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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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19 Jun 2020

Views: 567


For Sale AWB OneSky Reflector

By: ArcyDouglass Location: San Diego

AWB OneSky Reflector 6" Refelector. Great travel telescope or for anyone new to astronomy. Awesome views and easy t...

19 Jun 2020

Views: 855


For Sale TPO 6" f/4 OTA for Imaging

By: Teresabip Location: SoCal

We've decided to sell this nice little 6" OTA. We liked it but decided to put the refractor back on the big scope, an...

19 Jun 2020

Views: 733


For Sale 8-inch Classical Cassegrain Telescope

By: CGAstronomer Location: Peroia, IL

Virtually new, used twice, GSO 8-inch f/12 Classical Cassegrain reflector. 2436 mm focal length yields high magnifica...

18 Jun 2020

Views: 653


For Sale Price cut: 8" f/4 Newtonian astrograph with motorized Moonlite focuser

By: meeus Location: San Jose, CA

Final price cut: now only $450 + shipping (PP fee included). Local cash sale saves on shipping. I am selling my 8” f...

17 Jun 2020

Views: 596


For Sale Apertura AD12

By: Blueox4 Location: Upstate NY

Beautiful, like new Apertura AD12 for sale. Flocked a foot up from the primary and opposite the focuser. Catseye yell...

16 Jun 2020

Views: 421


For Sale Celestron LCM 114 goto reflector

By: GregC Location: Boston area

I was hoping to get back into it after a 15+ year hiatus and bought the Celestron because I had a similar model back...

16 Jun 2020

Updated: 19 Jun 2020

Views: 1308


For Sale 2006 Classic Obsession 12.5"

By: dhkaiser Location: Indiana

Garage queen lately as I have moved on to solar observing. I don't know who did the optics, they are the original fro...

15 Jun 2020

Views: 318


For Sale Celestron NexStar 130SLT OTA

By: Brisby2 Location: Bethlehem, GA

Up for sale is a Celestron NexStar 130SLT OTA. The scope is in near mint condition, only appearing to have been used...

15 Jun 2020

Updated: 27 Sep 2020

Views: 1411


For Sale UPDATED 12 1/2" GEM scope

By: jackstars Location: CENTRAL FLORIDA

Updated I'm selling my 12 1/2" f 4.5 telescope. Mirror form University Optics, both mirrors in good condition, no nee...

15 Jun 2020

Views: 882


For Sale Sky Watcher 8” f6 Reflector OTA

By: daniel_gillis Location: North Texas DFW

For sale Sky Watcher 8” f6 Reflector OTA. I have modified the OTA by replacing the 1.5” secondary with a 1.3” Protos...

14 Jun 2020

Views: 663


For Sale 8" F7 Dobsonian for sale

By: dabassman Location: New Jersey

This is an 8"F7 scope. I think the OTA & mirrors are Tom Cave but I am not sure. The mirror cell is a 9 point Nov...

14 Jun 2020

Views: 653


For Sale eVscope Reflector by Unistellar

By: atan Location: San Jose, CA

Hello, I have an eVscope telescope by Unistellar plus dedicated backpack for the scope for sale. This is a reflector...

13 Jun 2020

Views: 1234


For Sale Meade 16" Starfinder

By: Robertnanz Location: Escondido So Cal

Meade 16" Starfinder, mirror looks like new. Picture taken with this scope on an EQ mount. Crayford focuser. Newer se...

13 Jun 2020

Updated: 16 Jun 2020

Views: 505


For Sale Zhumell Z10 + Accessories

By: Jmneill Location: Fort Mill SC 39715

Zhumell 10" Dob like new kept in air-conditioned home original packaging. Accessories: 30 mm 2" wide angle eyepiece...

12 Jun 2020

Views: 875


For Sale Orion XT10

By: josh smith Location: St Pete, FL

Selling my Orion XT10 with upgraded base and rings and soft case. Local pickup from St Pete, Fl only. I'd be willing...

12 Jun 2020

Updated: 12 Jun 2020

Views: 227


Wanted 8" Apertura Dobsonian Light Shield...

By: dragonstar4565 Location: San Jose

Hello, I am looking for one of these light shield's, for my 8" dobsonian, so if you have one you are not using, pleas...

12 Jun 2020

Views: 1160


For Sale Orion XT10i

By: Jbranco Location: Purcell, OK

Asking $350.00 OBO. Located in Central Oklahoma.

10 Jun 2020

Views: 512


For Sale Skywatcher 10” Dob with SynScan

By: MartyNC Location: Southport, NC

Two years old. Moved to bright area and I am getting too old to set it up ,works great, finder-scope, great views in...

08 Jun 2020

Views: 621


For Sale Vixen R200ss imaging setup

By: syxbach Location: Texas

Hello I am going to offer a complete Newtonian imaging setup. Ready-to-image setup 1. Vixen R200ss OTA, no stock f...

08 Jun 2020

Views: 639


For Sale Apertura AD10 Dobsonian

By: Helvetios Location: 20901

Apertura AD10 10-inch Dobsonian with a few extras included. Tube dust covers, tube carry handles and TeleGizmos full...

08 Jun 2020

Updated: 03 Jul 2020

Views: 1011


For Sale Price Lowered: Discovery Split-Tube 12.5 in. f/5 with Ostahowski mirror

By: bigbangbaby Location: NE Ohio

I recently purchased this 2003-2004 era Discovery Premium DHQ split-tube Dobsonian from a long-time CN'r, primarily f...

08 Jun 2020

Views: 605


For Sale Celestron C6-N F5 OTA with extras

By: *Lee* Location: Lawrenceville, GA

OTA in very good condition in original box. Only used a couple of times while still in the protective foam during ima...

08 Jun 2020

Updated: 16 Jun 2020

Views: 659


For Sale Zhumell Z130 Reflector (asking price is $Cdn)

By: Pogo007 Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Purchased for $349.51 Cdn and added a $45 Cdn angle meter, both in July 2019. Barely used due to illness.I've made th...

07 Jun 2020

Views: 228


Wanted Edmund Astroscan Collimation Help

By: starguy4 Location: Sacramento,CA

Anyone local collimated an Edmund Astroscan from the 80's? Mine is out of collimation but otherwise in very good cond...

06 Jun 2020

Updated: 09 Jun 2020

Views: 706


For Sale Almost NEW Skywatcher FlexTube 300p collapsible newtonian

By: oldlongboard Location: Southern California

Almost NEW Skywatcher FlexTube 300p 12" collapsible newtonian. I traded for this telescope with the original owner w...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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