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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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15 Jun 2019

Updated: 13 Sep 2019

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For Sale LX200 Classic Parts - PRICES REDUCED!

in Misc. Items by bigburrito225

I came across a 10" LX200 Classic at a local estate auction for a widow who was downsizing after her husband's death....

25 Feb 2018

Updated: 04 Jul 2018

Views: 552


For Sale Howie Glatter 2 inch Collimator 635nm

in Misc. Items by Camcon101

The complete line of Howie Glatter Collimators is available from our store! $8 shipping CONUS * Single red beam ope...

09 Jul 2019

Updated: 10 Jul 2019

Views: 563


For Sale Carbon Fiber Tube for C-14! (only 2 left!)

in Misc. Items by Frank Uroda

Hi everyone,We have built another set of C-14 carbon fiber replacement tubes and we have just 2 left unsold. The tube...

19 Dec 2018

Updated: 21 Dec 2018

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For Sale Small Hard Carrying Case for Spotting Scope or Small Telescope

in Misc. Items by scopehed

Small Hard Carrying Case for Spotting Scope or Small Telescope Comes with Carrying Strap that hooks onto case dimensi...

11 Nov 2017

Updated: 10 Dec 2017

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For Sale DSUSB-IR1 USB Shutter Control

in Misc. Items by DennisR

Cleaning out the observatory. All are lilke new and include shipping and paypal cost. DSUSB-IR1 USB Shutter Contro...

21 Aug 2019

Views: 574


For Sale great stuff

in Misc. Items by mikkelson12

pp is ok shipping $8.00

07 Mar 2018

Updated: 11 Mar 2018

Views: 577


For Sale YES Watch, the Astronomer's Watch, $265 shipped

in Misc. Items by Shneor

The Inca-style YES Watch has one 24-hour hand plus digital time, shows the exact current moon phase,sunrise/sunset an...

10 Jul 2017

Views: 579


For Sale Ideal Location to View the Total Solar Eclipse

in Misc. Items by HFR

Private Ranch on the Henry’s Fork without the crowds.Do you want to get away from the crowds and watch the Total Sola...

09 Mar 2019

Updated: 15 Mar 2019

Views: 583


For Sale Meade, Unitron, Questar, Edmund Misc Parts

in Misc. Items by Compressorguy

Some spring cleaning1. Meade (Japan) 6.3 Focal Reducer Field Flattener, bolt case and instructions, like new $65 ship...

24 Oct 2017

Views: 584


For Sale .....and even MORE cases for sale :-)

in Misc. Items by ruachsheavens

All are fully functional - priced and described in the order pictured from top bottom: 1) large aluminum case - ext...

30 Apr 2017

Views: 585


For Sale Hubble 5-Star Artificial Stars

in Misc. Items by hubble-optics

The Hubble 5-star Artificial Star has been featured in the New Product Showcase (p.40) in the September, 2009 issue o...

25 Mar 2017

Updated: 13 May 2017

Views: 587


For Sale Random Stuff - Orion SW 5mm, Wedge, Plate, Telrad **MAKE OFFER**

in Misc. Items by crenshaw4x

Ok, I have a random lot of 4 items that I would love to pack up and ship as one. This kinda clears out my astro garag...

31 Mar 2017

Views: 588


For Sale Collimators...

in Misc. Items by donsurles

For Sale... Orion Laser Mate Collimators...$50 ea Orion Laser Mate Pro Collimator...$65 Tectron Collimators...$60 for...

09 Jun 2017

Views: 588


For Sale Armillary

in Misc. Items by lerik

Brass and Iron Armillary by Van Cort Standing seven feet tall with an outer radius of 40” and complete with a massive...

18 Aug 2018

Updated: 19 Aug 2018

Views: 592


For Sale Wooden Observing Chair

in Misc. Items by bartine

No matter how hard I try - I can only use one at a time! Nice, wooden chair - $70 Buyer pays shipping, or pick u...

18 Oct 2017

Views: 598


For Sale Scope Tote

in Misc. Items by astronomy-shoppe.com

"Scope-Tote "allows you to transport and remove the OTA from the cradle without twisting, bending and straining your...

17 Jun 2018

Updated: 17 Jun 2018

Views: 599


For Sale Garage Sale(Filter, Eyepiece,Bahtinov Mask)

in Misc. Items by cyclops12321

I am closing the shop so got a few stuffs I need to get rid of . All of them are in excellent condition , a few unuse...

11 Sep 2019

Updated: 13 Sep 2019

Views: 636


For Sale Cleaning up: Misc items

in Misc. Items by kyle528

Most of these items I got in a package deal with a recent dob purchase, and I have no place for them. Orion 1.25" di...

12 Jun 2017

Updated: 03 Jul 2017

Views: 687


For Sale Huge Campo del Cielo meteorite! Iron/Nickel Museum quality.

in Misc. Items by Frank Uroda

Amazing 64 pound (Over 29,000 grams!) Campo del Cielo meteorite with spectacular shape and thumbprints.I have been se...

06 Jun 2018

Views: 690


For Sale Garage Sale

in Misc. Items by Augustus

Clearing out the junk drawer.1.5" Secondary Mirror Holder - Decent shape, paint wearing off and missing two screws. $...

26 Aug 2017

Updated: 24 Jan 2019

Views: 710


For Sale Apollo 15 Lunar Dust from the Hadley-Apennine Region of the moon

in Misc. Items by EdM2

This lunar dust obtained from the Apollo 15 mission came from the inside of a stowage bag used by astronaut Dave Scot...

17 Jan 2018

Updated: 18 Jan 2018

Views: 749


For Sale Parts and odd and ends

in Misc. Items by astronomy-shoppe.com

I'm Spring Cleaning and have lots of parts, and odds and ends, prices include shipping.. Orignal Brandon 2" Diagonal...

14 Dec 2017

Views: 751


For Sale Astrophotography setup (Scope, mount, cameras, dew heater, filters, etc)

in Misc. Items by jessejames77

***I am located in the Niagara region of Ontario and listed the prices in Canadian***Due to some unforeseen circumsta...

06 Nov 2017

Updated: 07 Nov 2017

Views: 752


For Sale A Few Goodies

in Misc. Items by crazyqban

Up for sale are some odds and ens that I haven't used for a while. Set of 6 Losmandy tripod knobs... $40 Home made V...

26 Jul 2018

Updated: 22 Aug 2019

Views: 752


For Sale CAV LAND FOR SALE (Chiefland Sale)

in Misc. Items by johnnovak

CAV LAND FOR SALE: Ten (10) extremely dark acres for optimum observing & astrophotography opportunities in Chiefl...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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