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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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03 Apr 2017

Views: 234


Wanted Endcap for SE 6 Needed

By: Charles Turner Location: Within mailing distance

I put a solar filter on my Celestron SE 6 OTA. A few months later and I cannot find the endcap. Anyone got a spare to...

04 Apr 2017

Updated: 21 Apr 2017

Views: 270


Wanted Guidescope Rings and top rail

By: David Moulton Location: Utah

I am putting together a guidescope for my C9.25. I am interested in these items: 100mm rings with vixen style clamps...

04 Apr 2017

Views: 276


Wanted Televue Focusmate 6:1 Ratio Focuser for TV85 w hardware

By: DuiA1 Location: Ontario, Canada

Notify me if you have one you would like to sell. Dui

06 Apr 2017

Views: 250


Wanted AG Optical 14" or 16" Imaging Harmer Wynne

By: stefang Location: Sydney

I know there are only a couple of completed units floating around, and Dave no longer makes them, but if you have one...

07 Apr 2017

Views: 235


Wanted Original box for Televue Ethos 21mm

By: Astrolupa2 Location: Europe

A bit of a long shot, but if anyone has ou can get a hold of one, please let me know! Thanks!

07 Apr 2017

Views: 388


Wanted Meade LX90 8" Case

By: DrSkyentist Location: Southeast Michigan

Looking for a relatively inexpensive case for my Meade LX90 8" telescope. Mine was damaged and I need a replacement c...

07 Apr 2017

Views: 236


Wanted Explore Scientific 2x Focal Extender (2")

By: EldonAZ Location: 86336

I am looking for an Explore Scientific 2x focal extender (2"). Must be in excellent condition. Offering $120.00 for r...

10 Apr 2017

Views: 299


Wanted AstroTech AT 111 f/7 EDT or AstroTech AT 115 f/7 EDT

By: DLFung Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Hi There, My original ad seems to have disappeared, so I am reposting it: I am looking for: The newer version of t...

11 Apr 2017

Views: 276


Wanted Focus knob with gears for Mayflower

By: astronomy-shoppe.com Location: new hampshire

Need focus assembly for mayflower 60mm refractor to finish restoration. note the gears are not straight but on and a...

12 Apr 2017

Updated: 12 Apr 2017

Views: 899


Wanted Solar filter for Celestron C-90 Rubber Armored Mak

By: Paul Laufer Location: Visalia, CA

I have an old Celestron C90 that has the armored coating, which seems like it would make attaching a solar filter in...

15 Apr 2017

Views: 256


Wanted Orion 80ed refractor

By: marine017 Location: USA

wanted orion 80ed telescope

16 Apr 2017

Views: 356


Wanted William Optics Field Flattener 68

By: emoradi Location: International

Hi guys I want WO field flattener 68 for william optics FLT110, if you have this for sell please tell me. Clear sky E...

16 Apr 2017

Views: 315


Wanted Meade 40mm Eyepiece .965" size

By: Bro061 Location: 01436

Wanted Meade 40mm Eyepiece .965" size in good condition. Bro061@aol.com

17 Apr 2017

Views: 248


Wanted foster control system - w/ exploradome gear

By: licata Location: Michigan

Looking for a gear, track, 12VDC motor w/ foster control system for 8' explora-dome. Contact me if you have any of th...

19 Apr 2017

Updated: 15 Aug 2017

Views: 311


Wanted Questar Dew Cap Star Chart Flat

By: Joe Ellis Location: Dallas, TX

Looking for a flat, unrolled metal Questar Dew Cap Star Chart suitable for framing. Will consider framed or unframed.

19 Apr 2017

Views: 261


Wanted Canon T2i-astromodified

By: Interlocken Location: Georgia

Open to any deals. Wanting to buy other gear, lenses, tripod, barn door, ball bearing, adaptors anything you want to...

19 Apr 2017

Views: 230


Wanted Dust cap for William Optics 80mm Megrez

By: dalbaugh Location: INDIANA

looking for dust cap/ lens cover for William Optics 80mm Megrez thanks

21 Apr 2017

Views: 355


Wanted Wanted - Peterson Engineering Shrink Kit for Meade Giant Field Tripod

By: jkhalaf Location: Houston, TX

I'm looking for a Shrink Kit from Peterson Engineering to shrink down my Meade Giant Field Tripod. Even with me bein...

23 Apr 2017

Views: 272


Wanted Celestron 1100EdgeHD .7x reducer

By: orthogonal Location: Oregon, USA

Like so many others, I am looking for the Celestron .7x reducer #94241 for my 1100EdgeHD. If you have one languishi...

24 Apr 2017

Views: 290


Wanted Electric focuser handbox

By: rlt9999 Location: Freedom, PA

I'm looking for one of these Bresser focuser handboxes. If you have one you're not using let me know.

25 Apr 2017

Updated: 25 Apr 2017

Views: 321


Wanted WTB CATSEYE Teletube

By: NIckwin Location: Midland

Im looking for Catseye Teletube in good or better condition. If you have one you would consider parting with let me k...

26 Apr 2017

Views: 257


Wanted Borg 55FL F3.6 Astrograph

By: axle01 Location: Australia

Interested in purchasing a Borg 55FL F3.6 Astrograph, if you have one you no longer need please PM me. Alan

26 Apr 2017

Views: 218


Wanted Parks GS-5 35mm

By: a6b Location: MS.

I'm looking for a nice Parks GS-5 35mm eyepiece. Must be in very good condition. Thanks

27 Apr 2017

Updated: 27 Apr 2017

Views: 308


Wanted 9mm 10mm or 11mm eyepiece around 60deg fov and size 1.25

By: Mo84S Location: Vancouver bc

Looking for a 1.25 eyepiece ranging from 9mm to 11mm with a fov of about 60 or greater with a decent eye relief. Look...

27 Apr 2017

Views: 203


Wanted Wanted--ADM or similar Vixen dovetail bar

By: KyBeachBum Location: 41048

Thanks for looking. I'm looking for an ADM or similar dovetail bar with radius blocks and hardware for the Celestron...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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