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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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11 Nov 2018

Views: 86


Wanted Canon T5i

in Wanted by jesswright656

Looking for unmodified canon T5i that is in good shape

15 Apr 2019

Updated: 15 Apr 2019

Views: 56


Wanted Lumicon LX200 Eyepiece tray

in Wanted by olebellow

I am looking for the Lumicon Eyepiece Utility tray for the LX200 tripod. It has the guide mounting posts for the scop...

22 Aug 2017

Views: 224


Wanted Wanted: 10 pound LX850 Stainless Steel Counterweight:

in Wanted by denck1

Hello, Anyone out there have a 10 lb stainless steel counterweight for the Meade LX 850 they would like to sell? Th...

02 Feb 2019

Views: 80


Wanted unitron counter wieght

in Wanted by akman1955

Hi, still looking for a unitron 75mm EQ counter weight. Let me know if you have one. thanks

05 Mar 2018

Views: 189


Wanted Kendrick observing tent

in Wanted by WSMIKE

Hi looking for a observing tent, doesn't have to be Kendrick, but a reliable observing tent structure. Hopefully some...

08 Nov 2018

Views: 95


Wanted HOTECH 2" Advanced CT Laser Collimator

in Wanted by tyree

looking for used hotech SCT LASER collimator...

14 Sep 2017

Views: 197



in Wanted by JakeJ

Looking for a set of 4k or 5k encoders. Maybe you upgraded to 10k and have the old set lying around? Let me kno...

03 Apr 2018

Views: 150


Wanted SUNSPOTTER - Solar Telescope

in Wanted by ariesangel

Looking to give a new home to your Sunspotter. Let me know condition and asking price, furnish picture. Thanks

15 Apr 2017

Views: 186


Wanted Orion 80ed refractor

in Wanted by marine017

wanted orion 80ed telescope

21 May 2017

Views: 149


Wanted 32mm Televue "smoothie" plossl

in Wanted by jaredsantee

Looking for a 32mm Televue smooth sided plossl. If you have one you want to sell please message me with your price wi...

03 Aug 2017

Views: 179


Wanted 2" SkyGlow Astrophotography Filter

in Wanted by Tycho23

I'm looking for a used, but unscratched/unsmudged, 2" inch light pollution filter for Astrophotography. Living in th...

11 Oct 2019

Views: 27


Wanted vixen slv 15mm

in Wanted by bockos

i am looking for slv 15 mm or 12mm, if you have please let me know. Thanks

01 Jan 2018

Views: 377


Wanted Gotoscope Satellite Scope Wanted

in Wanted by Dave Trott

I will gladly pay up to $1000 for one of these in good condition. I will also offer a large sum for one that is broke...

31 May 2019

Views: 59


Wanted Celestron CPC Deluxe EdgeHD 1100 Tube Only

in Wanted by Thunderdeer

I am looking for the optical tube only for the Celestron CPC Deluxe 1100 HD Computerized Telescope.My mount and fork...

08 Oct 2017

Views: 148


Wanted Howie Glatter Standard Laser Collimator and Holograghic Adapter

in Wanted by SXBB

Looking for a Howie Glatter Laser Collimator and also a Holographic Adapter. Please describe condition, location,...

19 Sep 2019

Updated: 19 Sep 2019

Views: 40


Wanted Takahashi FC-76 Reducer

in Wanted by JohnKulczycki

Hello all I'm looking for a reducer like the one pictured in the attached photo ( thanks Ed). Let me know what you ha...

09 May 2019

Updated: 26 May 2019

Views: 169


Wanted CELESTRON C102-HD Refractor

in Wanted by goingfishingbob

CELESTRON C102-HD Refractor wish to hopefully locate a replacement for an older model, as I think it was made around...

24 Aug 2018

Views: 131


Wanted Vixen Dovetail Bar for an Older C8

in Wanted by godelescher

The title pretty much says it all. If you have a spare dovetail bar that will work on an older Super C8 Plus, please...

10 Sep 2018

Updated: 10 Sep 2018

Views: 116


Wanted At60ff

in Wanted by Parkerkennedy222

Just looking for an at60ff. Let me know if you have one and are willing to sell, thanks. (not the .8 reducer)

04 Jul 2017

Views: 163


Wanted ZWO ADC

in Wanted by kevinbreen

I want one. If you have one to sell, lemme know!

15 Jul 2019

Views: 59


Wanted SBIG CFW-8A filter wheel

in Wanted by StarmanDan

Looking for a CFW-8A filter wheel for my ST-10. Filters not needed as I already have a set, but will consider a sale...

27 Jul 2019

Views: 70


Wanted Wanted Counterweights for C90 Astro

in Wanted by unitron_man

Looking for a counterweight set for the C90 Astro model to balance the fork arm in RA. Are they the 5.4oz small size...

27 Dec 2017

Updated: 02 Jan 2018

Views: 215


Wanted Orion Truetrack Dual Axis controller

in Wanted by LostInStool

Need an Orion Truetrack or equivalent (i.e. Celestron variant) Dual Axis controller for a Skyview Pro/EQ5 tripod. Mus...

07 Oct 2018

Views: 105


Wanted modified canon

in Wanted by perlita29diana

Just starting AP .. Now use a T2i unmodded

13 Oct 2018

Views: 163



in Wanted by trn8ochaser

Looking for a Feather Touch micro for my LX90-10 Inch. Pretty sure this is the correct part number?

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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