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CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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26 Aug 2017

Views: 393


Wanted Orion 8 Dobsonian or similar

By: nandita.archer Location: San Antonio

I am looking for an Orion Skyquest or similar 8 Inch Dobs. Would prefer local pick up (Texas). Can drive half way to...

05 Feb 2020

Views: 85


Wanted Rotating Rings for 10" tube

By: msalganik Location: Cary, NC

I'm looking for a set of rotating tube rings for a reflector with a 10" OD tube. Parallax 10" rings preferred but ope...

24 May 2019

Views: 116


Wanted Wanted: Sumerian Optics Alkaid 8"

By: JeffMartin Location: shipped from anywhere US

I'm looking for a Sumerian Optics Alkaid 8". thanks, -jeff

04 Mar 2020

Updated: 09 Mar 2020

Views: 140


Wanted Wanted 10" Preferrably Apertura/Zhumel Dob

By: Traffalger1698 Location: 55320

Greetings, My perfect scope would be a 10" Apertura/Zhumel Dobsonain because I really would like a dual-speed focuse...

22 Dec 2017

Updated: 22 Dec 2017

Views: 313


Wanted WANTED Hubble Optics UL 16 or ES 16 inch Dob

By: Jayners Location: San Antonio Tx

Looking for a Hubble optics/Explorer Scientific scope. Mirror needs to be fine (dust is okay, just no crazy chips) I'...

10 Mar 2019

Views: 265


Wanted Early Tasco 60 mm OTA

By: Uncle Milt Location: Live Oak, FL

I am still looking for just the OTA from an early Tasco 12TE or similar Monolux telescope. Actually, just the main tu...

01 Jun 2020

Views: 35


Wanted APM (Lunt) 20mm XWA 100 degree

By: irin Location: NJ

I am looking for the APM (Lunt) 20mm XWA. If you have one and you would be willing to sell please let me know. Thanks!

01 Jun 2020

Views: 55


Wanted Orion XX16G

By: EdmundKiefer Location: Arizona

​Looking for an Orion Xx16G. Willing to pick up. if you have one and arent using it I can guarantee it will be used r...

09 Sep 2019

Updated: 09 Sep 2019

Views: 191


Wanted Criterion 4" Dynascope - Model K2A

By: dan boyar Location: Boynton Beach, FL

Looking for a Criterion Deluxe 4" Dynascope (Model K-2A) - the model with gray krinkle painted tube, rotating rings a...

09 May 2019

Views: 135


Wanted Wanted- Celestron 8" StarHopper- Parts or complete....

By: Sunriver Bob Location: oregon

Howdy, Looking for a secondary for a Celestron StarHopper 8", but would take an entire scope if you have one. We are...

28 Mar 2020

Views: 62


Wanted WANTED Tube rings 12.7in

By: kimbul56 Location: CA

WANTED Tube rings 12.7in or 324mm to fit a Meade 10in F/6 Research Grade Reflector telescope. If you have a set or kn...

17 May 2019

Updated: 25 May 2019

Views: 171


Wanted Astroscan Accesories...

By: dragonstar4565 Location: San Jose

Hello, I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for these accessories for my Japan made Astroscan 2001 for a reas...

26 May 2020

Views: 98


Wanted WTB - Edmund Scientific 4.25" reflector on pier

By: Kevin R Location: Fort Wayne, In

So, this was my first scope and like a moron I let it go. I miss it dearly I would like another for my collection....

07 May 2019

Views: 233


Wanted Looking for 20-25" Dob

By: PowerM3 Location: Portland, OR

Hi, looking for a 20-25" Dob on the west part of the USA. Let me know if you have one and what you are asking for it...

20 Feb 2018

Updated: 22 Feb 2018

Views: 247


Wanted Astroscan Parts

By: justfred Location: Birmingham, AL

Looking for Astroscan dew shield, tote bag, and solar projection attachment.Thanks,Fred

28 Feb 2019

Updated: 28 Feb 2019

Views: 315


Wanted 16" f4.5 premium mirror

By: kmmgjn4341 Location: Korea (South)

Hello. I already have 16" f4.5 dobsonian, but I want to just change my mirror to premium class. Zambuto, UK orion.. a...

27 Sep 2017

Views: 238


Wanted Spider for 1970's Meade 7" ID reflector tube

By: bills_pix Location: USA or Canada

I have a 1970's vintage Meade 6" reflector and the spider for the secondary mirror has broken. Photos attached. Mir...

26 Nov 2019

Views: 177


Wanted Cave Custom Deluxe 10" Newtonian

By: 65&Counting Location: USA

Wanting Cave Custom Deluxe (prefer 10" but would be interested in others) to complete my Cave Newtonian collection....

26 Nov 2019

Views: 102


Wanted Cave 12.5" Mirror Cell Original

By: 65&Counting Location: USA

Needing decent mirror cell for my 12.5" Cave Newtonian restoration. Tube is drilled for three 1/4" holes for 1/4-20...

25 Jul 2019

Views: 185


Wanted Orion XX14G Go-To truss

By: capo99999 Location: Massachusetts

Looking for a used Orion xx14g or possibly xx12g. Thanks!

24 Mar 2018

Views: 214


Wanted WTB Criterion RV 6 dec control

By: K Gephart Location: St Paul MN

Looking for the Criterion RV 6 manual dec control. Thanks

06 Apr 2019

Views: 144


Wanted Orion XX16g Wanted

By: Nmainestargazer Location: East coast

Looking for an Orion XX16g in very good condition preferably along the east coast.

04 Feb 2018

Views: 414


Wanted 12 to 18in dob wanted

By: starbob1 Location: Ky. In.

Looking for a Dob in the 12in to 18in range. I am in the Louisville Ky area so if your close let me know what you hav...

04 Sep 2019

Views: 90


Wanted Wanted: Hand controller for Star master Sky Tracker

By: gcs111 Location: San Pedro Ca.

Looking for Starmaster Sky tracker hand controller. If you have one to sell please contact me...thanks, Gerry

03 Mar 2020

Views: 149


Wanted 6 inch imaging Newtonian OTA

By: Scdouglas Location: Pa

Hey all, I’m looking for a 6 inch imaging Newtonian. No particular brand in mind but I definitely can’t hold an 8 inc...

CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay.

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