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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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29 Dec 2020

Views: 23


Wanted Alnitak Flip Flat 4-6"

By: floroembuido Location: Texas

If you have it and would like to sell, pls. pm me. Thank you!

17 Jan 2021

Views: 25


Wanted WANTED: Pocket Powerbox Advance

By: JosephATL Location: Atlanta

I'm looking for a Pegasus Pocket Powerbox Advance.

12 Jan 2021

Views: 25


Wanted WTB: Dew heater straps for 80mm and 50mm

By: Jbw7227 Location: Cedar Park, TX

Hello, Looking for good condition dew heater straps that will fit an 80mm refractor and 50mm guidescope. Let me kn...

10 Jan 2021

Views: 26


Wanted Farpoint 2" Autocollimator

By: Augustus Location: Connecticut

Looking for one in good shape.

23 Dec 2020

Views: 29


Wanted 121mm Tube Rings

By: Gary L Yarbrough Location: Paragould AR

I'm looking for a set of 121mm or so tube rings. With a dovetail would be great it it fits a celestron CG5 mount. P...

16 Jan 2021

Views: 30


Wanted Pentax Clamshell for 75mm EDHF or SDHF

By: Steve_M_M Location: Texas

Title says it all :) If you have one, please let me know. Thank you!

30 Nov 2020

Views: 31


Wanted M68 to M60 Reducer

By: rk2k2 Location: CA

I've been looking and looking and the only thing I found was a Baader M68 to M60 reducer (Baader Reducer M68-M60 for...

16 Jan 2021

Views: 31


Wanted 6" and 12" Dew Heaters 12vdc

By: DarodG8R Location: Florida

I need a couple 12v dew heaters. Going to use my Pegasus Powerbox to power them. One for my ZWO 30mm guide scope (15...

Today, 01:01 AM

Views: 34


Wanted Celestron Accessory Tray- Spreader Bar

By: Lori Prause Location: PHoenix

I need the accessory tray for a standard Celestron tripod or CPC tripod. Please let me know if you have one.

09 Jan 2021

Views: 36


Wanted 125mm Tube Rings

By: Cometeer Location: California

Looking for a set of premium 125mm tube rings. Something like Primalucelab or Moonlite.

10 Oct 2020

Views: 37


Wanted 17mm Takahashi TKA31581 Vari / Extension Ring

By: namsel Location: Cambridge, MA

Hello Everyone,I am searching for a new or used: 17mm Takahashi TKA31581 Vari / Extension RingHere is a picture of it...

29 Nov 2020

Views: 38



By: Ethanwyh Location: Portland

Hi all, i'm looking for a QHY OAG-M that's in good, useable condition. If you have one that you're looking to sell, p...

31 Oct 2020

Views: 38


Wanted Wanted - Tak fc-50/fc-60 clamshell (68mm)

By: zsb04 Location: AZ

Hello, This is a long shot request, but looking for a Tak fc-50/fc-60 clamshell (68mm). Appreciate any help. Thanks Z

22 Jan 2021

Views: 39


Wanted DEW heater Control set

By: Alware Location: FL, Sarasota

Looking for a gently used DEW heater Control including if possible straps for a 4 inches refractor.. Ship to FL, PayP...

29 Dec 2020

Views: 41


Wanted looking for a celestron oag

By: patrickrebstock Location: California

Im looking for a celestron oag, if you have one you are not using and would like to sell let me know, im looking to...

12 Oct 2020

Views: 42


Wanted Wanted: Dew Zapper straps for 8" Edge and 60mm guidescope

By: SandyC8 Location: TN

Hi, I'm looking for Dew Zapper straps for an 8" Edge and a 60mm guidescope. If you have the above and willing to p...

14 Dec 2020

Views: 42


Wanted Questar Table top legs-Old Style-Slip fit.

By: Toddeo Location: Arizona, 85650

I know it's a long shot-but I have been looking(for quite awhile) for a set of three-old style(slip fit) table top le...

18 Oct 2020

Views: 42


Wanted WTB: Flat-Man L

By: dhaval Location: 78681

Hello all, I am looking to purchase an excellent condition Alnitak Flat-Man L. If you have one that you're looking to...

22 Jan 2021

Views: 43


Wanted Astro-Tech .8x Reducer Flattener

By: ljkamler Location: Utah

Does anyone have an Astro-tech reducer flattener they'd be willing to sell? I'd prefer the ATRF72 that is made for th...

24 Dec 2020

Views: 44


Wanted WTB: Orion carry bag for 10" dob OTA.

By: SlyStrat Location: OH

My OTA is 48" long.

27 Nov 2020

Views: 45


Wanted Wanted: Reducer for Skywatcher 72 Evostar Refractor

By: spyderbench Location: 29488

Hi, I'm looking for a Reducer/ Corrector for my Skywatcher 72 Evostar. Please message me if you have one to sell. Th...

29 Nov 2020

Views: 45


Wanted Orion Autoguider Deluxe Package

By: Astrofiziks Location: Rhode Island

I'm looking into buying an autoguider package (24437) for my setup and would like to get this one. If you have this a...

17 Nov 2020

Views: 45


Wanted Wanted: ZWO-to-NIKON T2 Adapter

By: slabkoff Location: CT

I'm looking to connect my ZWO ASI183mcPro to some Nikon lenses that I have for some wide field (really wide field) sh...

13 Oct 2020

Views: 46


Wanted Looking for Pegasus Power Box Advance

By: Ethanwyh Location: Portland

Doesn't matter if its V1 or V2, do let me know if you have one to offload I will foot the full cost of shipping and p...

20 Jan 2021

Views: 46


Wanted Looking for Baader Hyperion Digital T Adapter - 43 mm to T-2 - HTA43/T2

By: lavared Location: Texas

Looking for Digital T Adapter - 43 mm to T-2 - HTA43/T2 to connect baader hyperion zoom mark iv to canon eos camera t...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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