Oct 2019

Views: 536


For Sale Black Sky Meter - a device for measuring the brightness of the night sky

in Misc. Items by Astrogadget

Black Sky Meter - this is an innovative product for the observer of the stars. Within seconds you can determine the b...

24 Dec 2018

Updated: 27 Dec 2018

Views: 537



in Misc. Items by Valentin G

is the devise for comfort increasing during your astronomical observing. AstroStool is made due to concept ¬ęThe Denve...

30 Jan 2018

Updated: 05 Feb 2018

Views: 537


For Sale Celestron Parts

in Misc. Items by Curt1000

1.25-inch Celestron Visual Back w/original box (Japan) $15.00 Very Good (((SOLD))) 1.25-inch Celestron 2X Barlow w/or...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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