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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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01 Dec 2019

Updated: 02 Dec 2019

Views: 655


For Sale Takahashi FS-152

in Refractors by payner

This telescope is one of the last examples produced in the FS-152 production run. It is the NSV variant and was produ...

06 Nov 2017

Views: 686


For Sale Lunt LS152THa Solar Telescope and Accessories

in Refractors by hgstratmann

* Lunt LS152THa solar telescope with pressure tuning. 152mm f/6 refractor with hydrogen-alpha module for solar viewin...

15 Jul 2019

Updated: 15 Jul 2019

Views: 855


For Sale Astro-Physics 130EDFGT Gran Turismo with 2.7" Focuser

in Refractors by Jerry Lodriguss

Astro-Physics 130EDF Gran TurismoTriplet Apochromatic Refractor with 2.7" FocuserCondition: Pre-owned, excellent cond...

26 Nov 2019

Updated: 26 Nov 2019

Views: 775


For Sale Astro-Physics Super-Planetary 6” f12 refractor (Rare Condition)

in Refractors by mohawk195

Thomas Back writes the following description: "I viewed Jupiter with a 6"f/12 Super Planetary with the one and only R...

04 Aug 2019

Updated: 14 Aug 2019

Views: 646


For Sale Astro-Physics 130EDFGT F6.3 sale/trade

in Refractors by Mbenj2405

I have a excellent 130GT 2.7" feathertouch mechanism focuser. Nearly immaculate, only a few tiny chips of the leading...

29 Oct 2019

Views: 569


For Sale Astro-Physics 130 GTX refractor

in Refractors by PatNois

I have a AP 130 GTX for sale. Bought this with the idea of astrophotography but decided this is not my cup of tea. I...

25 Jul 2018

Updated: 02 Aug 2018

Views: 1187


For Sale Astro-Physics f6.6 Stowaway (or Traveler Combo!)

in Refractors by gillmj24

Excellent condition with original AP soft case and a pelican air case as well. This pelican holds both a Traveler and...

30 Jun 2017

Updated: 30 Jun 2017

Views: 773

Offer Pending

For Sale TEC 140 APO Refractor

in Refractors by desanctb

I have a TEC 140 in excellent condition for sale. Includes TEC rings, Case, and Finderscope. Buyer pays for shipping....

29 Jun 2019

Updated: 29 Jun 2019

Views: 447


For Sale Takahashi FSQ106 EDX4 & Moonlite WR35 Focuser

in Refractors by Gene3

This is an awesome super portable widefield (530mm F/5) scope for AP & visual.I am selling my FSQ106 because I ha...

04 Sep 2017

Updated: 07 Sep 2017

Views: 866


For Sale AP 130 mm F6.3 Refractor Gran Turisomo

in Refractors by Mitch F

AP 130 mm F6.3 Refractor. Newer Gran Turisimo model. I am the 3rd owner and don't have time to use it. Manufactured M...

02 Dec 2018

Views: 588


For Sale Astro-Physics 130 GT

in Refractors by Stew44

This is a very nice AP Gran Tourismo from 2010. Original owner. Comes with rings, case, section caps, 1.25" adapter....

11 Mar 2019

Views: 368


For Sale Takahashi FSQ106EDXIV

in Refractors by tolgagumus

We have one available for immediate delivery. See our website for deatils. Contact us before March 15th before the...

01 Mar 2018

Views: 414


Wanted Astro-Physics Traveler

in Refractors by Radiowaver

In search of a Mint, absolutely "as new" AP Traveler. You have used this scope sparingly, babied it, or perhaps never...

06 Dec 2018

Updated: 06 Dec 2018

Views: 694


For Sale Takahashi FC-125J

in Refractors by ltha

I have owned two FC-125s and both have been excellent performers. These scopes do not come up often, especially this...

17 Oct 2014

Views: 1177


For Sale TeleVue NP127is Showroom Demo for sale

in Refractors by Astronomics

Doing some renovations on the Ponderosa and we have a few floor models up for sale. This scope (or mount depending on...

05 Feb 2018

Updated: 06 Feb 2018

Views: 1210


For Sale CFF Telescopes 135 mm f6.7/ 165mm f7.9 apochromats

in Refractors by Catalin Fus

Starting with this month and continuing throughout all of 2018, we will have all sorts of special deals like:- apochr...

18 Apr 2018

Views: 638


For Sale Last minute NEAF sale: AP130GT basic setup $5700

in Refractors by gillmj24

I will be at NEAF sunday.Includes: Scope, rings, dovetail, short case, and foam box for the 4 covers.Have two, you pi...

26 Nov 2017

Updated: 26 Nov 2017

Views: 1035


For Sale Astro-Physics AP130EDF

in Refractors by mohawk195

I'm selling my AP Starfire 130EDF f6 refractor. This refractor is nearly the equal (lunar/planetary) as my AP 130 f8....

18 May 2017

Updated: 10 Jun 2017

Views: 1514


For Sale AP 130 EDT f/8

in Refractors by Williebank1

I have for sale AP 130 EDT F/8 with abandnew Feater Touch Micro (27foc3e-ft Focuser priced at $860 /Kendrick Solar Fi...

08 Apr 2019

Views: 543


For Sale TMB 130 f/6 Super ED CNC - MINTY!

in Refractors by stevenwav

Fantastic opportunity to true Tom Back fans, thus is a like new TMB Optical 130/780 f/6.0 Super ED air-spaced triplet...

11 Jan 2019

Updated: 12 Jan 2019

Views: 769


For Sale Astro-Physics Traveler & Reducer package.

in Refractors by Crumper

Selling a beautiful gloss finish Astro-Physics Traveler that's in excellent condition. The bottom dovetail has marks...

20 Jan 2019

Views: 1203


For Sale Takahashi FS-152 Fluorite APO Doublet with Case

in Refractors by Camcon101

Includes: Original Hard case 2 Speed Focuser F=1216mm Sn 000024 Comes with Takahashi 50mm quick release finder bracke...

23 Nov 2019

Updated: 25 Nov 2019

Views: 634


For Sale Astro-Physics Starfire 130EDF f/6 OTA with Rings, Case

in Refractors by John Verderame

3rd Party Ad Approved by Admin Don WI am selling this on behalf of the widow of an individual who worked in the corpo...

25 Mar 2018

Views: 858


For Sale Astro-Physics 130mm EDF Refractor

in Refractors by CESDewar

For sale is a gorgeous Astro-Physics 130mm EDF Refractor (Serial number 383) with a focal length of 780 mm and focal...

22 Nov 2018

Views: 463


For Sale Takahashi FSQ106EDXIV new

in Refractors by tolgagumus

I have a new Takahashi FSQ106EDXIV in stock ready to ship. I can configure with choice of rings and adapters for your...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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