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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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17 Jul 2017

Updated: 17 Jul 2017

Views: 266


Wanted Dovetail

By: onefatguyseti Location: washington

Looking for a dovetail long enough for a celestron c8. I think the minimum is 13 inches for a c8. Something like this...

03 Apr 2019

Updated: 03 Apr 2019

Views: 266


Wanted Sears vintage model 6309 refractor

By: jason mcbride Location: Toronto

Interested in purchasing this telescope as complete as possible.

30 Jul 2017

Updated: 06 Aug 2017

Views: 269


Wanted Orange C90 Front Lens Dust Cover (Still Looking)

By: Bigern Location: Miami Fl.

Looking for an orange C90 lens cover, please let me know if you have one you would like to sell thank you!

17 Mar 2017

Views: 269


Wanted 2" adapter for Sky Research 8" f/2.9

By: deeperskeye Location: 63090

I'm looking for a 2" adapter for a Sky Research 8" f/2.9 from Gebelein. There does not appear to be much information...

05 Mar 2017

Views: 271


Wanted Need a 2" visual back for Celestron 8SE for high school astronomy club

By: Patrick.carter Location: Southern Indiana

I had a Celestron 8SE given to our high school along. I have several 2 inch eyepieces and a 2 inch diagonal, but I ca...

29 Apr 2018

Updated: 01 May 2018

Views: 272


Wanted MoonLite TC 125D Double Ball Socket

By: Jim45157 Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

MoonLite TC 125D Double Ball Socket with 2 each 1 1/4 tube insets Please contact me at the following email address i...

30 Oct 2017

Views: 273


Wanted Pentax 16x60 PCF WP Binoculars

By: yoga Location: Circle Pines , MN

Wanted: Looking for the Pentax 16x60 PCF WP Binoculars in very good condition as pictured. Please state price and con...

09 Mar 2018

Views: 273


Wanted WTB: Tasco 132T (or similar) end cap

By: JohnnyBGood Location: US

I recently picked up a beat up Tasco 132T that needs some TLC to bring back to life. I saw it, felt sorry for it, and...

03 Nov 2017

Updated: 03 Nov 2017

Views: 274


Wanted Meade Refractor OTA

By: astronomybug Location: So Cal.

Looking for a Meade 152ED or 178ED Refractor OTA. Must be in great condition. Send pictures and asking price.

29 Aug 2017

Views: 274


Wanted Wanted: Goto Kogaku - any condition

By: Dave Trott Location: Anywhere

Looking for a Goto Kogaku, Goto Hyscore, etc. Condition and completeness is not important. Will pay top dollar. Thanks!

14 Nov 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2018

Views: 276


For Sale SkyTracker Pro with accessories

By: coolergw Location: 29801

I have a skytracker pro that I would like to sell. The skytracker comes with scope, tripod, extra lithium-poly batter...

15 Jul 2019

Views: 277


Wanted SBIG CFW-8A filter wheel

By: StarmanDan Location: Texas

Looking for a CFW-8A filter wheel for my ST-10. Filters not needed as I already have a set, but will consider a sale...

09 Jan 2018

Views: 277


Wanted T-Rex Alt-Az Mount

By: Serre Location: FRANCE

I am searching for a T-Rex Alt-Azimuth Mount with its DSC and any other accessories, in good condition.

02 Sep 2017

Updated: 02 Sep 2017

Views: 278


Wanted WANTED: 8 (or 10) Threaded Inserts (Star Nuts) for 1-1/4" Tubes

By: Van Huynh Location: Santa Maria, CA

Hi. I am looking for 8 (or 10) threaded inserts (Star Nuts) for 1-1/4" OD aluminum tubes. I no longer do PayPal, so...

12 Mar 2018

Updated: 22 Mar 2018

Views: 279


Wanted IEQ45 pro, EQ6-R or equivalent

By: m_abukhalid Location: Montreal/Chicago

In the market for a good solid mount in excellent condition. IEQ45 Pro or EQ6-R or the AZ-EQ equivalents.

23 Jul 2017

Updated: 23 Jul 2017

Views: 280


Wanted Unitron

By: Simon Alderman Location: Anywhere

I just thought I would "run this up the flagpole..." Im looking for a Unitron. I'm new to the classic scope aspect of...

26 Feb 2018

Views: 282


Wanted Meade compass knob.

By: Andrew Simpson Location: NC

Would like to buy a Meade compass knob.

01 Sep 2017

Views: 284


Wanted Barska Magnus Triplet 80mm

By: Acidlex Location: NJ 07064

I would try APO triplet 80mm, Barska Magnus seems like a good one.https://www.barska.c...ting-scope.htmlThese days I...

23 Mar 2018

Updated: 01 Apr 2018

Views: 285


Wanted SkyWatcher 120 ED Focuser Tentatively found

By: Jon Isaacs Location: San Diego

I am looking for a Skywatcher 120mm Pro focuser to replace the focuser on an older Synta 120mm F/8.3 achromat. If yo...

17 Jul 2017

Views: 288



By: svgito Location: FL

I'm looking for QHY 10 CCD cam in good conditions, thanks.

07 Mar 2017

Views: 291


Wanted WTB: Particle Wave Technologies-DDCAP Desiccant Cap

By: NIckwin Location: Midland, MI

Im looking for a Particle Wave Technologies-DDCAP Desiccant Cap. 1.25 or 2 inch. If you have one you would consider...

28 Apr 2017

Updated: 29 Apr 2017

Views: 292


Wanted Electric Clock Drive for Goto Kogaku Mount

By: Stew44 Location: Denver

Trying to locate one of these for a Goto Kogaku mount. Doesn't have to work, but would like to be complete. Thanks fo...

04 May 2018

Views: 294


Wanted WTB misc items

By: tsilveira68 Location: 03865

Hello! i am looking for a few things: - Skywatcher .85x focal reducer for the 80ed - Skywatcher m48 t-ring adapter fo...

20 Oct 2017

Updated: 29 Oct 2017

Views: 296


Wanted Celestron RFA (Early) **FOUND**

By: sbellack Location: Oklahoma City

**Found-thank you Alan** Needing a Celestron RFA with diagonal (early version-1-1/4"). I can pay with PP. Send me a p...

21 Apr 2017

Views: 296


Wanted Wanted - Peterson Engineering Shrink Kit for Meade Giant Field Tripod

By: jkhalaf Location: Houston, TX

I'm looking for a Shrink Kit from Peterson Engineering to shrink down my Meade Giant Field Tripod. Even with me bein...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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