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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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20 Jan 2018

Views: 206


Wanted Kenrick dewstrap to fit 6" refractor

By: critter12952 Location: Ruch, OR 97530

Kendrick (or similar) dewstrap for 6" APM refractor, have the controller. Cosmetics not as important as functionality...

28 Jul 2018

Views: 207


Wanted Part/bracket for ETX125 LNT

By: EdIII Location: Florence, SC

I would like to find a bracket from a parted out ETX 125 LNT. It is the bracket that fits on the back of the OTA and...

05 Feb 2020

Views: 211


Wanted Agena 20mm wireless illuminated Reticle

By: dave85374 Location: Surprise, AZ

Looking for Agena 1.25" Wireless Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece with Focusable Dual Crosshair - 20mm.

15 Feb 2020

Views: 211


Wanted Alnitak Flip-Flat for 8" OTA

By: itsyouguy Location: NC

Need an Alnitak Flip-Flat for 8" OTA in working condition.

05 Jul 2018

Views: 212


Wanted 2.50 Dioptrx WANTED - to buy or trade for 2.00/2.25

By: MattT Location: Northern California

My astigmatism is a little worse and I need to increase my correction with Dioptrx 2.50. If you have one or two in ex...

29 Nov 2017

Views: 212


Wanted Wanted Hard Dew Shield for ETX 90

By: EdIII Location: Florence, SC

Wanted. Hard “screw in” dew shield for ETX90. Thanks.

31 Oct 2018

Views: 213


Wanted Laser Pointer

By: imzaphod Location: Flagstaff AZ

If anyone has one they dont need I will pay 75% market price. Green laser only please. Thank you all!

12 Jul 2017

Views: 218


Wanted Wanted Kendrick or any 12 inch meade dew system

By: lessrahkmin Location: Ohio

I am looking for any type of 12 inch meade dew system. Thanks.

17 Feb 2020

Views: 221


Wanted Williams Optics Flat 6AIII

By: HowardSD Location: CA

I'm looking for a good to excellent condition WO Flat 6AIII 0.8 Reducer/Flattener, if you have one you wish to part w...

08 Nov 2017

Views: 222


Wanted DewBuster Controller

By: PlanetOrion Location: California

I'm looking for a DewBuster Controller with temperature sensors in good working condition. If you have a dew strap fo...

11 Jul 2018

Views: 223


Wanted Wanted: Celestron C11 Nexstar Tube Counter Weights

By: unitron_man Location: Boston

Wanted tube counter weights for Celestron C11 Nexstar

04 Nov 2017

Views: 224


Wanted Meade #1401 Tube Balance Bar

By: Kegan128 Location: Redding CA

Just looking for the tube slider bar for a Meade #1401 counterweight set. I am willing to purchase the complete set,...

15 Nov 2017

Views: 224


Wanted WTB Dew Shield/Dust Cap

By: zakry3323 Location: Pittsburgh

Hi, I'm looking for a replacement dew shield and dust cap for my Orion ED80. Generics/Third party absolutely fine. Go...

29 Nov 2017

Views: 224


Wanted WTB- 4000 tic encoders

By: tag1260 Location: Eastern Ohio

Looking for a nice set of 4000 tic encoders for use with a Sky Commander. If you upgraded to higher count encoders an...

23 Jun 2018

Views: 225


Wanted 1.25" Howie Glatter 650nm Collimator and Tublug

By: mfoose Location: Lancaster, PA

Hi, I am looking for a 1.25" Howie Glatter 650nm standard red collimator and a 1.25" tublug. Please let me know if y...

26 Sep 2019

Views: 226


Wanted WANTED: Televue Dew Shield

By: Mister T. Location: Madison, Wisconsin area

I'm in need of a screw on dew shield for either a Televue Genesis or Renaissance Anybody got one lying around?

17 Aug 2018

Views: 226


Wanted Selsi model 254 manual or photocopy of same

By: marcodelat Location: Key Largo, Florida

Need a manual for my Selsi 254 "Astronomicla" telescope. Please xdendinfo to: marcodelat@hotmail.com Thank you - Go...

29 Apr 2018

Views: 227


Wanted Alnitak Flip-Flat Flat Fielder

By: AstroGabe Location: SE Wisconsin

Looking for an Alnitak Flip-Flat electroluminescent panel. Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks fo...

08 Oct 2017

Views: 228


Wanted Celestron 8 Front Dust Cap

By: slsnider423 Location: USA

I'm looking for an original Celestron 8 front dust cap. The cap is made of black plastic, has a knob in the center, a...

21 Feb 2018

Views: 229


Wanted Field Flattener for Explore Scientific ED80CF Triplet Apo f/6 refractor

By: nikulsuthar Location: Phoenix, AZ

Want to buy a field flattener for my Explore Scientific ED80CF Triplet Apo f/6 refractor. It could be any brand but s...

18 Sep 2017

Views: 231


Wanted 7" or 9" Dovetail D bar

By: fco_star Location: US

Hi I'm looking for a 7' or 9" Dovetail D style bar, please let me know your price shipped to 79707? could be ADM or L...

14 Feb 2018

Views: 231


Wanted Looking for 2" Glatter 635nm collimator

By: Guy Earle Location: Riverview, FL

I'm looking for a 2" Glatter collimator, preferably 635 nm (I already have purchased a Blug), Thank you, and clear s...

31 May 2019

Views: 232


Wanted Hotech Advanced CT Laser Collimator w/Fine Adjustment Stage w/ eyepiece

By: miamichillin99 Location: Washington, DC

As the title says looking for this device to collimate my SCT. Either a 1.25” or 2” mirror.

20 Feb 2018

Views: 232


Wanted WTB Howie Glatter circle holographic projection

By: EFLT Location: portland

hi there I want to buy a Howie Glatter circle holographic projection, please PM me if you have one. thank you

26 Jan 2020

Views: 234


Wanted Dew shield for a 3 inch Unitron.

By: BMW YMIR Location: BMW Ymir

Dew shield for a 3 inch Unitron.

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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