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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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16 Feb 2018

Views: 227


Wanted Wanted - Starmaster 14.5

in Reflectors by scooke

Looking for your Starmaster 14.5. Please reply with what you have. Thanks.

23 May 2018

Updated: 11 Jun 2018

Views: 309


Wanted Wanted: 6 inch Newtonian f4

in Reflectors by hishubho

I am looking to buy a 6 inch Newtonian f4. It should be clean, well maintained and collimation spot on Thanks

19 Sep 2018

Views: 152


Wanted Royce optics

in Reflectors by Peacock W.L.

I am looking 16" F 4.5 conical mirror for dobsonian, price negoshabel

12 Mar 2017

Updated: 12 May 2017

Views: 1035


For Sale 20" f4 parts----SOLD

in Reflectors by kron96

I have the following parts for a 20" f4 Dobsonian: 1. 18 point primary mirror cell, similar to an Obsession model- $2...

15 May 2018

Views: 195


Wanted Orion Starblast 6" OTA

in Reflectors by Phillip Creed

I'm looking for a 6" Orion Starblast OTA. Condition of the optics not a concern; I need the tube more than anything...

23 Jan 2019

Views: 181


Wanted catseye or astrosystems 2 inch combo collimation tool

in Reflectors by Itz marcus

Hi, I'm looking for a 2 inch combination sight tube cheshire for a 12 inch f 4.9 scope it should be the longer tube o...

10 Aug 2019

Views: 95


Wanted Looking for a 10" f4 mirror

in Reflectors by Jerome Ni

I'm currently looking for a 10" f4 mirror in reasonably good condition, preferably with a thickness of 1" (25mm) If...

23 Nov 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2017

Views: 195


Wanted Looking for EVAA Setup..Nexstar..Starblast

in Reflectors by AndromedaAI

Looking for an EVAA setup to be used with a Revolution Imager 2.. I have seen some great results with Celestron Next...

30 May 2018

Views: 218


Wanted Orion SkyQuest xx14i or Sky-Watcher 14" Collapsible Dobsonian

in Reflectors by fl3tch

I'm wanting to get back into sky watching and planning to buy one of the two listed 14" dobsonians new if I cannot fi...

02 Jun 2019

Views: 82


Wanted Explore Scientific HR Variable Coma Corrector

in Reflectors by Jerome Ni

Would like to have one of these correctors with a M42 adapter and a turnable top included. Please PM me for an offer....

13 May 2019

Views: 87


Wanted Meade 1266 tube

in Reflectors by thmsrood

Looking to buy a tube for my 1266, I imagine a 12.5" f 6 Cave tube will work. Also the rotating rings for either tube.

17 Jun 2019

Views: 119


Wanted Coulter Telescope

in Reflectors by Peter Trinidad

Looking to buy a Coulter telescope 8-10 inch. Just retired. Live in San Antonio. Texas. Ready to buy.

17 Jun 2019

Views: 129


Wanted Meade 6 or 8 inch

in Reflectors by Peter Trinidad

Looking to buy a Meade white tube 6 to 8 inch telescope. Just retired. Ready to buy. Live in San Antonio, Texas.

09 Sep 2018

Views: 184

Offer Pending

Wanted Looking Orion XX14G

in Reflectors by Blakheaven

Looking for Orion XX14G. Located in Oklahoma. Willing to drive.

01 Apr 2019

Updated: 04 Apr 2019

Views: 200

Offer Pending

Wanted Still looking for a Unitron 102mm telescope chest and/or solar wanted

in Reflectors by clell777

Bought a very nice Unitron 102 mm OTA fully accessorized but I lack a fitted Unitron or Polarex chest and the solar r...

14 Feb 2019

Updated: 14 Feb 2019

Views: 125


Wanted WTB - 6" f/4 newt/astrograph

in Reflectors by aa5te

Looking to buy, in decent shape, a 6" f/4 newt, like the Orion/GSO/TPO. It must have the rings, dovetail, 2" focuser,...

23 May 2017

Views: 261


Wanted 6" Imaging Newtonian (Orion, TPO, GSO, Astro-Tech, HighPointScientific)

in Reflectors by JeremiahRoth54

Like the title implies, looking for a used 6" Imaging Newtonian (Orion, TPO, GSO, Astro-Tech, or HighPointScientific)...

09 Oct 2018

Views: 183


Wanted wanted to buy: 14 or 16 in dob

in Reflectors by philipdehazya

looking for a dob , no electronics necessary but not a deal killer. Budget is around $1000. Will pick up.

01 Dec 2018

Views: 120


Wanted Looking for a celestron EDGE HD 800

in Reflectors by Carlitos

hi there! I'm looking for a Celestron EDGE 800 tube only. I'm from Barcelona, Catalonia (Still in Spain..) if it's n...

01 Oct 2017

Views: 193


Wanted Need factory dust cover for Celestron Powerseeker127 EQ

in Reflectors by 1939Dodge

looking for a factory dust cover. Thank you!

01 Jul 2019

Updated: 01 Jul 2019

Views: 149


Wanted Looking for a 12 inch Skywatcher GOTO Dobsonian.

in Reflectors by astrogalio

As title says I’m looking for a 12 inch skywatcher GOTO dobsonian telescope. Any ones in good condition will be cons...

17 Jun 2019

Views: 153


Wanted 10" Coulter

in Reflectors by usarmyretiredsgm

I am looking for a Coulter 10" scope with a 1 1/4 /2 inch focuser. This was what I learned on and would like to have...

05 Dec 2017

Views: 204


Wanted Vixen R200SS

in Reflectors by Strawb

Keen to buy a good example of this scope from anyone willing to ship to Australia. Thanks for looking Dave

08 Aug 2017

Views: 262


Wanted Edmund Astroscan in good condition with base

in Reflectors by texasgal

Edmund Astroscan in good condition with base

26 Mar 2017

Views: 357


Wanted WANT 12 inch truss dobsonian

in Reflectors by Spockk

Im looking for a 12 inch dobsonian. Must be in great condition, no issues slightly used. No seeking anything with any...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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