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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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03 Mar 2017

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Wanted Orion Tri-mag 3x

in Wanted by bulak

Looking for an Orion Tri-mag 3x 1.25" barlow. If you have one in good condition to sell please let me know. Thanks, AB

20 Jul 2017

Views: 323


Wanted WTB: Borg 55 f/3.6 Astrograph

in Wanted by TikiTom

I'm circling my way around the astrophotography ladder. Came across info on this wide open f3.6 Borg 55FL astrograph...

17 Sep 2017

Views: 321


Wanted WANTED: 178mm (7-inch) f/2.5 Kodak Aero Ektar Lens

in Wanted by PaulEK

I periodically place this wanted ad here on CN, looking for these old lenses. They were made for air reconnaissance p...

19 Sep 2017

Views: 321


Wanted Astrophotography items

in Wanted by m033dkhan

Hello,I'm looking for equipment that could be used for beginner astrophotography. Stuff i'm currently looking for:sky...

08 Apr 2018

Views: 316


Wanted Need help identifying Celestron C8 base

in Wanted by 1939Dodge

See attached photo. Trying to identify the model of this base on a C8. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

16 Apr 2017

Updated: 29 Apr 2017

Views: 315


Wanted Wanted: Celestron C8

in Wanted by Andy T.

Hello all; I've been using my Astro-tech AT65EDQ for quite awhile, but wanted to look into a little more focused im...

28 Mar 2018

Updated: 11 Apr 2018

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Wanted WTB: Slow ~18-inch Dob NY CT NJ PA NE

in Wanted by Jimmy462

Hi All,Okay, I'm thinking this is a long-shot, but my sweetie says that "I should just ask for what I'm looking for!"...

15 Feb 2019

Views: 313


Wanted Part of Orion SkyView Pro Mount

in Wanted by JohnAdler

My mount got blown over and one small part of the head got broken. It is only this cast part that holds the dovetail...

07 Jan 2018

Views: 311


Wanted Explore Scientific 152mm David H. Levy Comet Hunter

in Wanted by 1979mgb

Looking for Explore Scientific 152mm David H. Levy Comet Hunter Mak- Newt OTA. With all factory accessories. $500 sh...

07 Apr 2017

Views: 307


Wanted Meade LX90 8" Case

in Wanted by DrSkyentist

Looking for a relatively inexpensive case for my Meade LX90 8" telescope. Mine was damaged and I need a replacement c...

18 Jun 2017

Views: 306


Wanted WTB: Terabeam ETX-125 TB

in Wanted by TikiTom

Looking for a Meade ETX-125-TB Terabeam - It's a laser communication Mak-Cas scope from 1999 thru early 2000s. Prett...

29 Aug 2017

Views: 305


Wanted 16" Dob

in Wanted by Tom62e

Looking for a 16" Dob. Preferably something on the lighter side such as the Explore Scientific or Meade Lightbridge w...

06 May 2017

Updated: 09 May 2017

Views: 297


Wanted dew shield for ETX-125, #678 Meade

in Wanted by TikiTom

Still Wanted - the original ETX-125 screw-on dew shield from Meade. Looking for used (or new) Meade Part # 678.Must b...

17 Mar 2017

Updated: 27 Mar 2017

Views: 288


Wanted 20mm Wireless Illuminated Reticle

in Wanted by David Moulton

I'm looking for a wireless illuminated reticle. I would prefer a double filament & 20mm. It needs to be in good w...

03 Jul 2018

Views: 287


Wanted GOTOSCOPE Wanted

in Wanted by Dave Trott

GOTOSCOPE Wanted I will gladly pay up to $1000 for one of these in good condition. Thanks! - Dave

01 Dec 2017

Views: 287


Wanted WTB 10 - 12" Dobsonian

in Wanted by mark david

Hello, I'm looking for a 10 to 12" Reflector with a Dob mount. I am located in Northridge California 91325. I don't...

11 Apr 2017

Updated: 11 Apr 2017

Views: 283


Wanted Alt/Az Dobsonian-like Table Top base for 80mm refractor

in Wanted by ChuppsterXLM

In search of a base for a small Orion GoScope 80mm refractor. I recently rescued one without the base. Could also use...

15 Aug 2017

Views: 282


Wanted Wanted: Tracking Motor for Orion SkyView Pro Refractor

in Wanted by hokkaido53

Purchased in 2007, the tracking motor for my Orion SkyView Pro 120mm refractor has finally worn out. I tried to order...

31 Mar 2017

Views: 281


Wanted 12 to 15 inch Dobsonian

in Wanted by pbr3232

I would like to find a 12 to 15 inch Dobsonian telescope somewhere in New England. I live near Portland Maine but can...

08 Jul 2018

Updated: 01 Oct 2018

Views: 279


Wanted Wanted: Observatory at Blue Canyon, California

in Wanted by PastorBillV

I'm interested in purchasing an existing observatory at Blue Canyon, Ca. Please contact me if you have one to sell!...

16 Apr 2017

Views: 277


Wanted William Optics Field Flattener 68

in Wanted by emoradi

Hi guys I want WO field flattener 68 for william optics FLT110, if you have this for sell please tell me. Clear sky E...

04 May 2018

Views: 277


Wanted WTB misc items

in Wanted by tsilveira68

Hello! i am looking for a few things: - Skywatcher .85x focal reducer for the 80ed - Skywatcher m48 t-ring adapter fo...

19 Sep 2018

Updated: 20 Sep 2018

Views: 276


Trade Wanted 70-80mm APO refractor

in Wanted by Rotciv.greene

Looking to trade my Celestron C8 (Nexstar SE) with XLT coatings and fastar compatibility for a 70-80mm APO refractor....

15 Mar 2017

Views: 274


Wanted Counterweight - 2 kg EXOS2 GT / LXD75 / EQ5

in Wanted by DougAtNight

Looking for a 2 kg sliding counterweight with a 20mm hole. I'm told a CG4 or CG5 will also fit. The Bresser one has b...

22 Mar 2017

Views: 274


Wanted Meade Radius Block

in Wanted by Curt1000

Looking to purchase 1 or both for a Meade project. Must fit a 7-inch mak or 8-inch Schmidt. Let me know what you have...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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