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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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29 Oct 2017

Views: 614


For Sale Meade 10" LX200GPS Astro imaging system

in Reflectors by rchaan

New optics 2015 warrantied thru 2017. Includes tripod. Have used this scope for 10+ years for Astor imaging. Origina...

29 Oct 2017

Updated: 02 Nov 2017

Views: 663


For Sale Meade ETX-125, Wegat optical back

in Reflectors by 007Martini

Excellent condition Meade ETX-125 all metal tube with Wegat optical back. The wegat back is all aluminum construction...

29 Oct 2017

Views: 317


Wanted 10" - 12" Dobsonians

in Reflectors by AndromedaAI

Looking for an upgrade for my 8." More interested in Zhumell or Apertura, but Orion can work too! Please let me know...

28 Oct 2017

Updated: 18 Nov 2017

Views: 638


For Sale MEADE LX90 EMC 8" inch

in Reflectors by tbanks

MEADE LX90 EMC 8-inch SCT For Sale: Meade LX90 8 inch SCT Telescope. Includes the following: Meade 8 inch LX90 "Clas...

28 Oct 2017

Views: 547


For Sale Meade Starfinder 8" Equatorial Newtonian with AC motor drive

in Reflectors by Digicircles

For sale Meade Starfinder 8" Newtonian on German equatorial mount with AC motor drive, purchased in 1994. Excellent c...

27 Oct 2017

Updated: 16 Mar 2018

Views: 1083


For Sale Celestron/Vixen C4.5 EQ with Polaris Mount

in Reflectors by PhaedrusUpshaw

Celestron/Vixen C4.5 EQ with Polaris Mount 1980’s Celestron C4.5, f7.9, telescope w/Vixen Polaris German Equatorial M...

26 Oct 2017

Updated: 30 Oct 2017

Views: 1384


For Sale 20-inch RCOS complete system!!**REDUCED**

in Reflectors by Mikie

We are upgrading our observatory to a 24 inch and have an RC Optical Systems 20 inch RC with tons of accessories for...

25 Oct 2017

Updated: 26 Oct 2017

Views: 856


For Sale Orion XT10g

in Reflectors by n9ami

I am plagued by light pollution. Consequently my plans have been changed. My 10 inch computer supported Orion XT10g i...

25 Oct 2017

Updated: 01 Dec 2017

Views: 473


For Sale Dob Kits (Rescue Kits)

in Reflectors by astronomy-shoppe.com

These Kits are for Lightbridge meade dobs and replace the Primary Knobs ,Springs and secondary Knobs,we also include...

24 Oct 2017

Updated: 24 Oct 2017

Views: 782


For Sale Odyssey I dob(13.1" F4.5) for sale!

in Reflectors by MDearingJaxFL

Odyssey I dob(13.1" F4.5) for sale! saturn looked good at 249x in the scope. Primary coatings look good but does have...

23 Oct 2017

Views: 589


For Sale CELESTRON Orange Comet Catcher w/ Tripod & Case

in Reflectors by deepwoods1

Time to move this on to someone who will use it more. I've had my fill of the wide fields this lovely vintage scope c...

23 Oct 2017

Updated: 24 Oct 2017

Views: 603


For Sale RoundTable EQ Platform

in Reflectors by Tom Bakowski

Circular 23" roundtable EQ platform for dobsonians. Manufactured by roundtableplatforms.com in 2003. I bought it for...

23 Oct 2017

Updated: 04 Nov 2017

Views: 1105


For Sale Orion 10" Astrograph

in Reflectors by Mitchell Duke

I dont have the time anymore so I am selling all of my gear. This is a Orion 10" Astrograph in mint condition. This d...

23 Oct 2017

Updated: 23 Oct 2017

Views: 553


For Sale Zhumell 10" Dobsonian With Accessories (price lowered)

in Reflectors by SnowSailor

I've had this scope for a few years and I just haven't used it much. I recently got into astrophotography and I don't...

22 Oct 2017

Views: 1366


For Sale 24" f/3.65 Newtonian Reflector

in Reflectors by rprice

24” f/3.65 Newtonian Reflector on alt-az mount with a superb Kennedy primary mirror. • Primary is a 24" f/3.65 Kenne...

21 Oct 2017

Updated: 22 Oct 2017

Views: 1097


For Sale Stellavue 102mm f/7.9 triplet apo

in Reflectors by CGAstronomer

When I bought my Stellarvue 102T (new), I thought I would have this telescope for the rest of my life. But I now have...

20 Oct 2017

Views: 319


For Sale Orion 2" Dual Speed Low-profile Focuser

in Reflectors by SnowSailor

I am selling my like-new Orion 2” Low Profile Dual Speed focuser. It’s a very solid focuser that I’ve used for a few...

20 Oct 2017

Views: 778


For Sale Discovery 12.5"

in Reflectors by Herschel400

For sale ...a Discovery 12.5"( F/5, FL 1587mm) split tube reflector telescope with 19" degree setting circle install...

20 Oct 2017

Updated: 22 Oct 2017

Views: 277


For Sale Astro Zap light shroud 10SW $49

in Reflectors by vct123

I have a like new Astro-Zap light shroud for a SkyWatcher 10 colapsable dob $49 shipped in Conus

19 Oct 2017

Views: 340


For Sale Baader MPCC Mark III

in Reflectors by Bob Swaney

Excellent condition with box and caps. Shipping to CONUS included. Add 3% for PayPal.

19 Oct 2017

Views: 639


For Sale 8" Orion Newt w/MPCC, Bob's Knobs, dovetail

in Reflectors by Rudeviewer

I have an Orion 8" Newtonian F4.9 Reflector Telescope for sale. It comes with the rings, a small dovetail, the MPCC C...

19 Oct 2017

Views: 279


For Sale Edmund Astroscan 2001 *Pickup Detroit*

in Reflectors by JIMZ7

Up for sale in excellent condition is a early 1980s rare Japan made 105mm f/4.2 reflector sold by Edmund.Scientific B...

19 Oct 2017

Updated: 19 Oct 2017

Views: 317


For Sale 2" single speed 6" reflector focuser

in Reflectors by MarkMittlesteadt

I upgraded the focuser on my OMNI XLT 150mm reflector to a low profile, dual speed one, so I have the stock one for s...

18 Oct 2017

Views: 310


For Sale Orion XT8 - Pickup only San Antonio TX

in Reflectors by ChuppsterXLM

Due to lack storage I'm regretfully letting go my beloved 8" Dobsonian Reflector. It's in perfect condition other tha...

18 Oct 2017

Views: 386


For Sale Dob Stand

in Reflectors by astronomy-shoppe.com

This is the original Dobstand manufactured by Astronomy-Shoppe and Made in USA. It is made from Aluminum and had Delr...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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