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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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11 Feb 2019

Updated: 13 Feb 2019

Views: 278


For Sale Astro-Tech 6" Ritchey-Chretien AT6RC & Accessories

in Reflectors by Cerberus

Free shipping to CONUS. AT6RC OTA ADM Astro MD...

11 Feb 2019

Views: 114


For Sale Farpoint collimation set

in Reflectors by pastortim

Farpoint Super collimation set NIB bought this...

11 Feb 2019

Views: 78


For Sale Celestron StarSeeker 130 SLT tube mounting ring complete

in Reflectors by FC-100N

This here is a 2015 Celestron StarSeeker 130 SL...

11 Feb 2019

Views: 304


For Sale Celestron Omni XLT 130 Reflector OTA

in Reflectors by Cyberpunk

(Sorry, I really hate to do this but for now th...

10 Feb 2019

Views: 218


For Sale Celestron NextStar 8SE with Starsense / GPS and accessories

in Reflectors by LaytonH

Celestron Nextstart 8SE with Star sense and GPS...

09 Feb 2019

Updated: 11 Feb 2019

Views: 562


For Sale Two Celestron Newtonians

in Reflectors by donsurles

For Sale... 1) 6" F5 Celestron Newtonian...exce...

08 Feb 2019

Views: 198


For Sale Baader MPCC

in Reflectors by MDieterich

Hi folks, For sale is a Baader MPCC in like-ne...

08 Feb 2019

Views: 271


For Sale Edmund Scientific 6" Super Space Conqueror

in Reflectors by John Verderame

Collectible classic Edmund Scientific telescope...

07 Feb 2019

Views: 266


For Sale Meade 90mm Reflector

in Reflectors by starman.cra

I have for sale a Meade 90mm Reflector as pictu...

07 Feb 2019

Updated: 07 Feb 2019

Views: 237


For Sale Full working ServoCat Jr. setup

in Reflectors by bartine

I have a full ServoCat setup from my 11" Dob -...

07 Feb 2019

Views: 312


For Sale TAL M

in Reflectors by Dave Trott

This 80mm f/6.5 Russian telescope is not the us...

06 Feb 2019

Views: 86


Wanted WTB: Explore Scientific Comet Hunter

in Reflectors by StargazerMax94

In the market for an Explore Scientific 152 mm...

06 Feb 2019

Views: 150

Offer Pending

For Sale 2”/1.25” Laser Collimator

in Reflectors by turtle86

In excellent condition and works perfectly. Bu...

05 Feb 2019

Updated: 16 Feb 2019

Views: 227


For Sale Coulter Odyssey 8 parts circa 1985 all work excellent

in Reflectors by FC-100N

Ok, these are the excellent-serving remains fro...

04 Feb 2019

Views: 249


For Sale Tasco 4.5" Reflector w/ Equatorial Mount

in Reflectors by sclausen

Here is a used Tasco Galaxsee reflector (114mm...

04 Feb 2019

Views: 240


For Sale Explore Scientific 8" f/3.9 Newtonian Reflector Carbon Fiber OTA

in Reflectors by Paul Winn

So I just bought this and decided to go a diffe...

03 Feb 2019

Updated: 18 Feb 2019

Views: 697


For Sale Orion sky quest 12i intelliscope Dobsonian

in Reflectors by azbobby1949

wonderful 12i solid tube Dobsonian w/two speed...

02 Feb 2019

Views: 316


For Sale Orion 8" Ritchey-Chretien with 2.5" Moonlite

in Reflectors by jesswright656

Looking to sell my Orion 8" RC with 2.5" large...

02 Feb 2019

Views: 69


Wanted LOMO Astele 60 or 70 (classic Maks)

in Reflectors by astroedu

Hi, Looking for a LOMO ASTELE 60mm or 70mm russ...

02 Feb 2019

Views: 335

Offer Pending

For Sale Orion 8" XT8 Plus dob with matching moonlite dual speed focuser

in Reflectors by Tyson M

This scope is in like new condition. The moonl...

01 Feb 2019

Updated: 01 Feb 2019

Views: 715


For Sale 8" f/7 Dob

in Reflectors by dontseeit

Beautiful 8" f/7 truss type Dobsonian-mounted N...

31 Jan 2019

Updated: Yesterday, 03:12 PM

Views: 331


For Sale UPDATED AD: Intes Micro MN66 w/ feathertouch with clicklock adapter

in Reflectors by Tyson M

This scope is superb for wide fields and planet...

31 Jan 2019

Views: 130


Wanted WTB: Planetary Newtonian

in Reflectors by agmoonsolns

Wanted: Newtonian telescope optimized for plane...

30 Jan 2019

Views: 98


For Sale Orion Reflector End Cap

in Reflectors by Stan Lopata

Orion Reflector End Cap - originally on an 8" I...

30 Jan 2019

Views: 289


For Sale RV 6 Criterion reflector

in Reflectors by Bonco2

Very clean but not perfect RV 6. It's in very g...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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